Jesus Christ, The Resurrection and the Life

"That our old man is crucified with ~ him, that the body of sin might be destroyed, ~ that henceforth we should not serve sin." Rom 6:6

January 31/97 - After determining in my heart that I would be obedient to the inworking of the cross, to be identified with the Lord in His sufferings.

"Hear my son this my word to you, this word that I give unto you. I am causing you to be an example of suffering obedience to all who would look upon your life to see the epistle of my word written therein.

I the Lord am causing my life to be displayed through you , both in the cross and sufferings of Christ, as well as the resurrection life that is even now exemplary in your spirit. Know my son that as a soldier the battles will seem hot at times. But I say to you that you will triumph over every foe, even as Christ triumphed and openly spoiled all the power of the enemy, even as you choose humility and brokenness and as a sacrificed life laid down. For Christ never exalted himself, but took upon Himself the form of a servant, and being found in the fashion of a man he humbled himself and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross.

Follow this pattern my son, follow hard after this, for in due time your victory in Christ will be manifested and your joy shall be seen openly for many to behold. Yea, I am pleased that you have chosen to forsake all else and have decided to follow me alone. Yea, I now will separate you even further unto myself, rarely seen, rarely known for a time, so that I may complete your obedience. And even those who are near to you will not perceive the open example that I am displaying in your life, not till I choose to openly reveal it as so. By the blood of my cross, and by your yielded obedience, you shall indeed arise as a soldier of intercession and prayer, and you my son, with your wife shall pray for my body, and you my son, shall be full of the resurrection life of Christ. Yea, the resurrection life of the living Christ which is in you shall be so mighty, that even as you speak and prophesy from henceforth, these dead bones of my body shall come to life, even those of my church who have been in carnality and death. Yea, I the Lord will use you as a vessel of my choosing, exemplary in word and deed and in the fullness of Calvary. Yea, when others look upon you, they will see one who knows only Jesus Christ and Him crucified. That alone will keep you in the hour of trial ahead, and you my son shall be at peace in the seat of your heart where God does sit, and there shall you abide, for I the Lord have spoken it."

VISION: Dead boy and Elijah the prophet laying his body on this dead corpse 3 times till the dead corpse of this boy came to life. This relates to the part of the word about the resurrection life of Christ. 1Kings 17:17-24.

February 14/97. Realising the need to stand firm in the armour of the Lord and to enter into spiritual warfare against the foe. That the lures the enemy uses to side-track spiritual walk in the new man, and thus causing one to fall into the flesh, is based upon the man of sin within. But have been learning that "I am crucified with Christo/oo because Christ crucified the flesh with it's passions and lusts.

"My son, hear this day this word that I give unto you. I the Lord, the Captain of the Host of His army, have called you to an excellent warfare, and excellent victory, more than a conqueror. For the past while I haveallowed the enemy to siege your spirit so that you would recognise the difference between soul and spirit, that which is earthly against that which is heavenly, that which is temporal against that which is eternal.

You do see my son that fleshly passions are stirred by the enemy of your soul, so that your difficulty is in choosing to serve them rather than to walk in the spirit. My word says that if you walk in the spirit, you will not fulfil the lusts of the flesh. Stand therefore as I have commanded you, against the wiles of the devil. Stand girt about with the loin cloth of truth, with the breastplate of righteousness, armoured on the left and on the right. With mighty stance stand with your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace, and keep your thoughts pure with the helmet of salvation. See the sword I have already given you? Wield that sword and commit to frontal assaults against the foe that assaults you daily. And with the shield of faith quench all His fiery blows. Show forth your shield to shame them, and show forth the faith in your shield to your fellow soldiers. For the Lord Christ has called you my son to lead a battalion into this spiritual war, and to do the whole will of God. Think it not strange therefore when the trial of your faith includes such intensity of battle. For the battle is the Lord's, rest in Him, then war with all authority. I the Lord have called you as an authority figure, not only to lead the charge, but to strike terror into the hearts of the enemy.

Have I not said to you before that you would see an army arise in this valley? Yea my son, you shall prepare them all for the battle ahead, for the time when the kingdoms of this earth become the Kingdom of the Lord and of His Christ. At that time my army as a single angel of God will bind Satan with a chain of faith for a thousand years. This will be the victory of faithful spiritual warfare. Cease not to Praise me for I dwell in the midst of your praises. I am the Lord."