Chapter #21

The Agate Stone - Discerning Poison Mushrooms

MANASSEH.... Means forgetfulness; to be restored; to have no part of the old nature left within....The putting together of many nations.

AGATE.... Even layers.... beauty of many colors. Where the river flows.....

JEHOVAH KEDDESH....TO be sanctified or separated.... The LORD who separates us from our old nature. He will divide the words in our mind from the spirit that gives them life. (Even as the BONE which is a TYPE of the WORD or structure that houses the MARROW, a type of the source of our life....Marrow is the place of origin of our blood; the natural life is in the blood.)He shall make us forget our old nature and bind us together in a new nature.

Leviticus 20:7-8. Hebrews ch 4.

This is the manifestation of God that separates the source of our SPIRIT from the word itself. It exposes, sifts, analyzes and judges the THOUGHTS and PURPOSES of our HEART.....

Not a creature exists that is not exposed to His sight. All things are revealed that He may receive an immovable and impregnable Kingdom.... Put together by His own hand and not the hand of man.....



19 He hath cast me into the mire, And I am become like dust and ashes.

20 I cry unto thee, and thou dost not answer me: I stand up, and thou gazest at me.

21 Thou art turned to be cruel to me; With the might of thy hand thou persecutest me.

22 Thou liftest me up to the wind, thou causest me to ride (upon it); And thou dissolvest me in the storm.

23 For I know that thou wilt bring me to death, And to the house appointed for all living.

24 Howbeit doth not one stretch out the hand in his fall? Or in his calamity therefore cry for help?

25 Did not I weep for him that was in trouble? Was not my soul grieved for the needy?

26 When I looked for good, then evil came; And when I waited for light, there came darkness.

27 My heart is troubled, and resteth not; Days of affliction are come upon me.

28 I go mourning without the sun: I stand up in the assembly, and cry for help.

29 I am a brother to jackals, And a companion to ostriches.

30 My skin is black, (and falleth) from me, And my bones are burned with heat.

31 Therefore is my harp (turned) to mourning, And my pipe into the voice of them that weep.


Vs 26 - AMPLIFIED BIBLE - “But when I looked for good, then evil came to me; and when I waited for light, there came darkness.


The Agate Stone, and the discerning of the heart of an Overcomer, can also be typified by the Trees found in the Garden of Eden. In the original creation, all the trees of the Garden can represent to man lights, revelations, understandings, characters of nature and aptitude. But the two main trees, the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and the Tree of Life are the ones which the Overcomer must discern. The Tree of Life is the only Tree found at the end of the Book of Revelation, but tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil is nowhere to be found! It is the symbolism of the Agate Stone upon the Royal Ephod that will bring forth understanding as to the “decisions” one must make in order to become an Overcomer.


One of the hardest things for Sons and Daughters of God to understand is that the Lord can use the enemy of their soul, Satan, to deceive them. In fact, God ORDERS the enemy to take us from time to time if need be! Not only so, but the enemy, this Satan I speak of, does a PERFECT JOB OF DECEIVING US. He is so skillful at this that we cannot often discern what is of God and what is of deception. Note that I say “Satan” - not Lucifer - as I believe that Lucifer is the fallen Adamic Nature in man. Granted, Lucifer is empowered by the spirits of the demonic realm, but they can only do so as relates to that which is fallen.

The Agate Stone typified by it’s setting in the center of the 3rd row becomes the pavement of testing for the Sons and Daughters of God. When this symbolism of the inner workings of the Spirit of God is completed in the Overcomers through the typology of the Agate Stone, there will be no facade, no false doctrine, no deception, no dismay, no disunity, no corruption and no death in any of those who make up the Army of the Lord. The sword of JEHOVAH KEDDESH, as well as the discerning of the trees of Eden in our souls, when completed in the life of an Overcomer, will bring forth a people as perfect as Jesus in His triumphant resurrection. These ones who thus endure this time of testing in this hour will rule and reign with the Lord upon the Throne throughout eternity. They will never be apart from the Throne of equal authority with God.

But first, the Overcomer has a lesson to learn.

So God looks upon any person in the World who comes to Him and asks Him to make them into a Son or Daughter, to adopt them, to make them into Overcomers according to the verses found in the 2nd and 3rd chapters of the Book of Revelation. And in looking upon that person, God does see in their soul the trees of Eden, all the aspects of light and revelation in them that show forth character and aptitude which relates to them as created lives from God Himself. In the viewing of the trees of the Garden, God sees also in them individually the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and the Tree of Life in their very soul.

