The Biography and Testimony of Kenneth B Visscher concerning his life experience in spiritual war and of wearing the armour of the spirit found in Ephesians 6: 10 – 18.



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The Greater Cross

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Rejoice in the Lord alway: [and] again I say, Rejoice. Let your moderation be known unto all men. The Lord [is] at hand. Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things [are] honest, whatsoever things [are] just, whatsoever things [are] pure, whatsoever things [are] lovely, whatsoever things [are] of good report; if [there be] any virtue, and if [there be] any praise, think on these things. Those things, which ye have both learned, and received, and heard, and seen in me, do: and the God of peace shall be with you.  Phil 4:4-9,


I know that, whatsoever God doeth, it shall be for ever: nothing can be put to it, nor any thing taken from it: and God doeth [it], that [men] should fear before him. That which hath been is now; and that which is to be hath already been; and God requireth that which is past. And moreover I saw under the sun the place of judgment, [that] wickedness [was] there; and the place of righteousness, [that] iniquity [was] there. I said in mine heart, God shall judge the righteous and the wicked: for [there is] a time there for every purpose and for every work. I said in mine heart concerning the estate of the sons of men, that God might manifest them, and that they might see that they themselves are beasts. For that which befalleth the sons of men befalleth beasts; even one thing befalleth them: as the one dieth, so dieth the other; yea, they have all one breath; so that a man hath no preeminence above a beast: for all [is] vanity. All go unto one place; all are of the dust, and all turn to dust again. Who knoweth the spirit of man that goeth upward, and the spirit of the beast that goeth downward to the earth? Wherefore I perceive that [there is] nothing better, than that a man should rejoice in his own works; for that [is] his portion: for who shall bring him to see what shall be after him? Ecc 3.


And as he sat upon the mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him privately, saying, Tell us, when shall these things be? and what [shall be] the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world? And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you. For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many. And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all [these things] must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. All these [are] the beginning of sorrows.  Matthew 24:3-8



Covering next the years 1986 to October 1989 and then a visitation of the living risen Christ at the end of January 1990. The three years in Ken’s life were the most turbulent he had ever experienced before or since. The motion of the spirit of the Lord in prophecy was strong but so also was the tidal force of resistance to counter the motion of God’s spirit in the young man’s life. Ken was by this time the father of Joshua and Luke at the beginning of his 30th year and then when he was 33 he became father to Joseph. The scriptures declare that the Lord will gently lead those who are with young, however for Ken that leading, albeit gentle, was fraught also with the heat of the fire of the Holy Ghost and with much war in the spirit realm as well. Both factions existed over Ken’s life in such a way as to cause him grief in many areas while joy in other areas remained. There were four main areas in which the Lord moved in those years. First of all the Lord gave four individual prophecies through other prophets over Ken’s life in his 30th year. The Lord also gave Ken prophetic insight that was to be shared with the Lord’s body later in his life concerning the will of God in the manifestation of the Sons of God. The third thing the Lord did was to recognize the ego and the pride the young man carried in his soul, iniquity handed down to him from his forefathers which the Lord held Ken responsible for and required him to repent of. For the iniquity of pride and ego to be dealt with the Lord allowed a five month period of deception to ensue in Ken’s 33rd year culminating in a great battle the likes Ken has never seen before or since. The spiritual wars during this time crushed the young man’s will so completely that he despaired of even living another day, yet at the same time Ken carried the oracle of God that was later to be presented to the Body of Christ through the prophetic mantle. All of these three areas were culminated right at the end of Ken’s 33rd year.


At the beginning of Ken’s 30th year the Lord began to prepare Ken and Janis for a move from Salmon Arm to the small little town 70 miles south called “Westbank”. Ken had visited this small town only once when he was 16 years of age and he had no idea that he would one day live there. While the Lord was preparing to move the young family several series of visions and revelations concerning the Kingdom of God were given and written down textually and in order. At the same time Ken worked in carpentry and in lean times a small side job in the forest thinning out trees. Ken’s work as a carpenter ended in 1988 abruptly after he had worked exactly 13 years in it- to the day. The testimony of this can be found in Part #3 of this word of testimony. When Ken was working his last years in carpentry he did so out of Westbank. Part of his work was in hardwoods and arborite and melamine cabinetry in the Kelowna Airport, which work even though done all those years ago in a Federal building still stands to this very day. The work he did at the Kelowna Airport was considered 1 of 153 structures that Ken built. The very corridors he lined with White Oak and arborite, chair railings and finished tables, benches and such are used by millions of people to this very day who fly from this area all over the world. As Ken’s hands formed and fashioned the wood, the Lord was forming and fashioning him to a task far greater than carpentry, it was a task to build the people of God up in encouragement through prophecy and to ready them for the coming of The Lord Jesus Christ at the beginning of the age of God’s Kingdom in the earth. The toil of the work Ken had for 13 years prepared him for the greater work of preparing the Saints to rule and reign over the earth in the age that is yet to come. While Ken worked he also had series of visions and revelations and writings and words, he wrote since he was the age of 28 only stopping long enough to go through heavy dealings and to find his life overtaken by chastisements, scourging and hard spiritual wars which were a required part of his training.


