The Biography and Testimony of Kenneth B Visscher
concerning his life experience in spiritual war and of
wearing the armour of the spirit found in Ephesians 6: 10 – 18.

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Testimony In The End Times
The Early Years
Jesus Upon the Dusty Road
The Trial Of Separation
So Began the Dirge of Conflict
The Four Month Visitation
The Delusion Of The Witch


Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high [places]. Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness; And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace; Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked. And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God: Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints;


For I would that ye knew what great conflict I have for you, and [for] them at Laodicea, and [for] as many as have not seen my face in the flesh; That their hearts might be comforted, being knit together in love, and unto all riches of the full assurance of understanding, to the acknowledgement of the mystery of God, and of the Father, and of Christ; In whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. And this I say, lest any man should beguile you with enticing words. For though I be absent in the flesh, yet am I with you in the spirit, joying and beholding your order, and the stedfastness of your faith in Christ. As ye have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, [so] walk ye in him: Rooted and built up in him, and stablished in the faith, as ye have been taught, abounding therein with thanksgiving. Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ. For in him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily. And ye are complete in him, which is the head of all principality and power: In whom also ye are circumcised with the circumcision made without hands, in putting off the body of the sins of the flesh by the circumcision of Christ: Buried with him in baptism, wherein also ye are risen with [him] through the faith of the operation of God, who hath raised him from the dead. And you, being dead in your sins and the uncircumcision of your flesh, hath he quickened together with him, having forgiven you all trespasses; Blotting out the handwriting of ordinances that was against us, which was contrary to us, and took it out of the way, nailing it to his cross; [And] having spoiled principalities and powers, he made a shew of them openly, triumphing over them in it.  Colossians 2:1-15


Testimony In “The End Times”


We live in the time which the prophets of old and the early church fathers saw as the most crucial time in world history, the culminate end of the systems of man and the dawn or beginning of the Kingdom of God in the earth. It is not that the Kingdom of God is a future event, for that Kingdom always has been, it is that the Kingdom of God must grow and expand in such measure as to overtake and consume all the nations and kingdoms and structures that man has built during his reign in the earth. Man, created in the image of God but in a fallen condition, must be restored to full capacity in that same image so that the completeness of their persons can be seen in full identity with the Lord, both in their life on earth as well as their life eternal.


Nothing is done suspect in this world outside of the council and foreknowledge of God. Every circumstance no matter how negative will eventually be brought to the light of God in the Kingdom of God, there to have removed from it anything that was borne out of man’s depraved condition. For man is depraved since the fall in the garden because of the loss of identity with their creator. This depravity scopes itself in every degree from mild resistance to outright angst against anything pure and holy. Man learned instead to be territorial, not abiding, resistant, not compliant to the virtues and standards that were originally set out by God in whom was the desire only to fellowship with His creatures in the cool of the day. Man instead invented to himself whatever depraved condition attested to their carnal ambition, causing such inventions to breach any semblance of the life of God in any strong measure. As such God seemed to become distant, not known, not discerned either in the life of those who knew the testimony of God in their own hearts or in the circumstances in the world of men.


It was into this world that the Savior came. His testimony was not heard before. He stated that He would be with us always, never leaving us or forsaking us, always there to lift us up and to comfort and console us as the chief shepherd of the flock of God. That whoever believed in Him would have everlasting life passing from this realm of death due to the depraved fall of man in the garden; passing into the eternal life borne of the spiritual rebirth that comes by believing in His name. “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that heareth my word, and believeth on him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death unto life.” John 5:24. It was into this very world that the Savior came and delivered us from the volume of iniquity and trespass to which we were hopelessly enslaved. To these ones in whom the dark night of the soul had changed to the darkened night of the world at large, into this world the Savior came.


What the church of the Savior had to learn was that the cost to walking a righteous walk would come with tremendous price. Each one who believed in Him would also be subject to the new ordinance of the Kingdom which is to follow this pattern Son, Jesus, and to bear the weight and the power of the spiritual armor provided to us in the above verses of scripture. Delusion came to anyone who expected an automatic walk or that their life would become safe with no threat of any evil upon it without any personal effort whatsoever. There was reason that Jesus taught the disciples to pray “deliver us from evil”. There was reason that the Apostle Paul mentioned matters of obedience and of wearing the armor and of being offensive with the sword of the spirit. If no negative force existed to attempt to thwart the believers walk, then why would such verses of scripture exist? The greatest enemy that the church of Christ would ever face would be passivity. Passivity brought about by the suggestive subtleties of the powers found latent in Satan and the minions of hell. They, coupled with the believers own carnal mind, would waylay the forward walk of any believer that would trust in Jesus for their full redemption. Rather, Jesus exemplified this obedience and the Apostles related to it by their solid faith in God in the midst of the onslaught of so many in the ancient world which would have killed the church of the living Christ. These things were necessary BECAUSE evil continued to exist. The atonement of Christ delivered men through faith from the judgment related to the fall but it did not remove the evil itself, the evil element in this world continued to exist in spite of the Saviors righteous atonement and actions. The Apostles themselves warned repeatedly that this evil would continue right up until our day.


