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Word of the Lord received July 18th, 2011.

(To the Overcomers)

“Thus says the Lord your God unto those who have been dispersed, they of my company who I have set aside unto this hour and for this purpose that I have purposed in this time. Behold my coming; it shall be as I have said in an hour that you think not. I have spoken unto your hearts and you have listened and obeyed me even though it meant for you a greater measure of my judgments through your lives laid down by the cross. You my people were willing to lay your lives aside from all those around you who claimed they knew me and who trusted in their leaders to feed them truth and to prepare them for that day when I would come to receive my people unto myself. It is not in me to cause you to know me continually in my judgments nor is it in me to cause you to have continual sorrow; therefore I will come in this hour and declare you to be ones who overcame because of obedience unto the death of the cross. Your lives laid down before me were laid down as sacrifices unto me alone, you did not care for the world nor its systems nor the souls that dwelt therein nor for they who professed knowledge of me or of my word. Instead you forsook all other things to be found in me as obedient Sons and Daughters and you did not allow your lives to be overtaken with the cares of this world except in the measures I ordained for you. It is to you, my people who have obeyed my word that I now send forth this encouragement so that you will know my will and my way and will not be found insufficient at my coming.


All that I have asked of you has been obeyed; you have not laid confidence in your own abilities, nor in your own flesh, nor in the arms of flesh of others. The footsteps you have taken were not after man or man’s ways, even those I sent to minister my words and my prophesies unto you, these you did not attempt to make idols of nor did you elevate them to a place wherein they became your trust and your confidence and not I. It was not in me for you to trust the ministry sent to you but for you to “hear” my words and to obey them. Because of this obedience I will address your present condition and bring you to a new understanding in this hour so that you are prepared to come together as my Army, those who will be brought forth with my righteous standard over them and who will show only the life of their Lord and the power of His judgments. For now I join bone to bone and sinew to sinew and I do bring my people, those who have overcome to this point, I do cut this work short and I bring them together to form perfect rank and order in my purpose for this creation. The time has come wherein all that is in the world of men will be laid bare before these my Overcomers as I judge the world through them.”

(Pause prophecy to the Overcomers)


(To the United States of America)

“Israel of old was called and designed by me to be a bright beacon of light for the nations round about them. If they would have obeyed my word and come into that land flowing with milk and honey they would have been bread to the eater and water to the thirsty and a standard for all nations to see, my spirit would have flowed freely out unto all nations to bless the earth with my presence and my provision for all time, my Kingdom would have been through Israel, but they would not. They listened instead to false teachers and false prophets who told them of the wealth they could have because of the power of being called “my people”. Instead of allowing me to be Lord over them they set up idols out of those who were not lords and who were not called by me nor were they anointed by me, but these were set up to be the standard, my standard was discarded. Israel instead of being a beacon of light and glory for the nations to see became a harlot and a worker of iniquity; filled with pride because of my name over them they went about to set up their own kingdom and their own standard of righteousness. I forsook them as I forsook the world in the time of Noah, my spirit withdrew from them and I discarded them as one would discard a corpse, they became defiled in my sight and my eyes were taken off of them because of their idolatry and because they played the harlot with all the nations around them.


Then another nation in time was formed with the hope of my standard and with the hope of my righteousness. The men I called to this formed a government and a kingdom by which my name would be honoured and my right would be known from sea to sea. This nation was to do what Israel of old failed to do which was to be a standard by which my name would be set forth in the earth and my Kingdom would flow unabated to all other nations round about them. But the sons and daughters born to this nation despised this birthright, they came against their forefathers who set up a right standard in the land and they defiled their inheritance by making it abominable in my sight. For the children of these who bore my promise were children steeped in iniquity whose aim and power was based on the might of their own arms and by the power of their own name even as Israel did before them, so these did before me, they based their power on my name over their nation but would not obey the standard I had set up over them. Rather they set up their own standard and set up their own power by which they caused this nation to come to destruction. Just as Israel of old was forsaken by me, so now I forsake this nation. I will not heal her breach, nor will I accept neither her words nor her people as ones who will bear my name upon their lips. These have been weighed by me and I reject them utterly and will collapse this nation as I collapsed Israel, these will not bring forth my standard into this age that does come, I will not ever again give them my name. These shall see their nation collapse in this hour and nothing will be done to prevent it from happening. Instead of being a beacon of light as Israel was to be, they became a policing nation, set about in many nations to oppress and to guard their standard as right while causing many other nations to come under their heel of rule and of a standard I never raised. These do so in my name but my name is not in them, I have forsaken them even as I forsook Israel of old, they will not abide in this day but I will cause them to come to complete ruin so that they will wake and know that I was angry with them and the day of my anger had come to them with the loss of their nation.”