So when the day came that Ken and Janis were to leave Salmon Arm with their two infant sons, Ken laid out a fleece before the Lord. He petitioned the Lord that if it was the Lord’s will, that if He was indeed leading them to cease from Salmon Arm and move to Westbank, that the Lord would prove it by giving Ken and Janis a home which they could “purchase” and not rent. The young family placed their few belongings into a storage locker in Kelowna and moved in with Ken’s older sister and her family. They were there for six weeks while Ken worked immediately in construction. Ken and Janis had no money, no wealth of any kind, no backing of any kind, all they had was this fleece Ken had laid out for a home that would be bought, not rented. Soon they began to drive around the small town and they saw the house they are still presently living in. The Lord spoke to Ken and said, “That is your house”. Ken went to the bank with no chance of qualifying for a mortgage nor gaining any kind of reputable trust of having any qualifications, but in the very first visit the deal was done with no money, no income and no hope of income sufficient to pay for it. To buy the house would truly be a miracle, but how to earn money for it? They moved into the house in December of 1986. By fall of 1988 Ken’s carpentry career ended abruptly by the Lord. Yet the two years they lived in the house Ken’s income was still barely sufficient to pay for it. Finally the day came when Ken’s strength was weakened so much so that he was told by several doctors that he needed to be on a disability pension. For a confirmation, the Lord sent a person with a gift of prophecy to Ken and a vision was given to them of papers going through the Lord’s hands to the government. These papers were to two separate Canadian pensions. By that the house payments were made.

Just prior to leaving Salmon Arm, Janis (right) won 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the local fair baking contest!

Infant Luke just prior to leaving Salmon Arm. Ken’s Dad the (late)  Dirk Visscher on the left

Janis’s Dad John “Jack” Pain on the right.

Ken and Janis with baby Josh just prior to leaving Salmon Arm accompanied by “Boo” Janis’ Collie.

The house Ken and Janis “bought” by a “fleece” in 1986. The Lord told Ken “This is your house!”

Ken and Janis with their “boys” in Westbank. Ken is 33 in this photo which was taken half a year before

The Lord Jesus Christ appeared in the beginning of The Royal Ephod series.

  Ken questioned the Lord about the pensions as he did not feel “right” about them having worked so hard and long, then suddenly to be pensioned off. It came back to Ken through another person with a gift of prophecy that many of the Old Testament prophets were supported by the governments of their day, like Daniel being supported by Babylon. That settled the question and it left Ken free to write to the body of Christ as the Lord led.


The Greater Cross


After the Lord had given Ken the 4 words of prophecy a very unique dealing of the Lord took place in Ken’s life, such dealings as to broaden Ken’s understanding of how the Lord can and does work in the lives of His children both in blessing them, but also in scourging and chastising them. The main element that needed the power of the all consuming cross in Ken’s life was the realms of pride and of ego. A swelled head over such high prophecy was the greatest enemy that was to ever be faced, one which if left unchecked by crucifixion would result in just another Babylonish ministry moving about in the world of men for fame and fortune and with power that resembled God’s power, but was not God’s power. The Lord would not allow this to happen with Ken and hence the severe dealings of the Lord during this three year period. Ken’s will was removed to such an extent that even the walk which seemed backwards was without the participation of personal volition to do contrary. Ken lived hard in the Roman’s 7 experience.


The exuberance of receiving such high prophecy over Ken’s life was for a small period of time a great thrill to Ken, one which bolstered him into thinking that the words spoken would happen immediately, that these would come to pass even during these years of 30 to 33. Instead after a brief joy over these words the Lord came to Ken as if the Lord were Ken’s enemy. Instead of being “sent out” unto the body of Christ the way he wanted, the Lord came with a correcting rod and a hard rod it was. Sore trials immediately set in which caused great tribulation and great temptation to fall away from faithfulness with the Lord. The Lord came to Ken in three main areas. The first was to remove from him any ambition of doing the Lord’s work by any type of religious effort whatsoever. The second was to remove from Ken and semblance of iniquity passed down from former generations, such iniquity that the Lord requires each of His children to repent of. The third area was the removal of pride of calling and the ego to do it.