It is only in the next age of the Kingdom of God when that same Kingdom trumps all other kingdoms and dominions and when the mighty Angel binds Satan and the minions of hell, consigning them to the bottomless pit that we see evil curtailed. It is during the NEXT age that the peaceful reign of the victorious Christ covers the earth, that good will toward men is finally realized. This present closing age served its purpose. It was here just long enough for God to sift through the hearts to realize unto Himself who it was that would obey His word and overcome. For I am convinced that the age since the early church until now was reserved by God for the purpose of sifting hearts. That would then disclose unto God who would be part of His governing body for the next age upon the earth. That governing body would rule with Christ upon the eternal Throne shattering to pieces the nations with a rod of iron bringing each one subject into perfect conformity with the Kingdom of God in which nothing unclean or defiled can be a part. This same group whom God chose since the time of the early church will also be a conglomerate company of people in perfect unison who will often be seen as a mighty Angel, or as an Army, or as a company of Sons and Daughters in the perfected finalized image of God in bodies eternal and glorified, deathless and with no spot or wrinkle or any such thing in them that would denote any prior identity with the world which passed away before it. Jesus makes all things new, but these He makes new first. First so that they can be restorers of all that was contained in the fall.


So this testimony of the armor and of spiritual war over the lifetime of Ken B Visscher is not unlike the testimony of many who have been apprehended by the living Christ. Any particular one who sought to go all the way with the Lord in obedience, surrendering the reins of their hearts unto Him alone, would have such similar a testimony as to the fire and the dealings of Christ in the very heart and nature of their persons. The testimony afforded in this writing differs only in that it does reveal the calling upon Ken as to his future prophetic work and ministry, but the means and methods of spiritual war found therein is a constant amongst any Son or Daughter who deems obedience to be the chief thing. May the words of testimony contained in this discourse cause you to apprehend the same realms of faith for yourself so that you may also wage intelligent warfare against these minions who would prevent you from overcoming all things. Surely the “Gates of Hell”, cannot prevail against such a church as this, they who not only don the armor of the spirit, but aggressively take back all the territory that Christ redeemed, even unto the last living soul. May the Lord prosper this in its time and may it be brought to pass, even in our day.
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The Early Years

Dirk Visscher, the father of Kenneth B Visscher, emigrated from Genemuiden Holland with his parents and siblings in 1929, settling in the Province of Alberta. Louise (Lillian) Fedorak was born and raised near Redwater Alberta. They met on a blind date, fell in love and were married in 1952 settling in the town of Fort Saskatchewan some 46 miles north east of Edmonton. Together they had 5 children settling on a small acreage 7 miles out of town. Twins were born, the third and fourth children of Dirk and Louise Visscher April 21st, 1956, Ken and his younger twin sister Kathleen. They had an older brother, Richard and an older sister, Joanne and eleven years later a younger sister Tammy. Dirk and Louise were married more than 50 years until Dirk passed away in July 2003.

The young Visscher family. Dirk and Louise, Joanne and Kathleen are in Louise’s arms, Ken and his older brother Richard are in Dirk’s arms. Eleven years later Tammy would be born into the family.


The young family was therefore born with a Dutch father and a Ukrainian mother, something that happened uniquely in Canada due to the large previous immigration of settlers some half century previous. This was not uncommon but it was indeed unique, sometimes hard to fully understand sometimes the family lineages that come of such unions. Nevertheless, both parents had stable ancestry, people who feared the Lord and walked in lives that held to the Christian faith albeit mostly in denominational settings. The Dutch Reformed Church was the mainstay for Dirk’s family, the Ukrainian Greek Orthodox for Louise’s family. As a result new parents like this were often made part of The United Church of Canada which in a way bridged so many people together under a common faith in Christ at that time.

Louise Visscher at her parents’ home in Redwater Alberta with the “twins”, Kathleen (left) and Ken.

The acreage near Fort Saskatchewan. Two cousins on the left, then Joanne the older sister, Kathleen, Richard and Ken on the right.


Ken and Kathleen on the occasion of their 7th birthday inside the old farmhouse.


Cousins visiting the farm. Ken around 11 or 12 years of age is operating the snowmobile, Kathleen is wearing the red coat on the toboggan. A typical winter’s day in northern Canada.

This family is not unlike most families; natural looking, coming with typical challenges of family life and of a maturing home. This biography though is not about this family’s early beginnings, but about the life and consequence of faith for Ken. It is a story of how the Lord apprehended this young lad, grew him up to become a man of God, a prophet in an uncertain world, a man with faith when so many live faithless lives. The most stabilizing part of Ken’s youth was the love of his parents and the fact that nothing ever deterred their love for each other. This created a stable home atmosphere, one in which the children always had refuge during the storms of life.


