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The Lake That Burns With Fire and Brimstone

And I saw a great white throne, and him that sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away; and there was found no place for them. And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works. And the sea gave up the dead which were in it; and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them: and they were judged every man according to their works. And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death. And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.

Revelation 20:11-15

The Sea of Glass Mingled With Fire

And I saw another sign in heaven, great and marvellous, seven angels having the seven last plagues; for in them is filled up the wrath of God. And I saw as it were a sea of glass mingled with fire: and them that had gotten the victory over the beast, and over his image, and over his mark, and over the number of his name, stand on the sea of glass, having the harps of God. And they sing the song of Moses the servant of God, and the song of the Lamb, saying, Great and marvellous are thy works, Lord God Almighty; just and true are thy ways, thou King of saints. Who shall not fear thee, O Lord, and glorify thy name? for thou only art holy: for all nations shall come and worship before thee; for thy judgments are made manifest.

Revelation 15:1-4



The following is a formal statement concerning the doctrine on the lake that burns with fire and brimstone as well as the sea of glass mingled with fire and the power of the second death. As such it is pressed upon me to write such in a manner that befits instruction to the Saints of God so as to cause their hearts to rest and their minds to flourish in the knowledge of our Great God and Saviour, The Lord Jesus Christ. We are a people of restoration, not vindictive judgment and estrangement. Though we suffer estrangements we are not estranged. We are reconciled so we can be reconcilers. Our place is a prominent part that functions only because we took the lesser place and were willing to be counted worthy of death itself in order that the will of God could be done through us. Like Jesus, we have become obedient unto death so that like Jesus we can be exalted by the power of His endless life to rule and reign with Him at the right hand of the Father. This then is what the Lord has taught me on this matter over the years of my life. It is written for the instruction of those who love the truth and who love to know the Lord in simplicity. It is not written for those who have a mandate to cause suffering to the masses, but to cause restitution and restoration for all they who have been apart from truth in their own hearts, later to find that they too are restored unto the Lord in the fruition of His greater love. Such is the wonder of our Saviour. He rebukes, chastises, corrects and reconciles all within the power of that two edged sword which proceeds forth out of His mouth unto the inhabitants of the nations. So it is this sword must divide each one asunder so that the heart can be revealed, but also that a perfect working can be accomplished by Him alone, a marvellous grace that brings an individual into completeness and into the joy of eternal life. Thus I write this according to that same grace – and fire – which over time was afforded to me.

Kenneth B Visscher


There were at total of 8 visions from previous writings that I wished to include in this paper, however the 8th vision has not yet been located in my notes. I give a brief description of it after laying in these first 7. I will give a note prior to each one as to whether the vision relates to the lake that burns with fire and brimstone or the sea of glass mingled with fire so that instruction may benefit us all and edification will give honour to the Lord who teaches us these things. May His grace prevail to reveal this incredible plan He has given us in hope and in the power of His endless life.

(7 Visions)

(1st Vision) (This vision relates to the sea of glass mingled with fire. Rev 15:2)

“From the place wherein I was held and supported I could see “I AM THAT I AM” upon the Throne with Jesus at His right hand by looking to the left. Jesus wore the garments of the High Priest with the Ephod. As I turned my head to the right and looked down I could see the earth, both were in front of me. Before the Throne were lamps of fire and an altar filled with coals. I heard the Lord say “I will give but a measure of My judgment in the earth….”I saw then an Angel (Holy Seraphim – guardian of the Glory of the Lord) take a coal off of the altar with tongs and cast it into the earth. The coal of fire rolled as a ball of fire across the surface of the earth and across the dust in the seas. As it rolled my heart trembled in fear and I cried unto the Lord concerning the fire of this coal, “Lord, would you save any flesh alive?”. My heart wondered at the extent of this fire for it seemed as though it would destroy all flesh in the earth. I cried unto the Lord that this was more than I could bear to see. But then while beholding this on the earth the Angel which was with me bid me to see and I looked and I saw the Army of the Lord – this which shall be – marching forward upon the earth as though they were but the size of a man’s hand. Before them was a massive billowing of fire, behind them a flame that kindled and burned. But what I noticed encouraged me greatly for I saw that under the feet of this Army flowed forth rivers of livings waters. These waters flowed unabated over the parched earth, flowing with a continued velocity to soften and heal the earth and the places that the fire had burnt were covered after by this living water that flowed as though it were a spring of water, unlimited, out from under the feet of the Army of the Lord. My tears were turned to tears of joy as I saw the answer of the Lord in healing and restoring all creation outside the curse of the fall.”

