Chapter #9

Topaz: The Burden Bearer


{From Adam Clarke’s Commentary}:

A Topaz,  pitdah, a precious stone of a pale dead green, with a mixture of yellow, sometimes of a fine yellow; and hence it was called chrysolite by the ancients, from its gold color. It is now considered by mineralogists as a variety of the sapphire. {End Quote}


Issachar: The burden bearer, the healer; a servant bearing a double portion. Saw the land that it was pleasant.

The Topaz stone relates to PLEASANTNESS AND REST.


This stone relates to the Lord as the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. To the name JEHOVAH.


JEHOVAH.....(Translated LORD or MASTER over all existence). The ever-existent one....Eternal and unchangeable. The beginning and ending of CREATION.

To the Israelites, JEHOVAH was the true NAME of ELOHIM. ALL men had an ELOHIM, but only the chosen have JEHOVAH....He was the RESTORER of mankind to the righteousness of GOD.
It is used 6,823 times in the Scriptures.

Whenever man SINNED, it was JEHOVAH who came to speak to him. He is the ONE who was used in Leviticus, the first seven chapters where the SACRIFICE is spoken of. And on the Day of Atonement.
Psalm 11:7.....JEHOVAH is righteousness. JEHOVAH is HOLINESS. JEHOVAH is our BURDEN-BEARER, our SACRIFICE.

Exodus 6:6....I AM JEHOVAH. I WILL BRING YOU OUT. Deliverer.

Genesis 6:18-49....Speaking to NOAH, (rest), ELOHIM spoke to take the animals into the ark two by two, for He wanted to spare His creation....
Genesis 7:1-2.....Jehovah spoke to take the clean animals for sacrifice.
Here we see the beginning of the revelation of the SON, the WORD, the HOLY SEED, the DELIVERER, the RIGHTEOUSNESS and ELOHIM.

Jesus Christ, the Savior of the World is the ONLY true burden bearer. The Topaz Stone represents Christ, who bore our sins upon His body upon the Cross. We too become burden bearers, but never to the extent or depth that Christ bore us. He is that Holy Oracle of God which fulfilled all of God’s words when He died upon the Cross then rose again from the tomb.

There are several key points to the Topaz depiction that impacts the Overcomer in this hour:

·        First, that Christ’s Humility becomes the standard by which we measure ourselves. We see Him as the suffering servant, the Burden Bearer who laid down His life that we might be redeemed from sin and death. He alone bore the burden of the sin of mankind upon His body on the tree.

Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed.

For ye were as sheep going astray; but are now returned unto the Shepherd and Bishop of your souls.                                                       1st Peter 2:24, 25.



For in that he died, he died unto sin once: but in that he liveth, he liveth unto God.

Likewise reckon ye also yourselves to be dead indeed unto sin, but alive unto God through Jesus Christ our Lord.                              Romans 6:10,11





The interesting thing about this conflict is that faith brings the Overcomer to the place of Pleasant Rest when He once and for all recognizes sin in his members for what it is, and accusations in the mind from whence they come!  A true Overcomer will see for him/her self that God views them as PERFECT IN CHRIST. From that standpoint they rest in their faith and overcome the adversary of their souls. Not only so, they recognize that within them, that is in their flesh, dwells no good thing.  Romans 7:18


The Overcomer thus being convinced of the truth of God’s Word will in fact learn that the Lord is all he/she needs to live a life much more abundantly. Not only so, but their own true source of strength and stability will be with the Lord Himself and not on the arm of any man or ministry. They will learn that the Lord alone is able to keep them and fit them into the perfect place IN HIS BODY. They recognize that Christ bore them as the burden bearer back to fellowship with Jehovah, and as a result they will learn to obey through the things they suffer – in relationship to the accusations and struggles of the carnal mind and nature and the spirits of wickedness in high places.


The Overcomer with the Topaz stone will recognize that the burden bearing that is done with Christ is fully accomplished, but at the same time worked out step by step in themselves and in time, their fellow man. They will at no time say that they have finished their course until they know that all things have been overcome in their lives and that the course God laid out for them is fully accomplished.  2 Timothy 4:7, 8.


Lucifer {The fallen nature in mankind}, wears also this stone upon his Ephod, but Lucifer hates the humility of Christ and the fact that Christ is the true burden bearer. An Overcomer will always show forth the Love of God through the midst of the turmoil of life and true ministry that comes forth from an Overcomer comes by means of the completed rest and victory of Christ.


To implement and keep the carnal nature alive, Lucifer has invented many machines of religion which will show forth ministry according to “false burden bearers”. Rather than pointing to Christ as the true burden bearer for mankind, Lucifer shows forth ample numbers of ministries and denominations which are supposed to bear the burdens of modern society by their confession. The 5 fold ministry under the guise of Lucifer is much different than the 5 fold ministry that comes forth from the Living Christ. The 5 fold ministry of Lucifer’s doing through his Topaz Stone is an abundance of ministers, an abundance of programs, and an abundance of denominations and systems in which all of these can operate. The true 5 fold ministry of Christ never points to themselves, nor needs a scheme or system to bring its calling and election about to others, and the Lord alone will be seen in their lives, He alone would be exalted in them, and they never once take any personal honor for themselves.  A hungry soul will be pointed TO Christ alone as their all sufficient one. For the Overcomer, the true ministry IS Christ within them, and He is the source of all they are.  Lucifer with his false Topaz in his demented Ephod has now enshrined “self” as the true Christ within, not the Lord in spirit, but the self nature in it’s fallen condition as the true Lord in them. And those enslaved in this false Ephod are unable to discern the difference.