Ken used to sit with his parents in the United Church hearing stories about Jesus and his mind used to be filled up with the thoughts of how Jesus lived, how he was born in Bethlehem and how our lives were still believing in this lowly Jewish carpenter even though centuries passed by, yet people sung hymns about him, worshipped him, continued to adore him. The times of Sunday school were never enough of a challenge for Ken, he did not want so much to learn “why” we were supposed to believe in Jesus, Ken wanted to “know” Jesus and to “know” that this man who rose from the dead was still alive. In his mind he wanted to meet this one who was alive all this time, “Let me meet him!” was the thought that came occasionally into Ken’s mind as he believed, even at this tender young age that Jesus was alive, even right at that very moment! From the start the drawing by the Holy Spirit on Ken’s life was intense in his desire to meet the Savior and to worship him.


So it was that the young lad became very single in heart. Ken learned almost immediately to be “shut in”, down in the depths of his heart in faith in the Lord Jesus. As such a shutting in was accomplished in his heart, this was proof of the working of the Holy Spirit in drawing Ken away unto Himself. Even at this tender young age prior to the age of 7, Ken was already learning how to be “separated unto the Lord”. No words to others or to his parents described this separation unto Christ. It was a fervent love that was birthed like a sprig of green spring grass in the life of Ken which by that same love caused him inwardly to be shut away, kept apart in the very heart of his person. It was not long for Ken to become restless and tired of the dirge of denominational church life and of Sunday School. He found very quickly even at this young age that the things taught to him there did not meet his need, they were old crumbs at best, nothing of true nurturing value in the food fed to him week by week. But it was not an aimless restlessness that enveloped Ken, it was an upward pull by the Holy Spirit to come into worship of his creator and savior, of that one who was the true living Jesus that had walked the shores of Galilee so many centuries ago. The pull was a one way pull to commune with this true and living Lord.
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Jesus Upon the Dusty Road

The day came when Ken was out on his “big horn” bike a bike with wide long handlebars. The country roads where the Visscher’s lived were very quiet but sandy and dusty. Pedaling a bike over sandy roads was a difficult task but Ken loved his bike and loved to ride it. It was on a hot August afternoon and Ken was out all alone on this dusty road about 1/8th of a mile from his driveway. Singing at the top of his voice he worshipped Christ, singing with tears streaming down his face for this one who was so alive in his young and tender heart. Turning his bike around to make the hard pedal home through the sand Ken became overwhelmed with the sudden presence of Jesus. His presence permeated every cell of his body and filled him with high praise unto the Father. Singing as loud as he could with tears streaming down his cheeks he worshipped the living Christ as never before. The roads of this small farming area were very narrow, it would be hard for two vehicles to pass one another due to how narrow the roads were. But there, on that road suddenly the risen glorified Jesus appeared in His actual raised from the dead body right opposite of where Ken was on his bike. Immediately Ken stopped pedaling and put down his foot to steady himself on “big horn”, the bike he loved. There opposite of him was the actual living Lord who appeared in person in his risen body.


Ken fell silent for this moment, he only saw Jesus, the scenery of farmland and of the road and his bike and everything else fell away, all Ken saw was the living Christ upon this road standing right in front of Him. Jesus did not look like the pictures of whom the denominational church had up on their walls, Christ looked nothing like this at all! He was with hair white and pure, very curly, His beard was white, His eyes were like they were filled with fire but at the same time they were a wonderful color of blue. He had on a white garment with a beautiful purple robe covering the garment from one shoulder down to His hip. He had on sandals over feet that were bright but yet had actual contact with the dusty road there in northern Alberta.


Just as fast as Jesus had appeared, so fast also did He extend His right arm and He touched Ken upon the forehead anointing him right there on the spot. The oil of anointing covered Ken within and without like a warm flood of understanding in the form of oil, filling him within and without in a ceaseless flow. Jesus never said any words, He just touched Ken upon the forehead filling him with this anointing oil. But in Ken’s mind he knew and heard the voice of the Lord speaking although the mouth of the risen Christ did not move, yet He spoke. He declared that Ken was anointed a prophet and that his calling would come to pass in this world in this time that the history of mankind had come to. Now Ken had no idea what a prophet was, he did not even know yet which was his left hand from his right hand let alone was he much able to tie his own shoes! But he knew this was the anointing given to the Lord’s prophets, it was a true anointing that would lead and work and do the will of God, the person themselves were but a mere vessel of this anointing oil.

The exact place on the road where Jesus appeared, the road now paved years later.

So it was that just as soon as Jesus had appeared, just as soon did He also disappear. He came, anointed Ken, then left just as quickly vanishing in a swirl of glorious light. Ken was left alone on “big horn”, weeping, but full of wonder at what had just happened and the oil that Jesus had anointed him with still flowed, it did not stop flowing for several days afterwards, it flowed continuous through his body, mind, emotions, the oil flowed over his head and shoulders and down his back and it just never ran out. Ken rode “big horn” back to the house where his mother Louise had just put sheets out on the clothesline to dry, Ken went to the sheets, buried his face in them and wept out of sheer joy for the glory of the Lord that he had just seen.


