"My son, I have set you here as a standard to which many shall be measured. Know from my spirit within you that this is so. It is not in my purpose towards you for grief to overtake you, nor for malicious words to effect your walk. As you look unto me The Lord Jesus Christ, the enemy will attempt to assail you and make you unbalanced, both towards me, the fountain of life, as well as towards your fellow man. As well the enemy often tempts you to go back to re-build that which was once overcome and left behind. Yea, should I require you to be restored in peace, I will bring it about, hearts will turn as I alone form the will. Throw not your caution to the wind, know that danger will await you if you fail to seek me for confirmation as to my will regarding others. As a standard, both of life through repentance and of sorrows over the toil of life, as well as a standard of yeildedness and abiding rest, so remain, be not swayed in this test, for I am holding you. I am the Lord."