 (End Vision)



(2nd Vision) (This vision relates to the sea of glass mingled with fire. Rev 15:2)

“The Overcomers were standing upon the earth and gross amounts of flesh and of carnality was arising within them. Up through the center of their beings flowing upwards were darkened areas of iniquity and carnality. Beneath all of this upward flowing of the filth of flesh was the fire of the Lord, stoked seven times hotter, prodded and poked with a fire poker by the Lord Himself who by His Spirit provided the flames and by His judgments fed flesh and carnality as fuel for this raging fire. The fire rose hotter and hotter as time went by in the lives of they who would Overcome to inherit all things. Instead of the sweet gentleness of joy and peace they would desire, carnality, flesh and the despised nature which was fallen and iniquitous was seen. The Lord was boiling all of it by His fire to the surface and into the heads of these who were thus under the torch of His flame. At the same time however, below the fire flowed upwards the bright springs of living waters. So as the fire burned, so did the water flow, and the fires and the waters of the Lord flowed together in the lives of they that overcame so that their lives were not in total futility in this hour of the judgment that the Lord is bringing to those who overcome. The living waters were prophesied by Jesus to flow out of the bellies of the believers. However, this flow was not yet happening in fullness until the gross darkness of the flesh and carnality was completely burned to the top in the lives of all these who endured such judgments against them.

(End Vision)


(3rd Vision) (This vision relates to the sea of glass mingled with fire. Rev 15:2)

It fell upon a certain day that the hand of the Lord was upon me. Then the Angel which supported me under my right arm and carried me brought me to the paved work, even into the presence of the Lord. There I beheld a fire enfolding in upon itself, its flames reaching downward to the paved work and upward into the expanse above. In the midst of the fire that enfolded in upon itself a Throne was set, and one who sat upon the Throne, even the Ancient of Days, He who in this time was set in perfect array in the splendour of eternal glory. I beheld His left hand. Several large Angels came up before Him and from His left hand He gave them each a vial filled up with the wrath of God. Each Angel which received a vial then took it to the edge of the paved expanse and poured it forth. The contents of the vials then fell upon this creation, each vial upon each continent until all the vials were emptied upon this world. As the vials were emptied the fire which enfolded in upon itself burned downwards through the north, even in the cosmos, to the earth and in time enveloped the earth in this fire, starting at the top and reaching even unto the southern pole. The peoples upon the continents who had the vials poured upon them were now enveloped in the fires of God for it is written that our God is a consuming fire. What touched me in this scene was that I saw a unison come to mankind and each and every person therein turned their faces upwards to seek after and to know and to see the Lord in His Glory, even while in the flames of His judgments.

(End Vision)


(4th Vision) (This vision relates to the lake that burns with fire and brimstone. Rev 20:14)

“Then seeing the expanse of the earth and all its territories I could see those that were overcoming, scattered amongst the nations. Each one was geographically separated by time and distance from those of like precious faith. As I beheld this I saw the Lord move by His Spirit igniting on fire the hands and the feet of those who were overcoming while the fire burned upon their heads. Each one in their own place upon the earth had been ignited with the fires of God this way. The fires were such as I had seen in previous times when I beheld the Throne set in the midst of the fire which enfolded in upon itself. Upon the hands and the feet of they that were overcoming were small mirror images of this same fire that folded in upon itself, each hand, each foot with an individual fire, just as I saw the fire folding in upon itself where the Throne is set and where the Lord does sit upon the Throne in Heaven. Similar was this fire for those upon the earth. Once each one was ignited with this fire there was the sound of a great trumpet and the Lord gave glorified bodies to each member of these who had fire upon their hands and feet. As the Lord glorified them they immediately came into order as the Army of the Lord upon the earth. The fire then upon their hands and feet became molten and flowed with a force that nothing in nature could stop. The fire flowed forth from them out unto the uttermost parts of the earth and to all nations that dwelt upon the earth. This fire grew in intensity and became huge billowing flames before the Army, unstoppable, full of the heat and the fire of the Holy Ghost. I saw that as the nations had been in turmoil and tribulation before, now with the fire from the hands and the feet of the Army of the Lord, that everything men tried to do to build up their nations utterly collapsed. Nothing was able to withstand the burning, all was consumed by the flames of fire which was coming forth unstoppable from those who now formed the Army of the Lord in glorified bodies in the midst of the world filled with great and horrible tribulation. All that was in tribulation was added to by the fire thus bringing to and end the ways of the nations.

( End Vision)


(5th Vision) (This vision relates to the sea of glass mingled with fire. Revelation 15:2)

“As I beheld this scene I saw that the feet of God were on the edge of the sea of glass, that as He sat in His Throne, that the place of His feet was glorious. The feet of the Lord on the edge of this sea were there as He ruled over all that was in the sea. And I saw that great serpent leviathan, the dragon and the beast, and the false prophet and all men who bore the image and the number of his name within this sea of glass mingled with fire.