There were no words to express to his parents what had happened, it was like the oil he felt and the experience he had of the risen Lord was his experience alone, Ken was unable completely to tell his parents about this. When he went to try, there were no words. He was basically alone in the experience with no other person to tell this to. The experience happened on a Tuesday afternoon, by the following Sunday the oil that Ken felt had become a past experience, he knew it no more, instead he went with his siblings and parents in the pink fin backed Plymouth car to Sunday School. Walking into the door of the church the minister Rev. Peter T Ream met the family as he did for all families, but this time Rev Ream grabbed Ken’s hand and shook it to greet him, but immediately he fell silent as he and Ken exchanged gaze and as they looked at each other. Rev Ream went very silent, but increased the grip of his hand upon Ken’s and with the look in his eyes Ken knew that he was aware of what had happened to him. To this date, Rev Ream was the only person in Ken’s life that confirmed by a single glance that the risen Christ had come, anointed and called this young lad to be a prophet unto the nations and for the true body of Christ. No other person ever confirmed that until later in the middle of the 1980’s, until then there was never another confirmation from another soul.
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The Trial of Separation

One noted experience, noted in retrospect, was the work done by the Lord in meeting Ken on that road, the work of “SEPARATION”. Not a separation unto becoming sensual, but a separation unto God by the Holy Spirit. This type of separation happened to Ken immediately with this experience upon the dusty road and the anointing that took place. Separate alone unto the Lord with the Lord alone being the only support and comfort afforded to this young life. It was a jealous separation, jealous by the Lord for His work to be accomplished completed and done in whatever capacity that was to follow. The entire testimony of Ken’s life is a testimony steeped in separation unto God, a life fully laid down for His will to be done and for His life to be seen. This was the first thing the oil of anointing accomplished in his life.
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So Began the Dirge of Conflict

Almost immediately after this experience Ken forgot all about it and entered many conflicts not only in natural growing, but in the world as well. Gone from his mind was the glorious experience of seeing the living Christ, he forgot it completely due to the hardness of situations that rose immediately afterwards.


For a footnote here. The Apostle Paul wrote to the church in Colossians that “For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether [they be] thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him: And he is before all things, and by him all things consist.”  Col 1:16-17, Christ alone is the head and power over all the power of the enemy, He conquered them completely spoiling them, triumphing over them absolutely and forever. There can be no attack upon a believer except the Lord permit it. There can be no weapon formed against a believer except the Lord alone recognizes the need for such and allows the enemy to use such against the child of the King. Jesus uses the principality and powers in high places to assault, malign and overcome His people in a continual assault. Why? So that they learn to not walk in the carnality of their flesh nor to lean upon anything other than the Lord alone and His great salvation. If the enemy assaults in war one of God’s people, Christ is the one allowing the assault to happen, ordaining it to take place and He has designed it to completely overcome and conquer the child of the King in every way possible. We learn by these assaults to live close to the Lord and to trust Him no matter what comes. This trust and life lived close can only be found out by living a life of experience and knowing Christ’s victory in every area, one cannot do this by themselves, the Lord must do it all through them and for them. This refutes any ‘escapism’ doctrine out there. The Lord will never take us OUT of the world of pressure, He will only keep us IN that world of pressure so long as the Kingdom of God is yet to be unveiled in the earth. There is no escape from the onslaught against they that would walk in holiness with the Lord. The Lord Himself not only permits the onslaught by enemy forces, but He gives the enemy the tools He needs to attack and malign His own redeemed people. The reason for this is so that the person who is seeking to be one with Christ will be so separated, so set apart, so set with a gaze only upon Christ that nothing else will matter. Christ for these becomes the victorious warrior and they become a soldier in His Army enduring hardships for Christ’s sake. They abandon all to be found in Him, the result of these assaults is a continuous victorious overcoming victory day by day and week by week until the course of faith is complete.


For Kenneth B Visscher however, the time of his youth until he turned 18 became one continual onslaught of pressure. This was a great bewilderment as many wounds were acquired and many battle scars came upon the young man. By the time Ken was but a young teen he had already endured more than most people would in a lifetime. The assaults upon his life were such that he nearly died on 5 occasions, but in all 5 of these circumstances the Lord would miraculously intervene although Ken had no idea he was being spared. He had during the years of this youth forgotten all about the Lord, his eyes were fixed not on Jesus or on remembering his drawing love and power, but on the many circumstances which surrounded him causing him to grieve and to be sorrowful. Ken was called, but he forgot all about it!


