Prophecies and Visions

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The Sea Of Glass
Sound Forth The Alarm
The Fellowship Of Rejection
The People I Shepherd
Concerning Meekness
Exceeding Joy In Tribulation
Our Lord Jesus Christ
The Sum Of Three Prophecies
The Standard
Prophecy Of The Yearning Hearts

Emerald Prophecy
Golden Sickle Harvesting Overcomers
Terrible Crystal and the Throne Set
Prophecy Of Christ from the midst of the Candlesticks
Prophecy Of His Soon Coming
Fire Enfolding Upon Mt Zion
The Glorified Body

God Lifting HIs Hands
The Limit Of Evil

The Throne And The Army
The Fire Enfolding In Upon Itself
Lightning Striking The Foundation
The Giant
Timeline Vision
Fear Not
Simon Meets Jesus
Grapes, Figs and Pomegranetes
False 5 Fold Ministry
Judging The Army Of The Lord
Hearts Behind The Breastplates
Glorification Of The Lord's Army
The Army And The Cosmos
Rolling Ball Of Fire
The Slave And The Whites Stone
He Cometh In The Clouds
Gems Caught Up
Jesus Rising From The Tomb
Jesus Reflexion In The Face Of The Overcomer
Stone Cut Out Of The Mountain
The Dragon And The Storm
The Company Of Moses
Sword Of The Lord Exposes The Marrow
Jesus Blood Poured Upon The Corporate Expression
Rivers Of Living Water
Rivers Of Living Water Out Of Bellies
Living Waters From Under The Throne
The Upward Inward Burning Fire
The Army Of The Lord
Resurrection Of The Overcomer
Crucifixion Of The Christ
Crucifixion Of Some Overcomers
God Rebukes The Earth
Babylon's Collapse Begins
The Prayer For Victory
The Lord Speaking
The Few Selected For Crucifixion

The Nailing Of ONE MAN
A "Little" Tree In The Storm
Life Of The Ages Through Crucified Overcomers
Dead Tree, Living Tree
The Timeless Flow
Bearing The Cross
End Of Man's Kingdoms
Two Doors In A Man
Two Trees In A Man
The Green Spreading Tree
Vials Of Consuming Fire
Waters Returning To Jesus
The Glorified Army Of The Lord
Jesus Speaking Of HIs Remnant
Jesus Request Us To Follow Him
Raising Of The Dead
Seeing Jesus At His Coming
The Veil Of Death
Greater The Tribulation
Columns Of Seven
Erasing The Blot
The Crumbling Mountain
God Recedes Into The Dark Cloud
The Cloud Then Begins To Rain
Tribulation To Enter The City
The Enfolding Molten Fire In Hands And Feet
The Glorification Of The Overcomer

Certain Head Powers
Zerubbabel And The Army
The Consuming Army
The Means Test
Prophets Prophecying Upon Their Backs
Glorify The Earthen Vessels
The Elements Of Glory
Jesus Speaks Of His Resurrection
Let Me Die For I Have Seen The Lord!
The Running Army
Jesus As He Was Slain
The Fullness Of Loathsome Flesh
The Crucible Of Testing
Angel On The Freeway
Smitten And Caught Up
The Tree Of Life
Prophet Pushing Horns
7 Thunders Testify Of The Resurrection
The Branches Upon The Tree Of Life
Falling Earthen Clay
Shaking Reveals His Kingdom
The Overcomer's Crown
The Oracle Of God
4 Ways Of The New Jerusalem
3 Things Given To The Overcomer
Two Depictions Of Life
The Throne Of God In Continual Flow
Gideon's Army
7 Tabernacles
Leviathan Under The Sea Of Glass
Consumed In The Sea Of Glass
Overcomers In The 7 Churches
Functions Of The Glorified Body
Atacking The Army
A New Covering
ONE MAN In The Gate Of Asher
Foretaste Of The Glorified Body
Gideon's Sword Cleaves The Midianite Skull
Jesus Blood Flows In The Veins
Ruth, Barley And The Gate Of Manesseh
He Cometh In The Storm
A Tree In The Gate Of Ephriam
The Earthquakes
The Lake Of Fire
Death Dies
Enfolding Fire Upon The Army
The Self Test
Blackened Faces
The Gates
Necessary Steps
Hearts Before Jesus
The Most High Standing In Reuben's Gate
Graves Before The Reuben Gate

Army Of The Lord In The Gate Of Gad
Jesus And The Children
The Archangel And The Army
The Hidden Word
The Carnal Mind

God Enveloped In A Cloud
Ages Instituded From Within The Cloud
Open Words Of The Aged Apostle
Restoration From The Cosmos
True Prophets vs False Prophets
The Upward Pull
The Simplicity Of Christ
The Beast With 10 Horns
The Fellowship Of The Mystery
The Re-made Tower Of Babel
Dust For Grain
Not Alone In Crucifixion
One More Hill To Climb
The Beast And The Warring Angels
Emerging Shekinah Glory
Overcomers Lighten Gross Darkness
Assault Upon The Overcomers
Prophecy Of Solitude In Crucifixion
Cleaning Living Stones Of Defilements

