October 11 / 95.

Concerning a saint laying their lives open to the judgment of God so that God's name may be "hallowed" in that saint.

"Be at peace my people, trust implicitly in the correction and consuming fires of my judgments. There to does my spirit work, for this shall be the course and cause of victory. Victory over the beast, over the image and the mark, over the number of his name. My promise is the triumph of resurrection life, and empty tomb for you my people. You shall stand before Me upon this sea of glass mingled with fire, to see the judgements continue through each successive generation, then end to the Glory of God. As you daily continue to bear your personal crosses, and thereby to lay your lives open to my judgments, you shall see this, even the restitution and glorification of all my creation. And you my people shall overcome with me, and with me shall execute these judgments upon all and in all and through all that God may be all in all. Hallowed indeed shall be Father through the lives of they who lay themselves upon this altar of sacrifice, upon the coals of the fire, to the obedience of love."



Concerning the fire of tribulation's hour, and the passage of the obedient through the fires of the great tribulation whilst they remain untouched.

"As Sadrach, Mesach and Abendego walked with the Son of God through the fiery furnace, so to will you my children. Even as in obedience you remain true only to me, and to the dignity of your faith. Yea I have opened up the floodgates of my fury - - upon this world of iniquity and ungodliness shall the sweeping besom of destruction waylay the tainted fall. You shall see this, be in the midst of this, and shall abide. Listen not to the false prophets who still prophesy escape and censure of my mind towards you, to show you that God will intervene during the times of judgment. These that speak thus are not sent by me. Yea, my prophets will declare the holiness of my Kingdom, the fullness of grace to save and deliver, yet they shall prepare my people to endure unto the end. Even so, this is my word to you.

Let your gaze be even more steadfast upon me, upon my grace to carry you. For by you shall this conviction be answered. Yea, I bring my saviors from the Mountain of my Holiness, from the Kingdom of my anointing. these saviors shall judge completely to death the death of this present evil world. Yea I am the Lord."



October 28/95

Concerning the abomination that makes desolate.

"Hearken ye nations of the earth, hear oh coasts and isles, you of the main and of the broken lands and polluted earth, all they who dwell within the closing hour of this age. I the Lord do say to you that the time of your bondage, the travail of death and of dying, yea, it shall surely end. For the Lord will grant to this cursed earth the liberty and life of His love, and of His everlasting mercies, and of His unfailing compassion. Yea, I formed the heavens and the earth to dwell therein, to cause them to be filled with the pleasure of my purpose, to see this my natural creation made one with my spirit, and with my eternal life. This present hour will set in motion my hand to bring all things to the rule of my dominion, to the rule of my spirit, so that all that is in the earth will be subjected to my reign. Presently there isthroughout the earth an imitation of my holiness. This one, as to purpose and motion, looks as I. Yet I the Lord will discomfit the son of perdition by a simple turn of my hand, and a forthright victory at that perfect time and through a perfect people. These will not regard man, nor man's ways, but will be ones vitally one with me, to be my physical motion and my openly displayed person for all to see. I will slay this perdition, never to rise again. Behold my glory - to you oh earth shall it come, to you oh earth shall be the strictest of charges, to abide in this my life. Yea - I am single in my purpose, and with gentleness and by my rain outpoured will all flesh see my glory, and shall be satisfied. Only the Lord will do all His pleasure, and His pleasure is God All In All.