Chapter #12

The Carbuncle Stone on the Royal Ephod – The 3rd stage of an Overcomer’s life.


{Vision continued:

I heard this voice that thundered over the Sons of God as they came forth into a glorified state. The rest of mankind and all of creation were consumed in the fire of their appearing as our God is a consuming fire. Heb 12:29. All of the earth was consumed completely, the Mystery of Iniquity in this fallen creation was fulfilled and the NEW WORLD came forth at THE VERY SAME TIME.}


Always bearing about in the body the dying of the Lord Jesus, that the life also of Jesus might be made manifest in our body.    2 Corinthians 4:10


And not only they, but ourselves also, which have the firstfruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves groan within ourselves, waiting for the adoption, to wit, the redemption of our body.                                                      Romans 8:23


Who shall change our vile body, that it may be fashioned like unto his glorious body, according to the working whereby he is able even to subdue all things unto himself.

                                                                       Philippians 3:21



No one of the Overcoming Company has entered into the 3rd stage of growth represented by the Carbuncle stone on the Royal Ephod. Those Sons and Daughters of God who have passed on from this world and have entered the next are still not a part of this 3rd stage of growth either. The only one who has entered this fullness and stands eternally in a Glorified Body is The Lord Jesus Christ whom God had raised from the dead. He alone is the full expression of God that has come into that eternal state wherein He lives in a Glorified Body that is eternal and cannot pass away or be harmed by any other thing.


The Overcomers who are presently still in their 2nd stage of growth will have this as a steadfast hope to their souls. The end result of their walk will be Glorification, both of their bodies and as a company, a “troop”, part of the progressive plan of God. Our end people, is to exchange these vile bodies which are dead because of sin, Romans 8:10, for our eternal glorified bodies which is the fullness of our inheritance, Philippians 3:21.


Our hope is not in this present world, nor in man’s economy or the rise and fall of nations, money systems, or evolving technology. Our hope is to be simply clothed upon with our Eternal Glorified Bodies wearing a simple garment of white with only the life of God as our existence. Everything else will drop off. Everything else will be corrupted by the fallen condition of life in this world and by the Mystery of Iniquity which is working in mankind.


But every Overcomer who is part of the 1st and 2nd stage of growth will in time enter the 3rd stage of growth IF they obey the Word of the Lord and do indeed allow their lives to be emptied of all that is of their own life in this world. The 1st stage of growth and the 2nd stage of growth were both progressive. The 3rd stage of growth will be one complete work done at His appearing in His saints. No probationary period, no progressive revelation at that time, just His fullness without measure consuming them in the life of Glory that Christ is enjoying now eternally at the right hand of God.


The Carbuncle represents CONTINUOUS REVELATION.


This revelation comes two ways.


The first is God, revealed without measure in a people, the Overcoming Company.


The second is the Overcoming Company revealed to the people and nations of the earth, both those who are present at His Appearing and those who have already passed on to the other side through death.


At no time does anyone of the Overcoming Company reveal themselves as an act of their own will to either God or man. But this working is all of God. This is a fact. There is going to be a Manifestation of the Sons of God, and it is proven by the fact that true Overcomers never draw attention to themselves. They only want God to be seen.


During this time of being emptied in the 2nd stage of life, we may be conscious of the Eternal Presence of the Lord in our lives, but at times that presence may be clouded by the many tribulations we partake of and the battles of carnality against the pure spirit of life that is in us which cannot sin. God’s purpose for us to bring us to a continuous revelation of the Christ within, and Christ without as a garment we wear. Romans 13:14, Ephesians 4:24.


God will come into this Company without measure, glorifying them. Some of them who are alive and remain on the earth when this happens will be changed and glorified while they stand upon their feet upon the earth. They will not lay their bodies in graves but will be alive when this takes place. They will enter the Eternal State and death will have no place in them.


At the same time God will draw back the curtain on these who have endured the 2nd stage of growth will present them to the Nations of the World, to those who are bound by the curse of Adam’s fall. The Sons and Daughters of God who are thus revealed will remove the curse off of all creation bringing forth the New World , the 3rd and final world revealed in scripture.


Remember that the Carbuncle relates to El Shaddai a name for God which denotes His NATURE. In this case, God is a refuge from storms, a place of safety, if you will – God is seen in this depiction as a mother holding her child to her breast to comfort and care for this one. But not stopping there, the mother raises up that child to full stature and growth as a mature person of worth and value.


The continuous revelation an Overcomer arrives at in this 3rd stage of development is very simple indeed. They know whom they have believed in, and they are persuaded that God will keep them even unto the end. They do not shirk their responsibility in the Lord to walk in the Light of His love and salvation, and at the same time they also keep themselves untainted from the false pretenses that the false Ephod of Lucifer would tempt them with.


So for a quick summary.

Continuous Revelation comes two ways to the Overcomer.

1) That they are continually aware that they WILL BE GLORIFIED even in their physical bodies.

2) That they are continually aware that they CAN BE IN GREAT DANGER while they wait for their full inheritance and maturity in the Lord.


There is a true and there is a false Carbuncle Stone.


This next section, although not centering on the aspect of God as our safe harbor, really does if a person who hears this right is willing to repent and walk right with the Lord. We are coming to this 3rd stage of maturity, but the way is fraught with much danger, much like Christ faced in Gethsemane when He prayed for His cup of suffering to pass from Him if it be Father’s will.


It was not Father’s will, Christ had to bear His cross and die a horrible death, even though He was the fullness of the Godhead bodily, He still bore suffering.