Lucifer then speaks blasphemy.


Lucifer then says that the holy thing within him, and that which comes forth from within him is of God. But in fact, it is not God, it is his own iniquity {self will} conceiving and bringing forth that motion of spirit within him. This iniquity is seen in the history, but not in the mystery. “And you are deceived by this Oh Man, whoever you are, that believes that the course of God’s spirit is relegated by the program and exaltation of self that you have done in your religion. That the programs, developments and systems you have created on every street corner and on every high edifice is born and blessed by Jehovah! “

Lucifer sees the Overcomer living in abandonment to God, and then mocks him and casts him forth from his presence knowing that the Overcomer cannot but destroy the idol he has set up in his heart.  


This then is the chief area of separation that the Overcomer will experience from those that follow the false Topaz in Lucifer. The Overcomer will know that they cannot be but “burden bearers with the chief burden bearer, the Lord Jesus Christ”. They will not attempt to be anything other than the pure humility of Christ. Lucifer on the other hand will exalt his ministries to the point that they “seem like they are the true burden bearers”, but in fact they but pander to their own programs and schemes and denominational hierarchy.  


The Overcomer bears the Topaz stone and cares not for the numbers of those who follow humility.  The Overcomer knows that humility is a “nature” not an “effort”.

Lucifer bears his false Topaz stone and props it up with numbers of congregations and altar calls and huge edifices to his iniquitous religious efforts. There is no humility in this at all but just overburden which causes one to become a slave to religious effort and works.


The Overcomer will be thankful in his/her daily life for the finished work of Christ and the new life he/she has in Him in their New Nature. The Overcomer knows that the true anointing of Father is not seen by man but is personal between God and His child. This anointing however cannot be mistaken for any other thing and is not based on man’s education or efforts.

Lucifer will be thankful for men and women who bear the mantle of his own man made anointing who come forth in the image of God but denies the power thereof.  Lucifer has set up modern society to obey those who are anointed of man’s anointing, even though God may not have ever anointed that person for anything.


The Overcomer will know that they too can bear the burden of others with joyfulness and peace and much pleasantness knowing that Christ bore this on their behalf on the tree and thus set them free to walk in Newness of Life.

Lucifer will cause his ministries to be seen as burden bearers, but will then condemn his very own congregations for sin and iniquity when their own burdens cannot be removed from them because they have faith in denominational ministry and not in God alone or the finished work of Jesus on Calvary. They say they believe in the finished work on Calvary, but then they deny it by being religious about it.


The Overcomer will need no program, no money, no props, no schemes, no plans, no influence of religion or religious artifacts or edifices for they know that the true treasure is Christ Himself in them in a totally New Nature that cannot die or pass away.

Lucifer will bind his followers to every sort of scheme and prop and religious effort he can find while at the same time heaping condemnation on those who do not obey his every religious whim. Those in Lucifer’s congregations who attempt to be free of religious thinking get bound to religion even more as condemnation for attempting to be free in thought and in spirit is condemned by Lucifer who wants religious works to be the only measure by which a life is ruled.


The first thing that God does in the life of the Overcomer is to remove all taints of religious effort from them.

Lucifer rejects this motion of God’s spirit deciding in stubbornness of will to be religious because it is easier and does not mean that one has to lose the abundance of wealth that such religious practices can afford!


The Overcomer will know the Love of God in both peace, and in correction as a Father that pities His children. The Overcomer will enjoy the Love of God and will show that Love forth to others. They know that God’s love is unbounded to all and free to all.

Lucifer will abundantly speak of the Love of God and share the Love of God unless someone is outside his “circle” of influence. When someone is outside of the sphere of the love Lucifer has in his congregations they are destined to eternal torment and doctrines of such like which display God in a mean way which also shows God as helpless to help mankind into life and immorality.


The Overcomer has nothing to exalt him/her self in but is content knowing that God has given Jesus Christ a name which is above every name.

Lucifer causes competition to be created between denominations and ministries and those who would confess to be brothers yet not have the same spiritual stature as someone else they fellowship with. The exaltation of one against the other has learned no bounds and as a result we now have huge denominations with an abundance of craft and wealth that is unmeasured in human history.


The Overcomer will allow the Lord Jesus Christ to be shown forth from within their lives.

Lucifer will devour and persecute and attempt to kill any comings forth of Jesus from within the life of the Overcomer by estranging them from his congregations or if estrangement is not possible, by so tying the Overcomer to it that they cannot function as a normal person. This is typified by the Whore of Revelation 17:6.


The Topaz Stone in the Royal Ephod is the stone of humility, of brokenness, of contriteness yet of infinite strength by God within the life of anyone who bears this in truth. God, by His Holy Spirit, will show forth the resurrection life of Christ without bound or measure by one who bears this symbol in the workings of the Holy Spirit within them.


I can see this stone on the breastplate of that giant that has come forth from the Heaven’s of God’s love, and am thankful that Christ did indeed show us how to live in the midst of this crooked and perverse generation. This stone is top center on the Ephod, a place of honor and respect, and of much understanding. By it our lives are mapped out, our humility is worked into us in purity and we can overcome anything because of the Love of God that is our portion because of the display of this faith in our lives.


Then I looked, and behold the Carbuncle on the Royal Ephod! And revelation became continuous!

To be continued………Kenneth B Visscher

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