Immediately, by revelation, the disdain of the Lord came into Kens soul as though Ken was experiencing the feelings of the Lord, not his own. This disdain was over religious works that people do to be accepted by God. Since Ken was 28 years of age he had begun to write to the body of Christ in pockets and areas that were revealed to him. Quite a number of prophecies and visions had already been amassed in binders and notebooks; these were words of prophecy for individuals as well as groups and even governments. Some were even sent more than once to the governments of the day, so high was some of the words of prophecy that Ken wrote into these books and sent out by post faithfully. At that time Ken possessed an older gestetner copier machine by which Ken also taught the word of God to some printing out papers and sending them abroad. The Lord taught Ken that ANY effort at faith in the midst of a trial or a test must come by the Lord rising in their faith and not by us attempting to be accepted by the Lord. It is no longer a matter of a child of the Lord attempting to have acceptance of the Lord, but knowing the Lord is accepting us, it is a matter of us knowing that we are completely accepted in the beloved. Religion attempts to make oneself accepted by the Lord. This was the first way in which the Lord chastised Ken during that 3 year period of his life, that he never would never attempt to define his acceptance by the Lord on his own terms, but only upon the fact that the Lord by His grace made all His children acceptable unto God. Any attempt at doing anything outside of that parameter was a lack of faith and was in fact sin.


Old photos of a study bible and the gestetner machine for sending out prophecy and writings.


The second area of chastisement was more than Ken’s mind could understand at the time, and that was the area of personal iniquity. The Lord began to move like a candle of light through Ken’s soul to expose areas of iniquity that had been inherited from previous generations and were now concentrated upon Ken’s life. This is the testimony of any Overcomer, that they have realms of “self will” which need to be conquered; blackened areas of protest against holiness and righteousness in their own soul. Ken’s heart was exposed to his understanding in such a way as to reveal the multitudinous areas of iniquity that were in his life which if not given over to the savior would result in his life being guided by these things rather than the holiness of the Lord within his life. These were revealed to Ken as layers and layers of sub strata earth. We are saved from such by the Lord’s atonement, but the Lord gave Ken a lesson in this which was far more valuable than any other previous lesson.


In the modern Christian world, the thought of finding personal iniquity is not prevalent because of trust in the Savior. This was no different for Ken, he knew that Jesus saved him and delivered him. However, the Lord did this dealing of discovering in Ken’s flesh the realms of iniquity as a “life lesson” in knowing what is in man. Jesus knew what was in the hearts of the Pharisee’s, He knew what was in man, and the Lord wanted Ken to know the same. Iniquity is the power of self will displayed and used as a weapon against truth in one’s own soul. Modern Christianity lives in a prosperity doctrine which has blinders on when it comes to anything that would sway them from knowing such things that are needful to overcome. During the revelation of personal iniquity, Ken asked the Lord “Did not Jesus deliver me from such?” The answer was affirmative but also necessary as men now hold to the power of personal iniquity rather than the power of the Lord to guide them, sustain them and keep them from all harm. In other words, because of personal iniquity running rampant in the world, the love of many has waxed cold and men have leaned on iniquity as being correct rather than to take up their cross and follow Jesus in the denial of self and of their own soul’s powers. A much greater valuable lesson was soon to be learned at the end of this time of Ken’s life when he had revealed to him just how much personal iniquity in religious effort attempts to act and be as though it were the Lord. This was the second area of deep scourging done by the Holy Spirit in Ken’s life.


The Lord made real to Ken that the scourging from personal iniquity was one of the deeper workings of the Lord in the lives of all His prophets. Great power comes through prophecy. Such power has the ability to sway decisions and lives as nothing else can. The Lord made known to Ken that he did not have the “gift” of prophecy, but the “office” of prophecy. If there were but the “gift” of prophecy, then all prophecy through Ken’s life would be for comfort, exhortation and encouragement to the body of Christ. For one who holds the “office” of prophecy, the words they prophecy may be very damning indeed, they may also be directed at persons who are not a part of the body of Christ. The prophecies through the office of prophecy may be sent to entire nations, kings and monarchs, world leaders, church systems and denominations, groups, cities and towns, the list is varied. The office of prophecy enables the Lord to use the prophet to speak to anyone in the world or in the “next” world; the limit of time and space is not restricted by the fleshly existence of the prophet himself. As such, personal iniquity in Ken’s life could be used to create a drawn out crowd to follow him, a “power” which would overtake souls as though they were cattle for the feedlot. Great words and power could be used to manipulate and control which in the Lord’s eyes is very base and sinful. So the Lord had to show Ken the power of personal iniquity so that he would never allow it to interfere with words of prophecy from the Lord to any person or to His people.


The third area that the Lord began to scourge in Ken was the area of pride and ego. Ken, now having these 4 new prophecies over his life would by nature attempt to exalt his position as ministry “over” and “to” the body of Christ. The Lord would not have it. Christ Jesus alone is Head of the body, no one else. So the Lord seated upon the Throne of Heaven spoke to Satan and the minions of hell, all the power of demonic forces and the Lord told them to “take” Ken. They could take him and all he had touching everything “save the lives” of his young family. In the photo earlier of Ken in his 30’s, he was in the “midst” of this being taken.