Jehovah Keddesh sees this not in History, but in Mystery.

Then Jehovah Keddesh works through testings to cause the History to be consummated and the Mystery to no longer be vague. Reality can then come to the Overcomer.

So then the Agate Stone in it’s picture to us shows forth the Sword of the Lord dividing asunder bone and marrow, soul and spirit. Not only so but the Lord “seems” like He becomes our enemy as He pursues those areas in our lives that He needs to cleanse from us, which cleansing that can only be accomplished by our obedience to His dealings. And He uses the Blood of Jesus to cleanse us. But then God allows the Powers of Darkness, the Spirits of Wickedness in High Places, the spirits of demons and Satan himself to attack us {only by God’s Permission and in God’s restraint} so that we learn to trust ONLY in the Blood of the Lamb and the Word of God as it is interpreted to us by the Holy Spirit.

God not only pierces asunder our breastbones, but He opens up the Principalities and Powers in the air to attack us in the measure that God will allow. So we not only get afflicted from God Himself, but from the minions of hell at the very same time. However, God is in total perfect control of the measure of affliction that may beset us. The purpose of God in this deep inner working becomes apparent when our desire for obedience becomes apparent. We may forget that we asked the Lord to deal with us as Sons when the afflictions come to us, but then later the Holy Spirit will remind you of your very desire.

And then on top of all this attack, God persecutes our old nature. He pointedly reveals our fallen Adamic nature in it’s PRIDE AND EGO. That part of us which would take the truths of God’s word and with our Old Nature try to make them real and true to those around us and to our own minds and to exalt us in our positions. Hence, the two trees in the Garden of our soul.

It is the NEW NATURE that God wants us to live in so we can “overcome”. But to learn that is the problem. Some learn it, others who don’t learn it find themselves without the covering of the Agate Stone and end up abiding in the false anointing of Lucifer. The lesson God has for us is lost to those who cannot discern it. But to those who do, repentance becomes their middle name, and humility their chief trait in life.




No matter which way you look at it, the Overcomer in this hour still has two natures. If you are walking as one who would obey God and walk in the Spirit of Truth, you have two natures within you. There are some who state that they only have the new nature and that the sinful old nature does not live in them. They are very wrong.

The scriptures says this of the New Nature:

Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin; for his seed remaineth in him: and he cannot sin, because he is born of God. ” 1st John 3:9

So that means that the New Nature, that which is born of God’s Spirit cannot sin or be defiled.

However, let us balance this out with another verse.

For that which I do I allow not: for what I would, that do I not; but what I hate, that do I.

If then I do that which I would not, I consent unto the law that it is good.

Now then it is no more I that do it, but sin that dwelleth in me.

For I know that in me (that is, in my flesh,) dwelleth no good thing: for to will is present with me; but how to perform that which is good I find not.

For the good that I would I do not: but the evil which I would not, that I do.

Now if I do that I would not, it is no more I that do it, but sin that dwelleth in me.

I find then a law, that, when I would do good, evil is present with me.” Romans 7: 15-21

Also, we are told:

If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.

                                                                                                   1st John 1:8

The New Nature in the life of an Overcomer MUST BE EDUCATED. The New Nature CANNOT KNOW ALL THAT IS OF GOD OR ALL THAT IS NOT OF GOD. The New Nature, in spite of the fact that it cannot sin, is still influenced by the filthiness of the Old Nature! And it is through this that the New Nature can become DECEIVED. It is the New Nature that God wants to mature in us and the Old Nature that God wants to destroy in us. However, if we walk outside the parameter of the Word of God in the Spirit of Truth with humility we can end up like the rest of Christendom in a state of deception and lukewarmness.

The main poison in the soul of an Overcomer is pride and ego. Pride over calling, and ego over personal ability. These two poisons are what I call “Poison Mushrooms” which grow around the base of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and I AM NOT ADDING TO THE WORD OF GOD BY THIS STATEMENT. That tree has soil it grows in, and that soil in the soul of the Overcomer is pride and ego. The Mushrooms themselves are the fruit of that pride and the fruit of that ego. They are perceived to be “truths” which have become precious to an Overcomer thus deceived.