It was not until his 18th year that the Lord made real once again that calling. The tribulations up to that point had all culminated in Ken’s mind as a great grief, the joy he wanted in life was gone and he wished no longer to live! There was a plywood plant in a nearby town who had hired Ken to work in the water booms feeding peeler logs up a chain to be processed in the plant. Ken had graduated high school and he worked the graveyard shift at this plant but secretly he had decided to take his own life. Once every second Friday the chain was shut down and the bark pieces had to be cleaned out under the building that carried the logs up, out from under the chain drive wheel. Ken planned that coming Friday to throw himself into the wheel which would kill him instantly. He was very determined and not a soul was told about it, it was the only way out of the pressures he found himself in and the great conflicts which assailed him. So it was the last coffee break of the shift before Ken had planned to take his own life and a small little Peruvian man who worked in the mill came to Ken in the lunch room. Amidst the jeers and laughter of the other workers he pulled a New Testament Bible out of his lunch pail and opened it to the Gospel of John. He then looked at Ken and asked him if he knew Jesus? As soon as the little Peruvian man had said that name “Jesus”, the flood of memory came rolling back into Ken’s mind, the overwhelming recall of the joy of Christ and of seeing Him on that road all those years ago came flooding back like a mighty torrent of restored memories. “YES, I KNOW HIM” Ken said to the little man. “I know Him and have seen Him and have worshipped Him!” Just as sudden the pall of death that held its power over Ken’s mind swayed off of him and he leaped for joy in front of the jeering sneers of the other workers, Ken let out his exuberant praise to the Lord out loud, shouting praise right there in that lunch room in front of everyone!


Everything suddenly changed, the world became alive once again, everything in creation resounded with the joy of knowing the creator of all things lived in Ken’s very heart. It had been 11 years since Ken forgot Jesus upon that road, but all those years were erased when the gospel was once again opened to Ken’s understanding! The Lord set in motion His spirit once again in Ken’s life and he was placed under the tutelage of certain God fearing men from Tacoma Washington and Kansas City Missouri. Ken spent much time in those two places under this tutelage but only for the space of 10 months. By that time the Lord had already moved in one vision and in a four month period of heavy presence visitation. At the end of the 10 month period Ken was immediately cut off and alone once again. Now to explain the visitation and the 10 month period, how the Lord dealt with Ken and how Ken remembered the anointing.


The first place the Lord took Ken to was to live with a young family of the Peruvian man. This family was just starting out in married life themselves but they were faithful and steadfast in holding love for Ken and taking him into their home. Ken was there no longer than 5 of the 10 months, just long enough for a fork in the road to meet him, which fork will be covered later in this testimony. So the Peruvian man, “Walter”, and Ken had a deep fellowship with a small group there in the community of Salmon Arm British Columbia. A tutelage was formed in a small meeting home in a basement and the Lord began to move in Ken in such a way as to bring him to yield to the living Christ in many matters of faith. It was in the winter of 1974 that Ken flew down to Kansas City Missouri to attend a meeting time there with a much larger group, again, the dealings of the Lord was such that Ken was tutored in many things of faith and practice, but grow Ken did, fast and with a relish for the things of the spirit! The following summer Ken moved down for a time to Tacoma Washington during the course of one summer and there met with many brethren from America, Canada and the United States. It was while Ken was in Tacoma that he experienced his first vision of Jesus since the visitation on that dusty road in 1962.


Ken saw Jesus Christ in the vision, in a white garment, sitting upon the top of a stone wall in front of the New Jerusalem. The city was massive, huge, bright and shining but Jesus was in front of it on this wall, sitting with His feet touching the laneway that led to the city. The focal point of the vision was the eyes of Christ, His eyes were flaming brands of fire, but they were also very blue and very deep and they peered through Ken’s soul like a brandished sword. In the vision Ken began to walk toward Jesus and the city. Not more than a short time passed by later at the same place in Tacoma when Ken had his second vision. This time the Lord showed him the lake that burned with fire and brimstone. Ken saw the lake and the writhing mass of humanity in it enveloped in the flames of fire. Standing above the lake was a company of they whom the Lord called His “Overcomers”. These were firstfruits unto God and the Lamb who bore the very image of Jesus in their features and who had overcome all things to reign with Christ not only in heaven, but over all the earth and over all that was in the state of death in this fiery lake. Ken saw the Overcomers bend over and reach down through the flames into the hearts of the damned and pulling large strings of black tar like substance out of their hearts. The tar substance would be ignited and consumed by the fires. These were the first two visions Ken experienced as a prophet now at the age of 18. This latter vision has been written at his website and it is placed in here in its fullness as it was written in “Facets Of the Glorified Body, the very first vision in the first paper of 24 visions total. Here is that vision:

