~ The New Jerusalem ~

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Chapter:# 13
The Place Of His Throne

“Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord:” Hebrews 12:14

And I heard, but I understood not: then said I, O my Lord, what shall be the end of these things? And he said, Go thy way, Daniel: for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end.
Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand. And from the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away, and the abomination that maketh desolate set up, there shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety days. Blessed is he that waiteth, and cometh to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days. But go thou thy way till the end be: for thou shalt rest, and stand in thy lot at the end of the days.” Daniel 12:1-13

“But who may abide the day of his coming? and who shall stand when he appeareth? for he is like a refiner's fire, and like fullers' soap: And he shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver: and he shall purify the sons of Levi, and purge them as gold and silver, that they may offer unto the LORD an offering in righteousness.”    Malachi 3:2-3 KJV


From the position in which I stood supported I could view the earth and the Throne of God at the very same time. As I looked upon the earth I could see the lives of those who had in their own will decided that they wanted to be “Overcomers” in the finished work of Christ in His atonement. I saw them there not assuming anything, but willing to walk day by day through their trials. They were burdened with the burdens of life, bent over under the weight of their testings while at the same time allowing the Lord to work in them His perfect Will. Dear reader. Note this. That even through the rest of this vision, the Overcomers remained in this contrite state. They never exalted their position or calling in any way. Truly these are they who are clothed in sackcloth which represents the Humility of Christ.


As I beheld the Throne enveloped in fire which enfolded in upon itself I saw that the fire began to increase. It began to speed up in it’s enfolding and it became more brilliant in its flames and action. In the midst of this fire I saw the Throne with He that sat upon it, even The Ancient of Days. The fire became a torrent of waves of flames, fast actions of folding in upon itself, growing in size. Anyone who comes to God must go through this fire.


The fire was such that it began to bring forth realms of black smoke and bolts of lighting and very loud thunderings and many shakings were round about it. The entire scene shook at the movement of this fire enveloping itself. Tremendous shakings took place, and in the midst of this scene God spoke forth a Holy Oracle. A word in season to those who were overcoming on the earth. This word went forth unto these who were in the earth in their bodies of flesh. While the Oracle went forth there was a very large earthquake as the earth was shaken from the sound and the fury of this Oracle. Immediately the contrite Overcomers stood up HOLY as this Oracle went ONLY INTO EACH ONE OF THEM. This Oracle TOUCHED NO OTHER MAN NOR GENTILE NOR JEW IN THE EARTH. THIS ORACLE ONLY TOUCHED THOSE WHO OBEYED THE LORD IN OVERCOMING. They became white as this Oracle passed over them, even God uttering the power of His Word. These very small few stood straight, white and pure and HOLY in this Oracle that God spoke. They stood above the rest of humanity in this Purity and in this Holiness. So great and magnificent was the Holiness and Purity to which they had come because of the voice of God.  ( See Revelation 15: 1-8 )

(End Vision)


We come now to the descriptive part of this study wherein we will study in detail the dimensions and workings of the City of God. The walls, the street, the Mount within it, the dimensions and purposes, it’s 12 Gates, 12 angels, 12 names of the Apostles of the Lamb and the 12 Foundation Stones. That there are 3 Gates of pearl per side of each wall. Each of these are rife with symbolism to help our DAILY WALK IN OVERCOMING. For this is a pattern, a Glorious pattern that started as a Tabernacle under the Rod of Moses and ends being the New Jerusalem settling upon the earth for the relief of mankind and to consummate all things in Christ.


There is a great amount of description when it comes to studying the New Jerusalem in the book of Revelation. This description seems to come in waves of understanding back and forth with many varied views of the purpose of God in this city. The first mention of the New Jerusalem depicts it as being under attack. It is held in persecution by the minions of hell and by Satan who is loosed from his prison. This is found in Revelation 20:9. The scenes depicted from this time forward seem to jump from one part of the depiction of this City to another. For example, after the attack upon the beloved City in Revelation 20:9 we see that fire comes out of Heaven to devour them. At the same time however in Revelation 22:1 we see that Heaven, and the depiction of God’s Throne, is IN the New Jerusalem. So we have two processes happening, two views, two understandings but the same conclusion, Heaven above yet also IN the New Jerusalem.


Another back and forth depiction of this city is found in total description in Revelation 21. We have the purity of this location in God, and in stark contrast the Lake that burns with fire and brimstone. Those holy within this City and those without in defilement. The beauty of the City and the dearth of the earth that it descends to. For the men who come into this City are given relief from the earth and the tribulation in it because of this set place of God’s Glory. In other words, this City is seen as the final place and goal of all they who walk in God. It is the resting place, Heaven if you will, except that it’s locale is HERE ON THE EARTH.