Earlier on in this writing I expressed that God commands Satan and the minions of hell to take a child of God into deception. Why is that? It is so that they will learn DISCERNMENT and come to true REPENTANCE. The minions of hell will lead a child of the King down the garden path of destruction and deception until there seems to be no remedy. All because the child of the King, the one who would Overcome all things, would learn what is of God and what is not of God. And that is the way God has chosen to teach us these truths. During this deception, God will allow the enemy to sift their hearts to see whether or not they have a “Love for the Truth”. 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2 describes what is in the heart of one who is thus deceived. I will cover these verses during the study of the Mystery of Iniquity, but for now suffice it to say that the one sitting on the Throne as God is that same Lucifer that has a false Ephod lacking this Agate Stone! And that is in the heart of an OVERCOMER!

There the New Nature is kneeling before the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil enjoying the soil around this tree which is growing poison mushrooms. These mushrooms depict so called “truths” that we think are of God when in fact they are poison and are harmful for us to ingest. These are “so called truths” we see prominent in all of Christendom in this hour. But for the Overcomer, the Sword of the Lord, and the attack of the minions from hell, work to set free this child of God who was once bound by this fallen nature. This is indeed a picture of PURE DELIVERANCE and real REPENTANCE. The Overcomer picks these poison mushrooms and admires them thinking that they are truths of God when in fact they are poison and are deadly and can harm the Overcomer.

We will suffer the very same temptations Jesus suffered when He walked the earth. Jesus, after He was baptized by John was led into the wilderness to be tempted of the Devil. Rather, He was DRIVEN BY GOD to be tempted by the Devil. Now there are 3 things He endured.  

1} He endured the temptation to worship the Devil by receiving all the glory and honor of the kingdoms of the earth.

2) He endured the temptation to plummet from the heights because God’s angels had kept charge over His life.

3} He endured the hunger of His body to turn stones into bread to eat and assuage His hunger.

In all three cases, or in one or more example of them, the Overcomer will likewise be tempted at some point in their walk. And if the temptation is passed, God will commit His true Oracle to that very same Overcomer.

The truth is that the Overcomer, in picking and thinking the poison mushrooms are beautiful, are enduring these same temptations that Jesus endured.

1} They are offered the glory and honor of the nations of the earth according to their calling.

2} They are offered protection from harm according to their calling.

3} They are told that all their worldly provisions will be met according to their calling. All because they are exalting themselves ACCORDING TO THEIR CALLING.

They must overcome this thought in them that they are “special” and in a greater place and must learn to have a true servant’s heart. Their calling can be their downfall if they have pride and ego about who they are and why God called them to be Overcomers and in time to reign with Him upon the Throne. They must overcome any and all taints of self exaltation and thoughts of superiority. Hence the attack of the minions of hell and the two trees in the Garden. So we would learn TRUE HUMILITY. We cannot overcome and be free of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil if we have ANY pride or ANY ego. We must have the Humility of Christ to rule and reign in life as ones free from any taints of deception or self exalted thoughts.

So then the Overcomer, in holding the bouquets of poison Mushrooms and admiring them as truths of God will eventually come to a critical point in their walk. Their response to this point in their walk will determine if they become part of the Lucifer company lacking the Agate Stone or if they will indeed humble themselves under the Mighty Hand of God and overcome the mushrooms and this tree in their very own soul. Then they will indeed become part of this mighty Army that God is raising up upon white Horses.

This is one of the most crucial points in an Overcomers life. For the Spirit of Truth will come to them and will open their eyes to the fact that they are admiring a bouquet of poison Mushrooms. That they think these are truths of God. If they respond right, they will believe the Spirit of Truth. For that Spirit of Truth will GIVE THEM A DOUBT. The doubt will be about what THEY THINK IS TRUTH. The doubt will doubt their truth! And that doubt will be TRUTH CONFIRMING LIES. Confirming that the truth they believe are in fact LIES which LOOK LIKE TRUTH, TALK LIKE TRUTH, ACT LIKE TRUTH but ARE NOT TRUTH! Just like Lucifer looking like Christ but he is not Christ! {Please read the previous writing “Jesus Seen Twice”}

If the Overcomer at this point of being confronted by the Spirit of Truth responds correctly, the scales will fall off of their blind eyes and they will see that these are indeed poison mushrooms. In an act of repentance they will throw these mushrooms as far from themselves as they can and the mushrooms will go into the fire of God there to be consumed by God who is a consuming fire. The next step is that the Overcomer will turn away from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in their soul and will turn towards the Tree of Life in their soul. {At last, true genuine productive repentance!} Like a toddler, they will take baby steps at first, but in time they will be kneeling and worshiping God and partaking of His pure truths at the base of the tree of Life.