QUOTE: “I beheld then the tempest and waves and great heat of the lake that burned with fire and brimstone; and within the lake, submerged in its rolling tempest were the souls of the damned. These had received the lake of fire as a lake of deliverance, a lake which was but the means the Lord uses to rid their lives of that which causes them to be separate from their creator, this lake in its fire and heat would remove the bonds which came from partaking of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. I saw then the individual Overcomers in glorified bodies walking in the air above the flames of the lake, each Overcomer around 2 feet or so above this seething mass below them. The Overcomers in their eternal bodies would bend over at the waist or kneel with one knee down and they would reach down with their arms through the flames into the hearts of the damned. They would grasp the iniquity in their hearts and like long strings of tar they would pull this iniquity out of their hearts thus cleansing them of personal iniquity. As the iniquity was drawn out by the glorified hands of the Overcomers, the flames of the lake would consume the tar strands and would burn them up so that they did not exist. Each and every soul in this lake longed for the flames of the lake to consume them, to deliver them and each one was truly delivered. This is but one of the tasks assigned to the Overcomers once they are glorified, they will deliver the damned from the fall of Adam and will remove from them the curse of personal iniquity (self will). These who are Overcomers are very few in number, but they bear the full weight of the authority of The Ancient of Days, they with His full power and unlimited spirit will do this work restoring all things back unto the Lord in the Kingdom of the Lord. I saw that each Overcomer is unique, a creation of the Lord, each made new as they are as persons. The ability they had to walk above the lake was the same ability they had to walk amongst the nations and also to be seated with The Ancient of Days upon His Throne forever ruling and reigning. The glorified Overcomer had the ability to appear in all of these places at the very same time, there was no restriction as to them appearing over the lake of fire, or on the earth amongst the nations teaching them or upon the Throne ruling and reigning. They had become omnipotent and omniscient as is The Ancient of Days.” END QUOTE.


Shortly after the time at Tacoma the Holy Spirit moved and caused Ken to gain a friend who took him to see a Dutch couple in Salmon Arm. It was while Ken sat in their home that the Lord first caught him up out of his body into the highest or third heaven. There Ken for the first time saw “The Ancient of Days”, the Father, sitting upon the Throne of eternal Glory with Christ at His right hand. Much was seen during that time but these were the words the Lord spoke to Ken on that first time being caught up. QUOTE:” Hold fast my sons to the truth that you know, be not swayed at what I am about to do, nor dismayed at the severity of my judgment. Know that I hold you and your loved ones in the palm of my hand, whilst the tempest rages about, you shall find your comfort in me. For behold what I now do says God. This is the time I have chosen to expose the falseness and perverseness in the governments of kingdoms. I shall cause the strength of dominions to be tarnished by the anger of ungodly men. Although you see the nations search for a solution to the enmity between them, yet they shall find none, and that which they have imagined to do shall I recompense to them. Yea I say to you my sons, You shall see this, and shall know that I have done it. All about you will seem to fall, seem to fail, but I say to you , It shall not be for long that this tempest shall rage, for I will cause to cease the voice of mirth, the voice of gladness the celebration of wines and festivals. Yea, my body shall see the destruction of this image of blasphemy, and shall know that this must be till the time of restoration. I will wrap up all in the grace of my purpose, and shall be satisfied.END QUOTE. It was here, in Ken’s 18th year that he began to understand the “image of blasphemy” and the calling that he was called to. When this realization came to Ken the Lord began a 4 month solid visitation by His presence of spirit, which was like a thick cloud covering the young man. This visitation was tempered with the understanding of the jealousy of the Lord in keeping Ken “separate unto God by the Holy Spirit.” There would come later in Ken’s life three 7 year periods where no sideways fellowship with any other person on earth would happen, a total of 21 years. During that time it was faith alone with the Lord, the bible and a concordance that was Ken’s mainstay.
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The Four Month Visitation

By the time Ken was well into his 18th year the Lord had begun a heavy apprehending of his life in such a way as to give him a “separate walk”. This walk denotes a response in the spirit world of the gift and calling of the Lord upon his life, such as it would be for anyone called to minister in the anointing of spirit. When Ken was 7 years of age and the Lord met him, he was covered with that oil, but there was more, much more. There was also placed upon his life the mantle which once had covered the shoulders of Elijah and Elisha. Now this is not a self exalting statement, the fruits of ministry and of the writings themselves testify to this anointing. It was during this 4 month visitation by the Lord in Ken’s life that the calling and anointing was explained to him and the reason for the visitation was to confirm it all to Ken. This was such a lonely place when one would look at him from the outside for Ken was almost friendless. There was not in his vicinity anyone with an arm of flesh that could understand what the Lord was doing with him during this time in his 18th year. That visitation was to culminate in a long dry time of waiting for the Lord to move again, but it was coupled with the express remembrance of this time of visitation by the Lord over his young life.


Going back to the mantle placed upon Ken when he was but a child of 7, the same mantle that was once upon the Old Testament Prophet Elijah, then Elisha and on down through history on the Elijah company. In here will be placed two portions in italics of a prophecy the Lord gave through another person which confirmed this mantle was indeed present upon his life. This is important to understand so that the reader may know that there is no exaltation of the man Ken in this matter but only that which gives glory and honor to the living Christ. Many can say that they are anointed prophets, but the proof is in the words of prophecy themselves and the fact that things prophesied come to pass or not. Never once was there ever a motivation in Ken to use this mantle for his own gain, for him it was a very interesting and wonderful expression of the power of God in his life by which he would minister prophecy unto Christ’s body in the earth. Hidden ministry it has been, but nevertheless it is given to those who are meant to receive it and the work of the mantle of prophecy gains the recipient much grace and understanding as to the will of God in the earth in the lives of they that overcome. Here then is the quote in two parts from that prophetic word.  