 Then looking up I saw that God had both hands and arms outstretched over the sea of glass. From His left hand was issuing forth a flowing realm of brimstone and fire, a hot pouring forth supplying the sea with the heat needed to create this glass. Out of the right hand of God issued forth a flowing realm of living water, raining down on the sea on the lives of the just and the unjust. And I looked in the depths of this sea stood each one consumed by the fires of God from above the waves. Each one was consumed in this fire, their eyes and their mouths and tongues were filled with the consuming fire of God who poured forth into the Sea of Glass the fire from His left hand. And from His right hand the waters of His love and mercy and of His Spirit which would flow at the same time as the fires flowed consuming humanity. Each one who was thus ignited would in time turn to the Lord, and they that turned were delivered of the heat of the fire…… And I saw no graves upon the earth, for the grave of the earth was this Sea, and no one was without the borders of the Sea. Each one who turned to the Lord having the sockets of their eyes consumed in fire and their tongues diminished by the flames were counted as “Overcomers”. These were the ones who when turning to the Lord were separated from the rest of they who were in torment in the Sea. These who turned began to ascend to rise through the layers, sediments and strata of the Sea to arise upon it, up in the waves themselves there to walk above the storm beneath them. They in turn were risen in purity with the nobility of God Almighty being their portion and their own pure thoughts. All during the rising through the layers and waves of the Sea, they maintained their purity by looking steadfastly unto God alone who did sit upon the Throne. Then I saw that individual peoples from the Nations round about the Army of the Lord would come with fierce anger and rage and would run at the Army to attack it. They would come up against the Army with destruction and hatred in their hearts to destroy the members of this company, those who now were in bodies Glorified with no death upon them, nor any curse. As individuals would run at the Army fire from before and around the Army would consume them where they stood and they would fall to the ground as a heap of ashes. Their eyes, tongues and bowels would first be consumed by the fire then they would fall to the ground as dead men who resisted the march of this Army.

(End Vision)


(6th Vision) (This vision relates to the lake that burns with fire and brimstone. Rev 20:14)

“I saw all mankind, all humanity from every period in history and from every nation, those alive and those long extinct in the lake that burns with fire ( upward force of heat and light ) and brimstone ( Divine Holiness ). No member of lost and unredeemed humanity was outside of this lake. Those that believed in Jesus and those who were overcoming had already known the force of the flames and the brimstone within by the baptism of fire. The lake was not the wrath of God, but was the process of the second death which removed the first death off of humanity. The lake answered the wrath of God by ending death. I saw entire nations as well as individuals in the flames with large black spots of iniquity being burned off of them, the blackened burned portions spiraling upwards as spiffs of smoke being removed off of each one. As humanity went through the flames of fire in the second death they would each in turn emerge from the lake on the shoreline in front of the Gate of Benjamin. Standing within the arches of the Gate was The Lord Jesus Christ, even He who shed His precious blood upon Calvary and who alone was exalted to the right hand of God. I could see Him standing there, His hairs were white like wool and His feet were as though they burned in a brazen fire. He was entirely clothed in a garment to the foot and His eyes were looking forth unto mankind in this lake. As each one emerged, some would come weeping, some would come on their hands and knees, some on their knees. Some were able to walk, but each one was drawn to the Saviour who stood fast in the arches of the Gate of Benjamin. Not one single soul was in the end left in the lake that burned with fire and brimstone, the Living Christ brought each one in order through that process unto Himself, each one having death burned off of them. In the end the lake stood empty, and Christ stood still in the arches of the Gate of Benjamin, and all mankind had entered the Holy City.

(End Vision)


(7th Vision) (This vision relates to the lake that burns with fire and brimstone. Rev 20:14)

“Then being AS HE IS in Spirit I saw the Lord Jesus Christ sitting upon the high places of the spirit before a crucible of burning. This crucible of burning was the life of the Overcomer, held up before the Lord of the whole earth. It matters not which Overcomer, it is the soul of any person who desires all that the Lord has for them. The heat by which this crucible did melt the precious gold therein was powered by the same spirit of the Lord which does configure itself into the lives of those who would be cleansed of all soulish and spiritual infirmity. By the intensity of His gaze the heat applied to the precious gold therein was burnt both from the bottom as well as from the top wherein His gaze did penetrate. No matter who the Overcomer is, the trials of life will come from all elements around their life as the Lord will use everything to create a cleansed walk. He did look with increased intensity into the midst of the gold to discover that it had all become molten, all the while removing the dross from off of the top of the burning crucible. The Lord did not look at the dross, He simply removed it by the rod in His hand, it was the gold that He was seeking and finding. In the midst of your tribulation you may only see the dross, but the Lord Jesus Christ sees the gold”

(End Vision)


(This vision relates to the lake that burns with fire and brimstone. Rev 20:14)There was yet one more vision to include in this number but I was unable to locate it in my notes. It was a vision of the Overcomers standing two feet above the lake of fire pulling iniquity out of the hearts of the damned. The Overcomers were reaching down through the flames to pull out this iniquity as though it were blackened pieces of molten tar while they hovered 2 feet above the very flames themselves.

(End Visions)
To Be Continued...........
Kenneth B Visscher


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