{From The Visscher Family Homepage}

 "My Son, the Spirit of Truth would say unto thee this night – Yea, I have looked upon thy heart and yea I am loving thee. And I am healing thee and I have brought thee forth out of this deception, and I shall cause thy feet to be placed upon a sure foundation in Me. And yea, as you keep your eyes steadfast upon My Word it shall be sure, yea, it shall bring you into a greater awareness of those things that are of the enemy in this earth, and those things that I am placing within thee that are of My nature. For have I not said unto thee my son that I have placed my anointing within thee, and that I shall bring thee through as an overcomer? For yea, I have called thee to be a part, yea, of Mount Zion. And as you begin to climb, yea, even into greater heights in Me, I shall cause thy lips to give glory to My Name. Yea, and I shall cause the poisons that have come forth from within thy soul to be washed and cleansed by My Blood for I have seen thy tears and I have cleansed thee from they evil words which thou hast spoken. For I have looked upon the motive of thine heart and as I have seen your love and sincerity for me, your love for my truth and your love to know me in a greater way – I say unto thee that I shall not fail you, I shall raise thee up out of the pit. I shall cause thee to overcome the enemy of your soul. For I am a great and a mighty God, and I dwell in the midst of thee. The Tree of Life that is in thee shall blossom, thou shalt not fear the voice of the enemy when he taunts you and makes you want to fall back from me. For I say unto thee that victory shall be yours my son as you cling unto Me, as you call for Me, as you seek Me in the times of weakness, I say unto thee that you shall be made strong. My grace shall abound unto thee. Thou shalt look about thee and thou shalt rejoice and say it has been good to know my God and to do his will.

For my son, I shall give unto thee a taste of the joy of Heaven. And I shall give unto thee a taste of what it is to be an overcomer. Yea, even in that age that is to come upon this land, I say unto thee that I have called thee and thy wife and thy children to be a part of this army of God, even this two witness company. Fear thou not for as thou shalt take up thy cross and deny thyself daily, I say unto thee that thou shalt yea see that Newness of life blossom forth from within the land of thy soul. And this seed that has been bringing forth My love within thee, yea, I say unto thee that it shall be made manifest, and others shall see the beauty of Jesus that shall shine forth from thee.

Thou shalt not fear, but thou shalt come forth in confidence knowing that I do love thee. And that My love is greater than all other things. I shall in time reconcile ALL things unto Myself. I have called thee to be a part of My body in this earth. My son, fear not nor be ashamed. For I the Lord have placed My seal upon thy head, even thy mind. Yea and I shall cause thee to have a new name written upon thy forehead, even the nature of thy God within thee. For Christ is within thee. He shall cause thee to arise and be a mighty soldier in an army that shall go forth upon white horses. And they shall take their sword, and you are faithful to lift your sword unto the heavens and say

"Lord, I wait for thee to prepare my heart to do your will".

I say unto thee that I will give you the patience, I will give you the gentleness, I will give you the faith, and I will give you the longsuffering that you need in order to partake of even the sufferings of Christ that I shall call thee yet to go through. As you walk through this land in this body, I say unto thee, that I shall give you wisdom, and I shall give you knowledge. But thou shalt not be puffed up because you shall overcome, as you look unto me and as you are obedient to humble yourself before me. Listen to the Psalms, look at my son David, and how he did repent before me daily. And ask me for cleansing. Fear not my son to come before My Throne, for the Father doth love thee with an everlasting love. And I shall bring thee forth into a land flowing with milk and honey. And I shall feed thee and thy loved ones, yea, thou shalt partake of the meat, thou shalt partake of the rest, For now my son, partake of the bread, for this I shall strengthen your soul with. I shall bring thee forth and thou shalt look up. Fear thou not but receive My forgiveness this night, and receive a new anointing to go forth and overcome with in the days to come.”



And I saw beneath the hooves of the Horse Jesus was upon: the Agate Stone, the same Stone I had seen upon the Ephod, and understanding came to me, and I saw and beheld HIM THAT WOULD DISCERN THE THOUGHTS AND THE INTENTS OF THE HEART.

And there was from the contact of the hooves of Christ’s horse upon the Agate, lightnings and thunderings as the Horse did stride forward upon this stone.

And I saw that this discernment first had happened to those who had Overcome....... and I was struck with awe at the sight of this terrible army..............

And the Horse Jesus was upon took a step forward and lightning and thunderings pealed forth across the Heavens from under it’s hoof, the first of several steps. And this Horse did step forth upon the Agate Pavement, and I knew that the thunder of it’s step did speak to me. And it said “JUSTICE”. And the second step said “EQUITY”...............

To be continued.................. Kenneth B Visscher

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