QUOTE from part #1. "Behold!! Yea, the spirit of truth would speak, yea, unto thee. For thou hast been called to be a Son of the Most High God. Fear thou not !! For this mantle that I have placed upon thy shoulder, yea, even as the mantle was placed upon my servant Elijah !! and yea, and then Elisha !!; I say unto thee that I have called thee to be a part of the Elijah company. Yea, fear not, yea, the heat of the fire of the Holy Ghost that is burning within. For He is yea, this consuming one. Yea that would consume those things that are not of the spirit of thy Christ. For thy Savior has called thee, with a high and holy call. And I say unto thee, that thou shalt choose to walk daily as a humble one. Yea, I shall cause a work to be done within thee; where thou hast not experienced this yet. But I say unto thee, that I shall become intimate with thee. Thou shalt commune with thy Father in a greater and deeper way than thou hast heretofore. And I say unto Thee, this communion is yea, the deep calling the deep within thy soul. The reins of thy soul and spirit shall be totally surrendered unto me. And that which is of self shall be brought under subjection to the spirit of the Living God. Thou shalt manifest the truths of my Holy Word that shall flow through thee; where thou shalt be as a book that is read of many men. I am doing this work of cleansing within thee as a preparation, where thou shalt wait upon me as thou hast been doing. I am pleased with thee my son, that thou hast sought me in this way. For I am causing my fire to burn. Thou shalt come into even a greater anointing. Where my spirit shall move through thee and speak through thee; where thou shalt lay hands upon my people, and thou shalt minister a word here, a word there, a word yonder, a word in another city and yet another city; yea, where thou shalt travel, yea, and thou shalt be led forth of my spirit, yea, to minister to my people !!

 End QUOTE from part #1.

QUOTE from part #2 of that same prophecy.

And from there thou shalt branch out, yea, thou shalt be as an arm of the Lord. And even as Elijah went forth and was totally obedient to the spirit of God, I say unto thee, even as Elijah laid down his body upon this child, this young boy, and the boy was raised from the dead; I say unto thee that the resurrection life of the living Christ within thee shall be so mighty; that the Lord shall cause these dead bones to come to life. Even those of my body that have been in carnality and death, I say unto thee that thou shalt have a ministry of deliverance and healing that shall move through thee, and thou shalt be as a humble servant of thy God. As a wise and a holy one. Thou shalt be honorable, thou shalt be cleansed, I say unto thee that thou shalt speak forth a word to my people that shall bless many. That shall cause many that have fallen by the wayside to come once more to the highway of Holiness, to walk once more into that place where God is calling them, even into that walk of righteousness. Fear thou not, for He has caused a cry within thee, a cry that shall continue as a travailing voice before the throne of God, where thou shalt be used as an intercessor to pray for the body of Christ. Even this corporate body, and thou shalt be as a living stone. I am placing thee, even at this moment, in this perfect place in my body. Thou shalt walk in this place, and thou shalt not falter, but thou shalt go forth with mighty courage and mighty power. And yea, pray my son for humility. Pray for this my son. For I shall indeed call thee as a mighty servant of God, yea, even as Elijah of old. Fear thou not for this, yea, even as a royal cloak I am placing upon thy shoulder, yea, this mantle of my anointing; yea this purple mantle shall not leave thee for thou shalt continue to be humble in my sight. And thou shalt continue to serve God in obedience, taking each day at a time. Even as thou shalt be afflicted, even at times thou shalt feel weak, thou shalt have pain to bear. But I say unto thee that thou shalt be identified with Christ. Yea, even as He walked upon this earth, He did bear the weight and the burden of sin. Yea, He did pray in the times of fasting and prayer before His God. Yea, the Lord Jesus Christ, thy Lord, did fast and did die to self, yea, and overcame, and yea, thou shalt indeed follow this pattern son. For His is thy pattern. And as thou shalt keep thine eyes, yea, firm upon the Lord Jesus Christ, Yea, I say unto thee, that the power that is in the power of the blood of Jesus, yea shall flow through thy veins !! And yea, thou shalt experience this flow. The power that is in the blood of thy savior is in thee also!! And thou shalt experience this flow as a mighty river of God. Yea, and as thou shalt reach out to others in faith and lay hands upon them, the gifts of the spirit shall flow through thee, and yea, thou shalt speak a word of prophecy, yea, the gift of tongues, the gift of interpretation shall flow through thee. And the word of wisdom and counsel shall come through thee. And thou shalt not falter and thou shalt not stumble; for it is the Lord thy God within thee that doth speak. Thy tongue shall be the tongue of the learned. And thou shalt speak a word of revelation; yea, even the mystery of the Kingdom of God thou shalt speak to my people. Yea, for I have called thee to be as one that would preach the Kingdom of God. Yea, I have chosen thee as a son, yea, where thou shalt arise and go forth with thy wife, yea, hand in hand thou shalt walk as a oneness in me. Fear thou not, for thou shalt indeed be an overcomer. And yea, keep thou humble in my sight saith thy God; and pray for Godly fear, for thou shalt walk, yea, softly before thy God, for He has done this miracle. Yea, He has done such a wonderful miracle within thy self, yea that as thou shalt share thy testimony, even as an overcomer thou shalt share this testimony, and many lives shall be touched by what the Lord Jesus Christ has done for thee. Oh my Son !!!!! Thou shalt indeed be a mighty warrior!! Thou shalt indeed use this sword that I have placed within thy hand. Yea this sword that has been sharpened. Yea, thou shalt use this sword to wield against the powers of Satan that do bind the people of God. Thou shalt see a loosing that shall come, and a deliverance. Fear thou not for thou art indeed called to be a part of this vast army that God is calling up throughout the whole earth.Fear thou not, yea, the thunder, the lightning, the noise that the enemy will make. The wars that will come upon the face of the earth. Fear thou not, for many fearful happenings shall be coming soon.