The Lord is responsible for the Overcomer being taken into delusion and for Ken, the delusion was extreme. The reason the Lord does this is to expose the heart back unto the child of the King so that they “repent” of their own way. For a period of 5 months in Ken’s 33rd year Satan with full permission by God took Ken out on a wild tangent like a wild horse with no bit or bridle. Ken’s life descended into utter chaos as the Lord withdrew His presence and allowed new age spirits to take him for this brief time. Any true Son or Daughter of God who desires all God has for them and who wishes to overcome will go through the gamut of deception! Ken began to minister with an ungodly man who led Ken into this fray. As they ministered they began to take trips out to the body of Christ wreaking havoc as they went. All the while Ken in his deluded mind thought he was doing the will of the Lord. Right at the point of the highest delusion, right where Ken was thinking he was doing the Lord a service, right there something strange happened. Ken had NO trials. NO tribulation. NO hardships of any kind! Everything flowed like a clear running refreshing stream of great joy and peace. There were no problems in Ken’s mind, no realms of confusion, no sweating it out by faith! Everything went smooth and gentle and with great realms of peace and joy and abundances of many revelations! Ken’s life all along has had many visions and prophecies. During the time of new age deception the visions and prophecies continued, BUT NOT FROM THE LORD! Looking back, Ken learned the difference! The peaceful condition was short lived, the folly of it soon became apparent!


Finally the day came when the Lord suddenly opened Ken’s eyes to his delusion. It was on October 4th, 1989 half way through Ken’s 33rd year. Ken had a “true” vision of Christ pulling His hands back into His chest and saying “I am not in this!; the “this” being the revelations Ken was walking in during the deception which were not of the Lord. Immediately Ken fell to the ground in repentance, weeping knowing that he had been deluded! But the work was done; this enabled Ken to round up his pride of calling and ego to do that calling and to impale them completely on his own personal cross! Back to the cross he went allowing the tribulations and trials of life to continue. As soon as the delusion had ended, just as soon did the fellowship of Christ’s sufferings return along with trials and tribulations embedded with the needed bolstering of faith by which to overcome. Ken apologized to many and went to the Lord to ask Him to give him anything during the time of delusion that was truly of God, he laid it all at the Lord’s feet, but the Lord gave nothing back except for one thing. The Lord taught Ken to not waste this experience but to use it as a “whetting stone”, a stone for sharpening a sword. Use the experience to sharpen the personal sword in order that discernment might be just that much sharper! The shame of having been deluded hit Ken hard, but it also worked in him a true contrition which became valuable later in life when true ministry amongst the body of Christ began. Such is the life lesson of any Overcomer.


The story of the three areas of dealings by the Lord in Ken’s life would not be complete without sharing of a happenstance in the latter part of Ken’s 33rd year, only 3 months before he turned 34 and his ministry began in earnest. Ken was in a state of deep repentance with some fasting and prayer seeking the Lord and communing with Him. He had come to a state of true renewal with the Lord. It was early January 1990, some 3 or so months after he came out of the delusion. Ken was in the home at the place where the living room and dining room meet in his house, on his face before the Lord in worship and prayer. Getting up on his knees the Lord Jesus Christ suddenly appeared before Ken in His risen glorified body. It was the tangible body of the risen Jesus. He stood glorious right there in front of Ken’s patio door. He was dressed in white garments with a robe covering over part of the garment and upon His chest Ken saw the Ephod like the priests wore in ancient Israel. It was the living risen Lord appearing in person in his physically raised body right there a few feet away from Ken! Ken beheld this, not just a vision, but much more, it was so very tangible an experience. Then after about one minute, a second Jesus appeared standing beside the 1st Jesus! Now there was TWO Jesus’ standing in front of Ken! The Holy Spirit rose in Ken and said: “Choose ye this day whom ye will serve!” Ken was amazed at this. Two tangible living Lords standing right there glorious in light and splendor right in front of his own eyes! And the Lord had told Ken to choose which one of the two was the true one!?!? Both had on the Ephod, both stood glorious but then Ken saw the differences. One Jesus was broken, crushed, bent over with the weight of mankind upon Him. The other stood strong, firm, upright with coal black eyes. The other clue was the Ephod. They both wore it but the one standing upright and strong with coal black eyes had the third row of stones missing from the ephod, the Ligure, Agate and Amethyst were missing. The sockets for them were there, but the stones themselves were absent. Ken pointed to the Jesus who had a complete ephod who was crushed and broken and bent over with the burden of mankind upon Him and Ken said “I choose Him!” The other false Jesus faded away.


After this experience the Holy Spirit explained to Ken that the false Jesus was the abomination that makes desolate which Daniel and other Old Testament prophets had revelation about. Ken had chosen correctly but now the false Jesus was a new tool in his discernment. To this day Ken and Janis are able to discern if the Jesus someone is following has the third row of stones missing or not! Is it the true Lord or the false Lord! The map for Ken’s life was now laid out as he in his ministry began to expose the false Jesus to the body of Christ. Ken’s writings called The Royal Ephod at his website are 45 chapters which explain this difference!


Thus ends the testimony of Ken up until his 33rd year. Now on to the years yet to come and the great wars which ensued! Pasted below are the 4 major prophecies over Ken’s life in his 30th year.                                                                ~***~

(1st Prophecy)

Prophesy Concerning Kenneth B Visscher

as a part of the Elijah Company

VISION: Your in a chariot with two horses; two white horses. And fire all around the chariot. You are holding the reins; and your wife is with you. And I see the horses and the chariot are in heavenly places. And you are there in the chariot. There are angels above you, an angel for each person in your family.


