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Received February 17th, 2011
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O house of Jacob, come and let us walk in the light of Jehovah. For You have forsaken Your people the house of Jacob, because they have become full from the east, and are fortune-tellers like the Philistines. And they clap their hands with the children of strangers. And their land is full of silver and gold. There is no end of their treasures and their land is full of horses; nor an end of their chariots. And their land is full of idols; they worship the work of their own hands, that which their own fingers have made. And the man bowed down, and man was humbled, but You do not lift them up. Enter into the rock and hide in the dust for fear of Jehovah, and for the glory of His majesty. The lofty looks of man shall be humbled, and the pride of men shall be bowed down, and Jehovah alone shall be exalted in that day. For the day of Jehovah of Hosts shall be on every proud and lofty one, and on every lifted up one; and he shall be brought low, And it shall be on all the high and lifted up cedars of Lebanon, and on all the oaks of Bashan, and on all the high mountains, and on all the lifted up hills; and on every high tower, and on every fortified wall; and on all the ships of Tarshish, and on all pleasurable craft. And the pride of man shall be bowed down, and the loftiness of men shall be made low; and Jehovah alone shall be exalted in that day. And the idols shall completely vanish. Isaiah 2:5-18

Heard by the Holy Spirit: “The pattern of His appearing is greater restraint.”


Vision received January 7th, 2011 which applies now.

“I saw many wise, noble and highly exalted men in the earth, men of the scientific community who had gathered together and who had invented a machine which was able to manipulate the created earth and to cause the earth and the elements in the earth to obey their machine. There were also around these men many who made music and who made delightful sounds of praise and worship to the wisdom and the knowledge of these men and how they were so wise in inventing something which gave man more liberty than they had before. So as these “scientists” worked their machine the makers of music and of delightful sounds of praise and worship to man’s wisdom would cause men to rejoice in their own ability and in the marvel of their own invention and wisdom. Then saw I the Lord, high and exalted in the heavens who beheld this blasphemy and idolatry. This caused the anger of the Lord to be greatly kindled. The Lord then reached down and with His left hand He destroyed their invention with a great explosion and a great fire. The heat of the explosion and of the fire caused the earth under it to be scorched to glass and the explosion caused many of the scientists and makers of music who had gathered around the device to be killed in the blast. It was then that the anger of the Lord was assuaged and the Lord withdrew His hand and was once again reigning from the heavens of His creation.”



“Thus says the Lord Jesus Christ unto His faithful servants, even those who have obeyed His words and who have come out unto Him to wait for Him and to worship Him. Think not that the world around you will be healed. Have I not said that men would war against my purposes and would take that which I do and disregard it and fight against it? I have said very clearly that my purpose at this time is to break down and to destroy all that man has built outside of my will and purpose for this hour. All man has made has risen as an idol before me which has caused men to forget their affinity to my sufferings and to instead make names for themselves, even using my name to do so.


Behold, I do a work in your midst which you shall recognize and know as being from my hand and by my spirit of burning. For I do move to collapse the systems of man and to utterly destroy all that men have built in my name and in their own name which I did not build nor which I ordained. All that has been up to this time shall now be undone and I the Lord shall be the one who undoes it. Think not that the earth by man’s effort or by man’s money will be healed; it will not be healed until I create it new and when I bring about my perfect purpose for this age that is dawning upon the earth.


Set your hearts before me as you have done in the past in quiet solitude waiting for my will to be accomplished. You have been faithful to look to the signposts of my coming in the writings and in the prophecies and visions of those faithful in the past history of my church.  Now look unto me knowing that I will do a new thing in the earth, a thing that you have not seen before nor that you will know of prior to this time for it will cause my presence to Tabernacle amongst you and to bring about in your lives the promised manifestation of my person in you in bodies fashioned like unto my own. This is not a vain hope, but a truthful reality, lose not your confidence nor allow your faith to fail. Ask of me strength to carry your lives through unto my coming which I promised again and again in my word, for my coming as the conquering King is yet to be in this world of men, but it shall surely be as I come to deliver man from his own works and from his own pride. I come to judge, to execute that judgment and to complete my will in the matter of establishing my Kingdom in the world of men as the sole Kingdom within which all other nations shall be gathered.


I have caused my spirit to burn long and hot in you so that you will have a clear division of that which is of my spirit born in you and that which is of the flesh born after Adam. That has been done in my sight and it is a joy unto me to see this work accomplished. The sign of my coming is the truth that the systems of men are collapsing, but more than that is the truth that my word is being held unrighteous by infidels and those whose hearts are still of a beast nature before me. I have separated you from these so that they all will know that I come in those who have been made of no reputation. So rest in this, know that my work in you has kept you aside unto this time and for this time even though you be few in number. You allowed me to remove that beast heart from you so that you can have the hearts of true Sons and Daughters, not hearts that manipulate my word into a form that is not pleasing to me. I have separated you even unto this. As you rest in this, know that it is true, doubt not within yourselves that you have failed me when you see your own flesh war against your faith, I have drawn asunder that line of division and the war is to be expected, but behold, I come to give you the strength of my fellowship to carry you even unto my coming. You shall see me move now in the earth in great wrath and fury as I discomfit the systems of men. Many will rebel against me, but fear not their rebellions nor their anger for I will bring them down says Jesus and will cause them to repent when they behold me in fullness in your bodies which I will glorify. As you wait upon me, I will give you this confidence.

I am The Lord Jesus Christ, I AM the Lord.



Kenneth B Visscher

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