Jesus At The Right Hand Of God
Cords Of Unity
Settling Of The City
Ages Rolled Up Like A Scroll
Jesus Kills Jezebel's Children
Jesus, The Great Shepherd Of The Sheep
Sheep Guided Through The Wastelands
Reconciliation Of Lost Sheep
Christ's Blood Flowing In The Body

The Stone of Offence and of The Kingdom
Compiled Light At His Coming
Eat The Book
Upcoming World Disaster
Crucible Of Burning
Deadened Life
Cleansing Of The Earth
Defiled Tabernacle
Tabernacle Cleansed And Complete
Protecting The Manchild
The New Anointing

Comet Holmes
Rolling Ball Of Fire Smites The Dragon
Transformed Renewed Minds
God's Gaze Judges His Army
The Devouring Beast
The Crushing Hand Of God
He Shaketh All
From The Left To The Right Hand Of God
Seeing His Garments
Swept Past Midnight
7 Lamps Of Fire
God's Shoulder Pushing The Death Veil
Jasper, Sardius and Armageddon
Pillar Of Fire and Cloud Upon Their Heads
Crushed Heavenly Spices
The Oil Of Crushing
The Bread Of Life
The Cup Of The Blood Of Christ
You Know You Are Approved
He Sets Us In Order

Destroy The False Altars
His Presence Wanes
The Evil Liar
Christ Raised Upon The Cross
Break The Crust On The Stoney Heart
His Law Written Within The Heart
Seek, Learn, Do.
Founded Upon  The Beam Of The Earth
Seek, Learn, Do Part #2
Separated Together
The Sword Runs Through The Dragon
The Beast Cast Into Burning Fire
Then Emerges The Manchild
Not Done But Nearly Done
Man Split In Two

Removing The Death Veil
Jesus Speaks Of His Promise
Rope Laid Upon The Course Of World History
Explosion Of The Mushroom Clouds
The Lord Casting Feiry Hailstones
Ingesting The Flesh Of Christ
Jesus Speaks Of His Coming
Hailstones Of Fire And Brimstone
Massed By The Holy Whirlwind

Death Dies Before The Army
Vision Of The Lord Upon The Eternal Throne
The Lord Destroys The Eye Upon The Pyramid
The Process Of Glorification
Resurrection And The Army

The "Weight" Of Glory
The Lord And Retribution
Destruction Of The Death Veil
Corruption Putting On Incorruption
Waters And Fires Of Judgment

Destruction Of The 2nd World
Old Prophet Wearing Dusty Rags
Proclamation Of His Coming
ONE MAN To Destroy Evil In The Nations
The Dead Standing In The Throne Room
The Beast Slays The Overcomers
Scattered Seeds Of Barley
Shaken UNDER The Tabernacle
False Body vs True Body
The Cross And The Cornerstone
Utter Destruction Of Babylon
God Destroys The Image Of Blasphemy
The Wrath Of God
God's Jealous Fire
The Lord Roars From Zion
Irons Are About To Come Off
Prophecy Of His Coming
The Lord Seen Upon A Chariot
The Holy City
One Clue As To His Coming
War In The Understanding
Appendages Of Flesh
Armor Does Not Make One Immune
The Defiled Sack
Jesus Speaks In The Candlesticks
My Hands Dropped With Myrrh
False Ark And False 5 Fold Ministry
His Very Person
Judgment Begins With The Overcomer
The Interplay Of Good And Evil
By The Side Of The Lord
The Continual Assault
Broken Bands Of Death And Dying
Withdrawl Of His Presence
God Strikes The Earth
Cleansing The Polluted River
Current State Of The Overcomer
ONE MAN In Holy Motion
The Upright Member Of The Cross
Cleansing The Temple Vessels
Animating The Temple Vessels
The White Cross
The Covering Darkness
The River Tears Through Flesh
God's Determinate Foreknowledge
God Removes The World
Casting Up Mountains
Jesus Squeezing Hearts
Cell Divide By His Sword

The Sea Enters The Holy City
Jesus Expands Outward
Gorging Beasts
God Judges The Beasts
Overcomers Suddenly Transfigured
Vision Of Jesus Being Crucified
Jesus Takes The Sceptre
God Separate From Christendom
Heaven's Wind
Christ Prays Upon The Mountain
Dream Of A Polluted House
Cleansed From Debris
Utter Destruction About To Happen
The Upcoming Financial World Wide Collapse
The Winepress Of The Wrath Of God
Seven Stars and The White Cross
Hidden In The Robes Of Jesus
The Lord Speaking Of Our Cross

The Sword Of Protection
The Brooding Fire Of God

Overcomers Armoured In The Storm
Overcomers Lose Everything
The Mystery Of Iniquity

The Mystery Of Israel's Blindness
The Mystery Of Babylon the Great
God Brings A Great Evil

Purple Coffin Of The Great Whore
Father's Authority In His Army
God Destroys The Beasts
God Rains Down Fire And Brimstone
The Besom Of Destruction
Chambers Filled With The Ancient Of Days
Individual Flames Are The Overcomers
Living Sprouting Rod Of Supply
Putrid Flesh Under The Armour