PROPHECY: "Behold!! Yea, the spirit of truth would speak, yea, unto thee. For thou hast been called to be a Son of the Most High God. Fear thou not !! For this mantle that I have placed upon thy shoulder, yea, even as the mantle was placed upon my servant Elijah !! and yea, and then Elisha !!; I say unto thee that I have called thee to be a part of the Elijah company.


Yea, fear not, yea, the heat of the fire of the Holy Ghost that is burning within. For He is yea, this consuming one. Yea that would consume those things that are not of the spirit of thy Christ. For thy Savior has called thee, with a high and holy call. And I say unto thee, that thou shalt choose to walk daily as a humble one.


Yea, I shall cause a work to be done within thee; where thou hast not experienced this yet. But I say unto thee, that I shall become intimate with thee. Thou shalt commune with thy Father in a greater and deeper way than thou hast heretofore. And I say untoThee, this communion is yea, the deep calling the deep within thy soul.


The reins of thy soul and spirit shall be totally surrendered unto me. And that which is of self shall be brought under subjection to the spirit of the Living God. Thou shalt manifest the truths of my Holy Word that shall flow through thee; where thou shalt be as a book that is read of many men. I am doing this work of cleansing within thee as a preparation, where thou shalt wait upon me as thou hast been doing with thy loved ones. I am pleased with thee my son, that thou hast sought me in this way. For I am causing my fire to burn. Thou shalt come into even a greater anointing. Where my spirit shall move through thee and speak through thee; where thou shalt lay hands upon my people, and thou shalt minister a word here, a word there, a word yonder, a word in another city and yet another city; yea, where thou shalt travel, yea, and thou shalt be led forth of my spirit, yea, to minister to my people !!


Yea; but wait first upon thy God; for there is yet a work to be done within thy family, within thy home, within thine own heart. Where thou shalt commune with me, even in the Holiest of Holies; and I shall teach thee my mysteries. And thou shalt lay hands upon thy wife; yea thou shalt lay hands upon thy children. Thou shalt minister in thy own home first of all. And from there thou shalt branch out, yea, thou shalt be as an arm of the Lord. And even as Elijah went forth and was totally obedient to the spirit of God, I say unto thee, even as Elijah laid down his body upon this child, this young boy, and the boy was raised from the dead; I say unto thee that the resurrection life of the living Christ within thee shall be so mighty; that the Lord shall cause these dead bones to come to life. Even those of my body that have been in carnality and death, I say unto thee that thou shalt have a ministry of deliverance and healing that shall move through thee, and thou shalt be as a humble servant of thy God. As a wise and a holy one. Thou shalt be honorable, thou shalt be cleansed, I say unto thee that thou shalt speak forth a word to my people that shall bless many. That shall cause many that have fallen by the wayside to come once more to the highway of Holiness, to walk once more into that place where God is calling them, even into that walk of righteousness. Fear thou not, for He has caused a cry within thee, a cry that shall continue as a travailing voice before the throne of God, where thou shalt be used as an intercessor to pray for the body of Christ. Even this corporate body, and thou shalt be as a living stone. I am placing thee, even at this moment, in this perfect place in my body. Thou shalt walk in this place, and thou shalt not falter, but thou shalt go forth with mighty courage and mighty power.


And yea, pray my son for humility. Pray for this my son. For I shall indeed call thee as a mighty servant of God, yea, even as Elijah of old. Fear thou not for this, yea, even as a royal cloak I am placing upon thy shoulder, yea, this mantle of my anointing; yea this purple mantle shall not leave thee for thou shalt continue to be humble in my sight. And thou shalt continue to serve God in obedience, taking each day at a time. Even as thou shalt be afflicted, even at times thou shalt feel weak, thou shalt have pain to bear. But I say unto thee that thou shalt be identified with Christ. Yea, even as He walked upon this earth, He did bear the weight and the burden of sin. Yea, He did pray in the times of fasting and prayer before His God. Yea, the Lord Jesus Christ, thy Lord, did fast and did die to self, yea, and overcame, and yea, thou shalt indeed follow this pattern son. For His is thy pattern. And as thou shalt keep thine eyes, yea, firm upon the Lord Jesus Christ, Yea, I say unto thee, that the power that is in the power of the blood of Jesus, yea shall flow through thy veins !! And yea, thou shalt experience this flow. The power that is in the blood of thy savior is in thee also!! And thou shalt experience this flow as a mighty river of God. Yea, and as thou shalt reach out to others in faith and lay hands upon them, the gifts of the spirit shall flow through thee, and yea, thou shalt speak a word of prophecy, yea, the gift of tongues, the gift of interpretation shall flow through thee. And the word of wisdom and counsel shall come through thee. And thou shalt not falter and thou shalt not stumble; for it is the Lord thy God within thee that doth speak. Thy tongue shall be the tongue of the learned. And thou shalt speak a word of revelation; yea, even the mystery of the Kingdom of God thou shalt speak to my people. Yea, for I have called thee to be as one that would preach the Kingdom of God. Yea, I have chosen thee as a son, yea, where thou shalt arise and go forth with thy wife, yea, hand in hand thou shalt walk as a oneness in me. Fear thou not, for thou shalt indeed be an overcomer. And yea, keep thou humble in my sight saith thy God; and pray for Godly fear, for thou shalt walk, yea, softly before thy God, for He has done this miracle. Yea, He has done such a wonderful miracle within thy self, yea that as thou shalt share thy testimony, even as an overcomer thou shalt share this testimony, and many lives shall be touched by what the Lord Jesus Christ has done for thee. Oh my Son !!!!!