So to simplify the hard language used in the Bible to reveal the size and structure of the New Jerusalem, I will in this writing begin at the most important place and describe this City as I see it in the Spirit. For this must be simple, must be secure and precious and easy for us to contemplate and understand. This City is the Body of the Lord in a company of people whom He calls “The Church”. This is the City whereby we measure ourselves so that we may enter in by the Gates and partake of the richness found therein.


What I see is a depiction that is full and complete with symbolism. Structure and outlays that speaks volumes of the truth of God and His great love for us. This love and this depiction work hand in hand to create in us a clear and concise view of the Lord in His overall grand blueprint for our perfection in righteousness. We will always be ‘in part’ while we abide in bodies of flesh. The New Jerusalem is simply a picture of the completed person. A person redeemed fully and made every whit whole. The end of a progressive walk.


I see the New Jerusalem in 4 ways.


1)     That it is a depiction of our completeness as individuals when redemption is completed in our lives at His appearing.

2)     That it is a depiction of our completeness in a corporate body, a living breathing fully functioning mass of humanity as a part of His Body, His Church, corporate members where He is All in All.

3)     That the New Jerusalem is also the full expression and glory of God IN THE HEAVENLY REALM. Or if you will, complete in Spirit as a tangible evidence of the perfection of Holiness that God gives unto this creation.

4)     That the New Jerusalem will in time envelop this fallen creation drawing it up unto a full completed whole in Spirit, but in a tangible natural creation.


The New Jerusalem has 4 walls which are just as high as they are long. These walls in Revelation are said to be 144 cubits high and a furlong long. In other words, these walls represent GOD’S HOLY GOVERNMENT. However I still see that even in the New Jerusalem itself abides another stark contrast. For there are 3 areas that are reserved for those who overcome and 2 areas for those who do not overcome. There are also 2 grand things which is given to all mankind and 2 depictions of the Tree of Life in the midst of the paradise of God which feeds each with fruit and gives unto all peoples healing from the past life of the fallen Adamic nature.


The three things given to the Overcomers are:

1)     The Throne of God which is set in the high pinnacle of Mount Zion within the 4 walls of the city.

2)     The mount Zion is given as The Kingdom of His Anointing to those who are anointed with the right to rule and reign. This is also given as the source or pattern of ANOINTING which is necessary for anyone to come into full maturity in the Lord.  

3)     The walls of Jasper which form the 4 outer walls of the New Jerusalem, each bearing 3 Pearl Gates which are continually open for the rest of mankind to enter therein.


The two areas reserved for those who do not overcome are

1)     The measured dimensions without and within the City walls. These are the pasturelands of Heaven. This is also the dimension of the 1st and 2nd heaven, the place of the animals of the Kingdom and those pets whom you held dear during your life on earth. I do not believe that pets and animals in the earthly dimension are left outside of God’s great plan.

2)     The purity and Holiness of this City with no restriction as to the freedom of movement. This is the requirement for any inhabitant of the City, that they be without defilement.


The two things given to all mankind are:

1)     The Crystal clear singular street of pure Gold that is straight and has no flaws. This is the causeway and course for the Holiness of God and the supply of His 7 Spirits to flow throughout eternity. It is also the highway that mankind will walk in amongst the tidal waves of the Spirit of Holiness.

2)     The pure river of water of life that flows out FROM the Throne of God. This river waters the tree of life in the midst of the paradise of God as well as gives everlasting unbounded waters of life to those who thirst so that they will never thirst again. It is these waters that shall go forth to assuage the parching of the scorched earth in that day that is to come.


The two depictions of the Tree of Life in the midst of the paradise of God are:

1)     That there are 12 manner of fruits which yield their fruits TO US for each of the 12 months of a singular year. Each fruit has a specific season and purpose and each fruit has an actual effect in the faith and life of the believer. These fruits are fruits of A COMPLETED KINGDOM, they are fruits that come from the consummation of all things in Christ.

2)     That the leaves of the tree of life in the midst of the paradise of God are for the healing of the Nations. For the Lord has ordained by His Word that all Nations shall come into the New Jerusalem and each and every inhabitant will in the end find their place there.  


