"Hold fast my sons to the truth that you know, be not swayed at what I am about to do, nor dismayed at the severity of my judgment. Know that I hold you and your loved ones in the palm of my hand, whilst the tempest rages about, you shall find your comfort in me. For behold what I now do says God. This is the time I have chosen to expose the falseness and perverseness in the governments of kingdoms. I shall cause the strength of dominions to be tarnished by the anger of ungodly men. Although you see the nations search for a solution to the enmity between them, yet they shall find none, and that which they have imagined to do shall I recompense to them. Yea I say to you my sons, You shall see this, and shall know that I have done it. All about you will seem to fall, seem to fail, but I say to you , It shall not be for long that this tempest shall rage, for I will cause to cease the voice of mirth, the voice of gladness the celebration of wines and festivals. Yea, my body shall see the destruction of this image of blasphemy, and shall know that this must be till the time of restoration. I will wrap up all in the grace of my purpose, and shall be satisfied."

All things to Him, whose enemies now,
Will be beneath the bestial brow,
But by His sword, and smiting fire,
Christ will rule all things, reconcile all higher,
By judgments blast, and tempest past,
Man will find peace, and quiet at last.