Thou shalt indeed be a mighty warrior!! Thou shalt indeed use this sword that I have placed within thy hand. Yea this sword that has been sharpened. Yea, thou shalt use this sword to wield against the powers of Satan that do bind the people of God. Thou shalt see a loosing that shall come, and a deliverance. Fear thou not for thou art indeed called to be a part of this vast army that God is calling up throughout the whole earth.


Fear thou not, yea, the thunder, the lightning, the noise that the enemy will make. The wars that will come upon the face of the earth. Fear thou not, for many fearful happenings shall be coming soon. But thou and thy family shall be kept save under the shadow of the wing of the Almighty God. The angels of God encamp around thy home. The fires of God to burn and to protect thee; and to cleanse thee. Fear thou not my son, but be encouraged this day. Be blessed of the Lord and receive this anointing that God has for thee. Keep thou humble in the sight of God, and He shall bring this work to pass that He has spoken already unto thine heart. Fear not saith thy Lord to bless

thee this day."

(End First Prophecy)

(2nd Prophecy)


Prophesy Over Kenneth B Visscher


"Thou art a son of God, for I have called thee to walk as one of mighty valor and strength. Fear thou not the buffeting of the enemy nor the imaginations of thine heart that would cause thee to doubt thy God. For have I not revealed myself unto thee in a mighty way? Have I not opened thine blind eyes to see Me even upon My Throne? Fear not my son but look only unto Me and I will anoint thee to write these things that I have taught thee. Fear not my son but ask of Me strength to walk as a humble servant in my sight. As a servant that would manifest the fruits of the Holy Spirit. For I would work My nature within thee, that My nature would shine forth that others may see that it is My Love that is working in thy life.


Fear not my son for I shall cause thee to write these words upon paper; and these writings shall be published for the body of Christ to read and to be comforted and encouraged. Fear not My son, for others will help you and stand by you. And as an able minister of Christ ye shall go forth and you shall share the word of your testimony of those things, those miracles I have done within thee. And as I manifest Myself to thee through vision and dream and prophecy you shall rejoice, for it is My Spirit that works within thee. And that mighty rock Christ Jesus thou shalt stand upon. And thou shalt not fear thy carnal nature, nor that you would fail Me in any way. For I have given you the strength and the mighty power of the Holy Spirit; and I have given you the desire to follow Me. To die daily to that old man and to walk in that resurrection life that I have placed within thy heart, and as you are allowing the tree of life to grow within thee; you shall see the fruits of My spirit blossom. You shall see the love of God that shall flow through thee as a mighty river to touch the hearts of My people, even those hungry servants of God that are going around asking for bread and asking for water. Oh My Son!! Thou shalt have the bread and thou shalt have the water. The living Christ shall flow through thee!!


Keep humble in my sight, and I shall surely reveal Myself to thee. And even these gray areas I shall remove. For the iniquities of thy forefathers have been cleansed, yea, in areas, and I am yet causing My fire to burn within thee. Are ye able my son to partake of this fire that I partook? Are ye able my son to partake of the cup of suffering, yea, to be a fellowship, yea, even of My sufferings? Fear not my son, for did not the early disciples and apostles suffer at the hands of cruel, hypocritical men? Fear not My son, those that would speak against you, but look unto Me for I have given you the faith of a soldier. And you shall not falter and you shall not stumble as others have. Look not to these ones, but look unto the strength of the Mighty God within you, and unto the strength of the Mighty God within thy brethren that you fellowship with, and gather together often in unity and Praise My name. Glorify My name and I shall surely raise you up as a Mighty Soldier of God. And you shall wield that sword of faith and you shall cause, yea, even this veil of doubt to depart from your mind.


Fear not My son for I am moving in a mighty way this day in the hearts of My remnant. Those that would walk in holiness and total obedience to their Father. Yea; Fear not, for the spirit of Christ shall have His way in His body of Sons. And as I am coming forth within thee, thou shalt see the brightness of My coming. And thou shalt see greater and mightier visions of Me, and thou shalt see the deeper truths of My word. As you step upon this higher realm, right now as you even take this step of faith, I say unto thee that this doubt shall flee away from thee. And thou shalt walk forth. Yea, thy steps shall be sure and even and in confidence in thy God. And thou shalt overcome by the blood of the Lamb. For I say unto thee, all power is given unto thee, and the keys of Heaven and Hell are in Thy hand!!


