"My people, the flock that I the Lord do shepherd, know this day that I am bringing to completion the work that was begun. This work that was begun in the early church will I continue through the lives of this my latter church. Many words and teachings have gone forth that have confused the flock that I shepherd, and much of my flock has been scattered because of such words supposedly from my mouth. Yea, I the Lord do say to you my flock, that each lamb that I shepherd will begin to hear a true word, a word from me alone. Each lamb that belongs to the good shepherd will in this time hear clearly the voice of their own personal shepherd, and once more will my flock be gathered to one fold, to one pasture.

I am the good shepherd that gave His life for His sheep. My purpose is singular, my doctrine simple to the weary heart and to the wandering lambs. Yea I do seek my sheep out, and do begin to call for them to come once more into that place, that Holy place where God is calling them, even to this pasture of abiding. This is my purpose for this time that has come. I will cause repentance to run deep in the hearts of my people, and that by deep and long repentance, my people will lay down and forsake their own thoughts and will come to rest in the knowledge of God their Saviour.

My strong arm will correct their backslidings and will rescue them from the snares of the fowler. In this work of my arm, my people will once again learn to war the warfare of the word of God, and will in fact obediently complete their warfare with a perfect faith. Yea I the Lord will do this now, and my sheep shall rejoice in this my Love. I am the Lord."