The Fellowship Of Rejection

PROPHECY: "My son, be not amazed at this trial nor be afraid in it that you are sinning against and falling short before me. Know that as I have called forth repentance from you, then you repented; as I have called forth faith in my word, then you held faith; and as I called forth a heart to heart fellowship of the deep calling unto the deep in your soul, your spirit with My spirit as one spirit, then we communed.

As to your friends, I have heard your prayers and the committal of them into my hands, and have been blessed by your heart's attitude towards them, and that you have not sought revenge or to retaliate. My son, I know that you are on this path and that you experience loneliness and alienation from those around you. Be assured my son that I have separated you unto myself by the Holy Ghost and have called you to fellowship alone with me. I will not cast everyone off from you, but only those who would control your life. Be not ashamed when you are separated, neither be dismayed when others rise in anger against you or begin to give you counsel, but not by my spirit.

Did not I hang alone upon my cross when even my closest disciples forsook me?

Yet my Father never left Me, He was always there and by My life sacrificed and laid down My Father in Heaven wrought complete redemption in the earth. Even so I am calling you to lay your life down and to be as one that is dead to this world, dead in the world.

I am Jesus, I bore the weight and the burden of sin and of rejection and yes, betrayal.

Even so you must fellowship with me in this same trial of rejection and thus be counted worthy to suffer for my name's sake. Fear not to suffer with me this way, and to know that it is by being identified with Christ that brings the most fruit for God. You asked of me largely, for the cross and to be spent for God. God has placed the mantle of His Prophetic word upon you. But it is by this suffering that you will yield to Me and overcome.
Thus saith The Lord Jesus to bless you thisday. "