Fear not to use these keys, even to bind those things of darkness, even to loose the iniquities within the hearts of My people. Fear not to reach forth thy hand, yea, to touch these ones in yearning, yea to see Christ blossom within them also. Yea my son!! Give them thy testimony and share thy bread with the hungry. For I say unto thee that as thou are faithful and obedient unto Me: I shall bring thee even into a greater light and a greater victory in thy daily life; even with thy wife and children. Fear not, for I am working in thy household. And I shall bring forth such a unity of love that thou hast desired of Me to see.


Fear not!! for My Word and My Promise is to thee yea, and amen; I shall not fail thee. For am I not the Lord thy God? Nothing is impossible with Me. Fear not My son, but fear Me, yea, and know that I am in charge and I am a Holy God and I do all things right, and I shall do this work within thee to bring thee forth for righteousness sake. And thou shalt see, yea, a mighty army that shall arise in this valley and thou shalt be one of these, and thou shalt recognize these brethren by the spirit of Christ within thee. For I shall bring thee into unity of faith with these ones, and thou shalt walk as one in Me. And thou shalt be used in a mighty and great way, and even shall be opposed from those Pharisees and hypocritical people, yea, that do manifest the religiosity of man. But do not fear the faces of clay. For I say unto thee that I have set thee free, yea, even in this area of pride. And I shall give unto thee even a new anointing that shall flow, yea as a mighty river, and thou shalt overcome pride, yea, by walking in My spirit. And thou shalt never falter in this area. For I say unto thee, that your desire and your cries have been heard and I have answered them, everyone. And I shall bring thee into a realm of faith and thou shalt write these things that I have shewn unto thee. Others shall stand by you and help you in these matters.


Fear not, for the Lord thy God saith unto thee that Faith; shall bring thee through this realm of grayness, and bright shall be your victory in Me. Fear not for you are climbing Mt. Zion, and as you run this race I say unto thee that you shall, yea, take a hold of the hands of thy brethren and run together as one in Me. Fear not for the Lord thy God is Mighty and He shall not fail thee. In this last day, when the waters are being poured upon the earth, the waters and the fires of My Judgment, I say unto thee that My sons shall arise and be protected by the anointing within. They shall not be harmed, yea, but they shall be brought forth, yea, in victory!! And they shall be made honorable vessels in My sight. Fear not My son, for I have called you as one of these. And thou shalt be given not only the gifts of My Holy Spirit that shall flow as a mighty river, but thou shalt also manifest the fruits of My Holy Spirit. And the joy of the Lord shall be thy strength!! And the joy of the Lord shall set thee free and give unto thee, yea, a newness of life that shall never fail thee!! For I am with you now and for always, and I shall never leave thee nor forsake thee!!


Fear thou not, but be encouraged; for I have called thee as a minister of God. Yea, not ordained by men, but ORDAINED by the Holy Ghost!! And I have sent forth my angel, yea to lay this fire upon thy tongue to burn up the iniquity. For I would have thee to speak as an Oracle of God, yea, as one that would speak only words of encouragement and comfort and exhortation, yea, words of prophecy to lead My people in to that valley, yea, that valley that will set them free, even Christ within them. Fear not My son, but look only unto Me saith the Lord to bless thee."


VISION: The writing ministry. You set down to write the things that God has shown you and taught you of His mysteries; and these writings are sent to the body of Christ. When it's God's time, you will write and do so unceasingly.

(End 2nd Prophecy)

(3rd Prophecy)

VISION: {Addressed to Kenneth B Visscher}. The Lord has given you a cup to sip from. The Lord has also given you a cross to bear upon your back. As you partake of this cup of suffering that the Lord has given you, this cup that He has given you to drink and that you are willingly enduring the persecutions, and the things that people would say or do against your very person.

PROPHECY: " Yea, and the Lord would say unto thee; My son; I have called you with a high and a holy calling and thou shalt be much persecuted and rended by those that are yet of the carnal nature that do not understand the movings of thy God. But as thou shalt willingly partake of the cup of suffering; yea, for none of my people overcome except they do partake of this cup; except they do die daily to that old man that is yet within them, even the harlot nature. I say unto thee that this cross will not be too hard for thee to carry. For thou shalt walk hand in hand with thy spouse. Thou shalt go on in me and thou shalt overcome by the Word of God and by the spirit of the Word. Even through the gifts of the spirit as thou shalt pray in tongues, and the gift of prophecy shall continue to move through thee as thou shalt in faith step out with holy boldness and pray for my people. Thou shalt see much fruitfulness begin to abound in the hearts of many of my people who are open to the movings of God. Yet those that are bound by religious spirits and those that are bound by the fears and the traditions of men, they shall speak against thee because they do not understand, yea, that it is the Word that comes through thy mouth that is even the Word of God.


