300 years before Jesus was born, a civilization of people called the Celtics lived throughout the British Isles , Scandinavia , and Western Europe . They were a common group much like many segments of society today, but they were controlled by a secret society of priests and pagans called the Druids. The Druids were satanists who worshipped and served the demonic god of death-Samhain (pronounced Sa-man). These priests literally controlled people's lives through the mechanism of fear, and much death, disease, and destruction came upon the Celtics as a result of the Druids and their practices.

Each year on October 31st, The Druids celebrated the eve of the Celtic new year in honor of their pagan god, Samhain. The "Festival of Samhain", more accurately called "The Festival of Death", was officially known, and is still recognized by all satanists, occultists, and devil worshipers as the eve of the new year for witchcraft. Anton Lavey, author of the "Satanic Bible" and high priest of The Church of Satan, says there are 3 important days to satanists:
1) Their birthday,
2) April 30th, and
Lavey says it is on this night that satanic, occult and witchcraft powers are at their highest potency level, and any witch or occultist who has been having difficulty with a spell or curse can usually achieve success on October 31st because Satan and his powers are at their best that night. October 31st. Halloween is the eve of the new year for witchcraft. The World Book Encyclopedia says it is the beginning of all that is "cold, dark, and dead". When you send your little children out to go "trick-or-treating", you're actually telling them to celebrate all that is "cold, dark and dead".

Trick-or-Treat The Druid priests would go from house to house demanding all sorts of strange foods for their own consumption and to offer later the "Lord Samhain" at "The Festival of Death." If the village people would not give them the foods demanded they would speak a demonic curse over the home, and history claims that someone in the family would die within the year. Thus you have "trick-or-treat"! The Druids would carry with them a large turnip, which they had hollowed out on the inside and carved a face on the front, to represent the demonic spirit they depended upon for their power and knowledge. This spirit is called "a familiar spirit". (See Acts 16:16-18) The turnip lighted by a candle from within, was used as a lantern for the Druids as they went from house to house at night. Now, it was believed by the Druids that their familiar spirit would inhabit these turnips and assist them in carrying out the spells spoken over the homes and lives of those refusing the Druids' demands.

When this practice came to America in the 18th & 19th centuries, turnips weren't that prominent, but we did have a vegetable native to this country that was soon substituted for the turnips. That's right, the pumpkin. The name given to the spirit which inhabited the turnip was "Jock", and upon arriving in America it became "Jack, who lives in the lantern"or"Jack-O-Lantern". As you can clearly see, there is NOTHING Christian about Halloween. It is today what it has always been - A day dedicated to the devil. How did it get into the Church? When Constantine became emperor of Rome, he made a law declaring Christianity (Which was Catholicism at this particular time in history) to be the official state religion. Having been recently converted by a tremendous martyr of the time, Constantine was zealous in his new found faith and demanded as emperor that everyone become a Christian of face the penalty of death This was the old "throw them to the lions" that the Christians had been facing for years. Well, you can imagine what happened. The churches were flooded with pagans. Not converts, but rather pagan people forced to join the Catholic Church or lose their lives for defying the Emperor. As this happened, the priests and especially the pope faced some serious problems. these people were bringing their pagan practices and ideas into the Church including "The festival of Samhain." They wanted - no demanded- that this festival remain a part of their lives. Since the church was unsuccessful in getting the pagan practices out of the people, it was decided to sanctify some of them. Especially this October 31st ritual called "The festival of Samhain". In the 9th century the Pope declared a new day to be celebrated by the church on November 1st, called All Saints Day. This day is in honor of all the martyred saints of the church and October 31st became the eve of All Saints Day.

Now the church contended, the people could still have their festival on October 31st because November 1st was a holy day. The Mass said on All Saints day is the "all-hallowmans" and over the years the evening before became known as : All Hallows Eve - All Hallowed Eve * All Hallow E'en - and finally Halloween. But the problem was that nothing changed. The people didn't lay down their pagan rites and worship of devils for the "new eve" established by the church. They didn't have prayer meetings or worship services to thank Almighty God for the saints already gone. What it was in the beginning it now still is. Halloween is a day that honors and promotes all that is cold, dark and dead. When you start making preparations for a "Halloween Party", you don't go to the store and purchase pictures of Joan of Arc, the disciples of Jesus, or any other Christian saint. You look for ghosts, witches, black cats, ghouls, etc. Halloween is a day for devils - not saints. What the Pope attempted to do in the A.D. 800's backfired, because in making "Allhallowmas" holy, Halloween became recognized by the church as a religious holiday, and nothing could be farther from the truth. In reality, all Halloween is and ever will be is "The festival of Samhain", the Lord of Death. Halloween has not its roots in the Church, but is firmly rooted in the occult, witchcraft, and satanism. Doreen Irving, who was the ruling witch of Western Europe and the British Isles and was the mistress of the high priest of Satan over the same area, is now a born-again spirit filled Christian. She says, "If Christian parents had any idea of what Halloween really is, they wouldn't even mention the word around their children".

What should our position as a Christian be? The most common complaints about anyone taking a stand against Halloween is:
(#1)- "You're trying to take all the fun out of little children's lives," and
(#2)- "You're trying to make something out nothing because we don't believe in that stuff.
Now listen!
Just because you don't believe in something does not mean that it's not real. I know some people who don't believe we have ever landed a spaceship on the moon. They believe that those television pictures are just made up. But tell me something. Does that change the fact that man has walked on the surface of the moon? Of course not! Facts are facts regardless of what people choose to believe. Just because you don't visualize Halloween as "really" demonic and as something dangerous to your life does not keep you or your children from Satan's intended desire which is to instill FEAR! DEATH! DESTRUCTION! in peoples minds. (2 Tim. 1:7) Think about it. What is Halloween besides fear, horror, ghosts, witches, goblins, & devils? Just because you don't "worship" Satan, does that give you the right to train your children to serve him one night out of the year in the name of "fun"? That's what we do if we allow our families to participate in common Halloween practices. The Bible says, "Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it." How can we righteously instruct our children in the ways of Halloween when everything about Halloween is of the Devil? The Bible says, " For God hath not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind." (2 Tim.1:7) It further states, "perfect Love casteth out fear." Does Halloween cause our children to be at peace, or does it cause them to become terribly afraid? Remember going through the "house of horror" at the Halloween carnival at our school or church when we were growing up and the fear that gripped us as we felt and heard all kinds of mysterious things? As adults today, maybe its funny, but to a little child it's terror that causes nightmares and very unpleasant memories when alone or in the darkness of night.