End QUOTE from part #2 of that same prophecy.


What Ken had learned through the course of his life is that the Lord works to protect and to manifest that mantle. It is the mantle that the Lord confers with, moves upon and works out into the body of Christ and unto they that would hear a true word in season and to obey it and to walk in it. Ken learned now at the age of 18 that this mantle existed upon his life to minister to they “of like precious faith”.


So the course of 4 months continued with the presence of the Lord with promised words, motions of spirit, many things in the presence of God which came as words of confirmation and comfort. That the work and word would “cover the earth”, which to Ken at the time was not easily understood (but along came the internet). That only they who were overcoming as Christ overcame would ‘hear’ these words and act upon them. That the very vessel God chose to bring these words would be a vessel many would look at and totally misunderstand. The vessel however would be as a sign or an emblem, a standard raised by which men would be measured, it was a tool or an instrument of judgment by the Lord in trying hearts and souls and seeking out those who would truly follow Christ in all things all the way. These things stuck with Ken and kept him through many a trial that would come later in life.
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The Delusion Of The Witch

Right at the end of this 4 month visitation the trials began once again to become heavy. At this time Ken had thought perhaps that his life would become short of all these promises he had just heard in his spiritual walk and he began to doubt that God had truly visited him. This doubt was a grey area in Ken’s mind that cast a shadow upon his pathway, a way in which the flesh in Ken was allowed to rise to attempt to usurp the spirit man in Ken. As such the Lord also continued to draw Ken upward in an upward pull unto Himself. So here was the man in his youth having this conflict and there was no ministry or person out in the world that could understand or perceive what he suddenly was enduring. It was as if the Lord allowed the flood gate of demonic temptation and assault to be opened and these powers of darkness with full intelligence began to wage intelligent, precise and effective war upon the soul and mind of Ken. During this assault the realization that this was opposite to the visitation he just had experienced became very real, Ken went to the scriptures and declared upon himself the armor of the spirit to be his protection. Since that time, the armor has not come off, delusions came and went, but the armor on the man protecting that mantle of prophecy remained.


So Ken sat on a seat in a shopping mall on this certain day when a woman with dark hair in her 40’s came up to him and looking him in the eye said, “I am a Jew and the Lord has called me to go to Israel to take part in the rebuilding of Ezekiel’s Tabernacle.” Ken knew these verses from chapters 40 and 41 of Ezekiel and thought that this rebuilding would be a literal occurrence in the mid east. So agreeing to this stranger’s words, he suddenly was ‘hooked’, overtaken by the powerful spirits of delusion that worked through this woman to confine, attack and bind this young man into a dark cave of a spiritual nightmare. No sooner had she spoken these words when the youth was overcome with the powers she bore which were ungodly and horrendous. It was witchcraft in the worst sense of the word which overcame Ken and caused him to fall into the folly of a young man without much wisdom. To make a long story short, the Canadian Police force, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police ended up rescuing Ken out of this captivity as he was taken by force and kidnapped by the latent powers in this woman and he was literally bound hand and foot for several days before being delivered by the police. After this happened Ken ended up in hospital for 2 weeks under heavy medication and delirious from being drugged by the woman and being tied up in her home. Much more could be written about what happened, but this is sufficient for the reader to understand how wisdom, coupled with experience, must always keep the person level and even in their walk with the Lord. Ken learned through this that the trial of faith takes the negatives and sharpens discernment upon them so that the sword of the spirit held by the warrior of Christ becomes that much more sharper than it ever was before. These are the lessons learned from such experiences.
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