I firmly believe that of the Tree of Life, that one part is given to all, that is the fruit of the tree, but the leaves for the healing of the Nations ARE THE TONGUES OF THE OVERCOMERS. For you dear Overcomer, by your words and by your mannerisms will remove from off of the Nations of the earth the dearth caused by the Adamic curse, and I prophesy that you will be the leaves of this tree. Your TONGUE is an individual leaf on this tree that by your words and the testimony of your life, of those things that God has done in you and through you will HEAL THE NATIONS. YOUR TONGUES DEAR OVERCOMERS ARE THE LEAVES ON THIS TREE. THIS IS A CORPORATE EXPRESSION.


DEAR OVERCOMER. KNOW THIS. THAT THIS CITY IS A DEPICTION OF THE PURE HOLINESS OF GOD WITHOUT FAULT AND THAT THIS CITY IS SIMPLY GOD IN A PEOPLE, GOD IN HUMANITY, GOD REDEEMING ALL CREATION TILL ALL IS COMPLETE IN HOLINESS. For the redemption Christ wrought was equal to the fall. The destitution left by the mystery of Iniquity is answered by the eternal Holiness of His Kingdom. It is not according to man’s will that this Holiness will come but by the answer of FIRE. For the fire of God will remove all the dross that was keeping us away from the Holiness of this City. But that is not all, for by fire will God answer, but also by the drawing power of the Love of God IN HIS THRONE. By this will mankind come to see God and to be made one with Him.


It is my intention to show you not just the Glory of the Throne of God in the midst of the New Jerusalem, but the Glory of this City itself, and of the workings of God in His purposes in removing from man the elements of the fall that have separated humanity from God. This working is marvelous, it is Glorious, wonderful and it passes no one by! For God has called each one in their own due order to enter this City. The depiction of the lake that burns with fire and brimstone is not a threat to those who were not religious or perfect enough to appease the wrath of God! The lake that burneth with fire and brimstone is there to DELIVER each one from the DEATH of the fall. The lake of fire and brimstone IS THE DEATH OF DEATH. It is the processing feature that permits in time entrance into God’s Holy City. Take from your minds the thought that some will be left out of God’s great plan, for that can never happen as long as the Shepherd of the Sheep does stand ready to intercede for mankind. This surety is of Jesus and His Love, not of man and his choice!


The main feature of the New Jerusalem is that there is a Throne set within it! The Throne room that no earthly monarch has a right to ascend abides there in the 4 square walls of this Glorious City. And the Throne and the City abide TO DRAW ALL MEN TO GOD. For this is the practical outworking of personal testimony and of faith, that all will in due order and time come to know the Lord.


So then, starting with the most important element of this City and working outwards we will see the purpose of God and His mighty plan even in our lives.


The most important thing in the City is the Throne of the Lord in the midst.


The Throne of God in the New Jerusalem moves outward in a continual flow to:

1)     Bless mankind with His presence

2)     Encourage mankind with His love.

3)     Reveal to mankind His grace

4)     Show mankind His mercy.

However at this time not all men know of His grace, His love, His mercy. So the Lord moves in the lives of those set apart at this time. I do not see that ALL are called at this time, but FEW are called. Not everyone will know the fullness of God in this time for the Lord is still visiting the Gentiles to take out of them a people for His name. In the vision above one thing stood out to me. The ones made Holy that were the recipients of God’s Oracle WERE FEW AND FAR BETWEEN. There were not many that I saw as to numbers, BUT MIGHTY WERE THESE ONES FOR THEY HAD FULLY MATURED FAITH IN GOD AND THEY KNEW GOD IN PURE TRUTH. These had allowed the Lord to motion in them to complete His work and to finish it.


The Throne of God in the New Jerusalem moves ALL THINGS in drawing power unto itself. For this is not just the motion of God out to creation, it is the motion of creation back unto God. For God does not just go forth to heal and to redeem and to seek and save that which was lost, but God also draws all He sees to come and to appear before His Throne. The Throne is the central place in the midst of the City of God and this Throne is the place where each one will appear to give account of their lives and to receive for the work done whether good or bad before His Throne. This accounting and this reward however is not an eternal testament to God’s judgment, but rather it is to remove from man ANY TAINT that would effect his standing before God. For God will continue to work by His Throne and by His Holiness to correct each one in due order.


The Throne of God in the New Jerusalem is the Throne seen in Heaven, but in the purposes of time and the elements of purpose it shall be established on the earth as the Kingdom of God extended. This same Throne that Christ ascended to and which is promised to they that overcome.


This is the hope and the joy of those whom God has called. They shall approach this Throne to behold the Lord in His beauty. And now we begin to study the structure of this Throne and this City.


To be continued………..
Kenneth B Visscher