There is a mindset today in sonship circles that bypasses the suffering of Christ, or if you will, says that the fellowship of our sufferings in Christ is over now and we can come into a Glorified more Holy Walk. That we can enter now into the resurrection power of Christ and come into His Glory, we need not be on anything that is of a negative effect to us.


I know that what I am about to say here will fly in the face of some prominent Kingdom Ministries in this hour and will offend some of the Sons of God who believe that they have heard the voice of the Lord in present truth. The fact is, they have listened to the deluder of souls, that Lucifer of the old nature which has appeared in the garb of religiosity, but only in a more finite form.


Here then is this area of deception in 3 places.


There is danger during this time of waiting for the fullness of God to be manifested in the Overcomer’s life. I see this danger in 3 realms.

These are the 3 traps I see which can hinder us from entering into our full inheritance.


{1} There are those who wear the false Ephod of Lucifer who will “disqualify” you from obtaining the prize.

{2} There is a doctrine perpetrated through Overcomer’s fellowships at this time which states that Christ is now in all mankind as a “seed” which lay’s dormant {in those who are not yet saved}.

{3} That there is now no more old nature for the Overcomer to contend with. The Old Nature of fallen Adam in the Overcomer is dead and gone.


All three of these are vile traps that are ensnaring many in this hour. There are many “Kingdom Ministries” in this hour which are preaching one or more of these three items as “present truth”, as a “new” revelation from God.


God is allowing this to happen to sift and shake His Overcomers even more than they have ever been shaken before. Those who have hidden away the Word of God in their hearts will overcome these delusions by the simple acknowledgement of truth as it is in scripture.


To accept one or more of these three realms of danger and deception will cause that Overcomer’s walk to go by the wayside and to fall into a ditch. They will miss this Glorious thing God is about to do.


Now allow me if you will to refer to each one of those 3 points I made.


In response to {1} – those that would disqualify you from the “prize”, which is obtaining this High Calling of God in Christ and entering this 3rd state of full maturity, gaining the Throne of Eternity with the Lord as an Overcomer.


The disqualification from others can come in two ways.

1) That the one who attempts to disqualify you can cause you to be so “busy” with higher truths and revelations and glorious visions of what shall be that you miss what is truly the only place in the Lord of safety, that day by day walk with Him one on one.


2) That you are disqualified from their programs and kingdom building efforts because you hold fast to the knowledge that God will be All in All and that He will manifest the fullness of His presence in an Overcoming people who will come forth in glorified bodies.


In both cases you will endure rejection for Christ’s sake. It is amazing how fast you can be cast out because you won’t bow to false pretenses!


Let no one defraud you by acting as an umpire and declaring you unworthy and disqualifying you for the prize, insisting on self-abasement and worship of angels, taking his stand on visions [he claims] he has seen, vainly puffed up by his sensuous notions and inflated by his unspiritual thoughts and fleshly conceit,

And not holding fast to the Head, from Whom the entire body, supplied and knit together by means of its joints and ligaments, grows with a growth that is from God.”

                                                                             Colossians 2:18,19 AMPLIFIED


In response to {2} above, that Christ is now in all mankind, every man, woman and child that is on the earth.

The main scripture used for this premise is:

Even the mystery which hath been hid from ages and from generations, but now is made manifest to his saints:

To whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is Christ in you, the hope of glory:

Whom we preach, warning every man, and teaching every man in all wisdom; that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus: Whereunto I also labor, striving according to his working, which worketh in me mightily.                  Colossians 1:26-29

The main point that is made is that Christ is in the Gentiles.

That is not the way the rest of the scriptures read. We are told very emphatically that man MUST be born again. That man MUST become “spirit” as pertaining to coming forth as ONE SPIRIT with God. This is a specific point that man comes to, not an assumed position. Christ IS IN the Gentile nations now as one who now has SAVED THE WORLD IN RIGHTEOUSNESS. Yet each one in their own order will be called. 1 Corinthians 15:23


The statement has been made that Christ is a “seed” in every man. It lay’s dormant. Ask yourself this question. How can ANYTHING of the living Christ LAY DORMANT????? IMPOSSIBLE.

But God WILL IN TIME restore all things back unto Himself through the atonement of Christ, which provision HAS BEEN MADE. This brings us to the 2nd argument for the seed of Christ being in every man, and that is that Jesus upon the cross said “IT IS FINISHED”. This one statement is the springboard for this false doctrine. What was finished? THE ATONEMENT. Now each one in due order, whether on this side or the other side will come into that finished work. The seed of Christ IS NOT in all the gentiles as a literal seed at this time, and to see it that way takes away too much of the Word of God which holds the truth of God’s drawing power.


In response to {3) above that the Old Nature is now dead and gone because Christ killed it upon the cross. Yes, it is dead, and gone by faith and is being worked out in us day by day in our OBEDIENCE TO OUR WALK. The fact is that the Old Nature had been put off by Christ’s atonement, but that the nature of flesh is still operating in the Mystery of Iniquity in our lives. Even though it is dead, it is alive IN that mystery! It is what we “Overcome”. It is the SELF NATURE we were born in when we were born and shapen in iniquity Psalm 51:5. And this self nature will remain UNTIL the Mystery of Iniquity is complete and the Lord manifests His Overcomers in Glorified bodies. When that happens, then there will be NO MORE OLD NATURE. Until then there is and to say there isn’t is against God’s ordination for the Mystery of Iniquity to work in the earth until the time of the restitution of all things.





To be continued .....................Kenneth B Visscher

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