(End portion to the United States of America)


(To the Overcomers continued)

“So it is that I have taken unto myself these ones who obeyed me, these whom I have called my Overcomers, these alone will bear my standard and will name my name without iniquity being upon their lips. These will come forth unto the nations of the world as an indestructible people whose unity and faith will be manifest in them and through them first as the fires of my judgment and then later as the healing balms and waters of my infinite love. I will not see my name disgraced through these for they have each of them learned how to lay down their lives completely and not take them up again so that I may in their lives built reveal my character so they may be seen as images of their Father, even these who are my Sons and Daughters, they will be seen as part of my family and of no other family. I have cut them off from their earthly lineages and from their pride of name and calling; these willingly laid their lives down upon the cross and upon their own wealth of suffering. Taking no confidence in this world they found their true value in me alone. These have become what Israel was to be and what the other nations failed to be. It is over these that I now in this hour raise this standard, I will not repent myself of them, they are found righteous in my sight therefore I will come and will give them the glory of my person forevermore and these will end all of man’s ways and governments and idolatries. Nothing will be seen by them that shall not be destroyed by them. They will take the entire Mystery of Iniquity and bring it to a successful conclusion ending in mankind all the ways of carnal flesh. All that is an enmity against me these will bring into harmony by causing my fires to burn. I say again, all flesh as grass will burn because of this company of people.


To you who have obeyed me, those whom I now name as my Overcomers. I say this, look to yourselves. Is your desire towards me alone? Do you long to be part of this my Army? I will not give you false promises nor will I withhold this righteousness from you. My spirit has already begun to bring you into unity one with another so that my coming will be in a time when a small company of people will be found without spot or wrinkle or any such thing. I have set in your midst the purpose of this hour, my coming so that you can be that standard by which anything unholy in this world will be made holy through the spirit of burning. I say again, look to yourselves, know that if your desire is towards me and you long to be part of my Army then I will grant this to you and you will rise in this resurrection in the same image of Jesus.


I the Lord say now unto the policing nation and to all the nations of the earth. The time of your destruction has come upon you. Your lives I will spare, but not your ways nor your means nor your wealth nor your feast days or ceremonies or that which you claim as your own. I will discomfit all that is around you in every nation and will bring to the dust the voice of mirth and gladness of wines and feast days, of that which claims strength and honour from me when I have not given you that strength nor have I honoured you. I come now to destroy completely your ways, your supports, your feasts and times of rejoicing in your carnal reasoning. I come to isolate in each soul their own carnality so that they may see this nakedness and may be ashamed. I come to reprove the world of their religious anarchy and of their standard of righteousness which is a standard I never did raise up. I have rejected Israel. I have rejected the policing nation. I now reject all the nations of the earth from coming into my Kingdom. I reject you oh earth! I come against you prideful nations! I do set in your midst a glorified standard which will destroy all that is prideful in you. Your souls I will cleanse by their fire and your hearts will I turn towards me because of their holiness. It is for the sake of they that overcame that I move to destroy with the winds of my judgments. Your ships and your exchanges I do cease to honour. Your hopes and your lives saved for this world I disannul. I remove your wealth in a single stroke; I take from you all that you hoped for in this world that would give you a place and a name. Yea, I do set my standard before you. Oh nations! You will be discomfited, your lives will I take in great jeopardy; as the spoil of the prey; and I will cause you to see that your ways are not my ways nor are your thoughts my thoughts! I remove from you all your religious pride, all that you have set up as a standard of what I desire! Look to these who come to you as ones who have overcome, that is my standard, there is my righteousness!


Be encouraged my people. Take no further thought as to whether or not I will raise you from the dead when I come or if I will glorify you in your bodies when I appear! For I have set my spirit as a confirmation in your midst, there is no further confirmation needed, I have witnessed the same unto you. My people, my obedient ones, my Overcomers, this is my standard, this is my measure, it is by these that I will set my will to completion in the earth. You my people will cause to settle upon this dust the New Jerusalem by which all nations shall be brought into my holiness and by which all carnality will cease. I will cause Jesus to see the travail of His soul and He shall be satisfied BECAUSE OF YOU. Be encouraged my Sons and my Daughters, I am right on time, I will cause you to rise up forevermore to rule and reign with me upon my Throne over this world and over all things everywhere for the time has come to wrap up this age and to bring forth my promise, even of my everlasting Kingdom through which I will bring to restitution all things.

I am The Lord Jesus Christ.

I AM the Lord.”

(End prophecy to the Overcomers)

Kenneth B Visscher