Disqualified Overcomers
Exploding Blocks Of Babylon
Jezebel Eating The Saints
Filthy Dishes In The Shopping Cart
God Not Counting Time
Ancient Of Days Within The Dark Cloud
The Despised Birthright
Vision Of The Sea Of Glass #1
Vision Of The Sea Of Glass #2

Vision Of The Sea Of Glass #3
Vision Of The Sea Of Glass #4
Vision Of The Feiry Lake #1
Vision Of The Feiry Lake #2
Vision Of The Feiry Lake #3
Vision Of The Feiry Lake #4
Michael Wars Over EnTombed Overcomer

Jesus With A Grey Sledghammer
Christ's Blood In Overcomers Bloodstream
Whirlwind Filled With Christ's Blood
Jesus Beard Plucked Out
Great Spiritual War

Jesus Slays The Beast
Mankind Saved From The Beast
God Reigns Over The Nations
Heard By The Holy Ghost
Jesus Destroys Man's Machine
Ancient Of Days In The Storm
Prophecy Of His Coming
The False Manchild
Hittites Destroy Babylon

The Lord's Money
Watchmen Upon Jasper
Flying Beast
War In The Heavens
Medieval Cursings
The Lord Upon A Chariot

Ancient Of Days Upon The Circuits Of The Earth
Prophecy From The Circuits
The Earth Rolled Up Like A Scroll
The Mighty Ocean Of The Blood Of Jesus
The Whore and the Beast
The Image and the Beast
Bricks within Bricks
July 18th, 2011 Prophecy
Father Wears The Vesture
Splendid Image Destroyed
7 Pillars Of Fire Surround The Army
World Leaders Dissolve
Overcomers Scars Revealed
Dangers Of Looking For Signs
Repentance Winds Upon The Overcomers
Romans 12:1,2
Jesus Holds Forth The Sceptre
Overcomers Bear The Cross
Seraphim and the Coal Of Fire
Overcomers over the Lake of Fire
Great Relief For Mankind

Melded By His HOLY WIND
Demise Of Gold and Silver

Overcomers Of Old
Overcomers in Psalm 91
Fruits Nearly All Picked
The Lord sharing His Glory?

The Government of God
Overcomers Raise The Dead

King Of Kings walking the pasturelands
Bull of Bashan's horn tearing the earth
Dusty Prophet in a cave
Glorified Bodies and the Tabernacle
Candlestick and the Lord
Overcomers same as risen Christ
Overcomers Carry God's Oracle
Overcomers Are God's Government
Overcomers Ascend The Foundation
Changed In The Blood
Overcomers Share God's Glory
Scrolls Of Government
Rule Of The Rod Of Iron
Jesus Glorifed At God's Right Hand
2nd FALSE JESUS Vision
World Collapse In One Hour
Four Winds Of Heaven
Manchild Caught Up To The Throne
Manchild Company bearing sheaves
Overcomers Tongues Drawn Upwards
3 Judgments For World's Tongues
God's Throne As Living Bread Of LIfe
The Overcomer's New Language
Jesus Adds On A New Robe
Elevated 7 Lamps Of Fire
Water and Blood From Jesus Riven Side
God Gathers All Mankind Unto Himself
The Father's Voice
True Verses False Incense
Manchild Company In Holy Incense
Mighty Angel and the Altar Of Incense
World In Tumult
Rainbow Visions
Multitudes In The Sea
Smoke From Off The Altar Of Incense

The Books Were Opened
Incense Smoke and the Golden Candlestick
The Army In Disarray
The Army Arrayed
Demons In Ahab and Jezebel
Demons In Jezebel
Demons In Ahab
Healing Oil
The Old Couch
Flowing Glory Of God
Colored Cords Of Iniquity
Prophet Smites Earth With Sacrificed Meat
Radiation Hot Particles
Cupped Father's Hand
Glory Of God's Throne
Knees And Chest Of God
Splendid Image Of Blasphemy
Splendid Image Through The Seas
Overcomers Killed In Their Armor
Iron Teeth In The Beasts
Overcomers Finish Their Crosses
Army With Ancient Of Days Authority
Liberated Priest
Army Upon White Horses
Firey Stream Of God's Judgment
God's Wrath Assuaged
Spiritual Body Inside Physical Body
Falling Debris Of Babylon's Collapse
Rolling Ball Of Fire
Smoke Of Restitution
Smoke Of Restitution (earlier vision)
Fire From The Thigh Of God
Fire From The Thigh Of God (earlier vision)
Rotten Bread, Money System Rot
Earth As The Sun
Bending Light From The Lampstand
The Golden Table And The Sea
Angels Line Up The Nations

Beasts Attack The Nations
Nations Face Down Before The Lord
Face to Face Friends With The Lord
Drawn Up Waters Of Nations
David Encourages HImself In The Lord
Wind Billows In The Lord's Robes
Collapse Of All Things
The Lord In Psalm 18
The Withered Branches