Fear not, but keep humble before me and I shall cause thee to have strength to bear this cross. Even this cross that shall come as a persecution against thee. Fear thou not for I the Lord shall bring a greater good out of this in the end. Thou shalt not look at these things of discouragement that have transpired, yea, even recently, but thou shalt look ahead and thou shalt keep thy vision steadfast and sure as a flint. As thou shalt keep your eyes fastened upon the Christ, and go forth in the liberty of the Sons of God, yea, that I have given thee; for I have brought thee into a glorious light of understanding. Even into the restitution of all My creation. I have given unto thee this pearl my Son. Thou shalt not cast thy pearl to the swine for they would turn and rend thee. But as thou shalt wait upon me, I shall lead thee by the still small voice of my spirit. Tenderly thou shalt minister the Word of God to those of my lambs that are hurting and bleeding inside. To those of my lambs that need to be healed at this time.


Fear not, but be ever so careful to hearken unto the voice of God. For He is yea, as a burning bush before thee. Even as I spoke to Moses upon the mount, I have caused thee to go up into the mountain to pray unto thy God. Even as the Lord thy Christ went into the mountain to pray and was tempted of the enemy, even the power of the devil; I say unto thee that as thou shalt stand with thy brethren in prayer thou shalt overcome the works of Satan. Thou shalt not glorify the works of Satan nor speak of His works. Thou shalt overcome them by speaking the words of truth. Yea, these words of truth that shall set not only thee and thy family free, but shall set free even the overcomers in this valley. Fear thou not for the Lord would use thee as a peacemaker. Fear not for the Lord is pleased that thou hast not retaliated this day but thou hast shown a love and a mercy to those of your brethren that do not understand the movings of God in this hour.


Yea, fear not my son for the Lord has His hand upon thee mightily; and thou shalt be even as Elijah of old. Thou shalt not fear even this she bear that would come out from the mountains to tear and to rend. I say unto thee, thou shalt not fear for thou shalt be careful on who thou dost bestow the blessing of God and on who thou dost prophesy over.


Yea, for the Lord doth say unto thee, He has called thee to be as a prophet in this ministry in this age and in the age to come. If thou shalt be faithful to me to walk a walk of humility with thy wife, thou shalt see thy loved ones come, thou shalt see thy friends and many round about thee that you don't even know yet, but God will lead you by His spirit. Thou shalt have a word of testimony, and a mighty word shall be that shall touch the hearts of many. They shall see that this is indeed a miracle of God that this man walks in the midst of them and testifies of the power of Christ in his life. For the healing that has come from my hands son, I have blessed thee and have revealed myself to thee.


And fear thou not the words of mockery that would come from those round about. Think of those things that are good and honest and true, of those things that bring praise to God and glory to God. As you speak these things I say unto thee that many shall be drawn unto thee. They shall receive from the Lord and thou shalt also receive from the hearts of the brethren round about. Thou shalt yet be cleansed and thou shalt yet be prepared and thou shalt yet be purified, even for a greater work of cleansing within thee shall bring forth this fire and thou shalt go forth as a flaming brand. Thou shalt minister not only in the gifts of healing and prophecy, but thou shalt have yea, even the work of the fire of God that shall flow through thy hands. Thou shalt lay hands upon the sick, thou shalt bring forth a pure word of prophecy, thou shalt be brought into a greater understanding and a greater revelation, even than thou dost know at this time.


Thou shalt rejoice my son and be not dismayed for the words that are spoken against the ministry of Christ within. For it is the ministry of Christ that they are rejecting. And thou dost know my son that thou art pleasing to thy Father which is in heaven. Continue to walk in this way of humility, this way, even as David of old of a broken and a contrite spirit before me and I shall being thee into a higher height in me and a greater love an depth in me thou shalt know saith God to bless thee."


VISION: Around you a suit of armor as they wore in olden days. Your applying each piece faithfully as the Lord has shown you to do. Your hiding the Word of God in your heart as a protection against the fiery darts that come from the enemy to plague you and your household. The darts hit the armor and ricochet right back to the source from which they came. The enemy will not overcome you, but you shall overcome the enemy. For greater is Christ in you than he that is in the flesh of people. Your wielding the sword faithfully and putting the sword into the animals that have broken loose and are rampaging in the hearts of your brethren. In your heart is a good attitude, Jesus said "love your enemies" and you do. They are drawn by the Love of God.

(End 3rd Prophecy)

(4th Prophecy)

I would mould thee.

I would mould thee into the one I would have thee be.

Thou shalt be in explicit fashion of a Son.

But thy heart of a bond servant shall surely guide thee, possess thee.

Thou shalt be a gentleman as the world doth say.

And thou shalt be a gentle man, even with the gentleness of the Lord.

And many shall come unto thee and many shall be the exploits of the Lord through thee.

(End 4th Prophecy)


Testimony to be continued……..