ADDENDUM – The Circuit Of The Lord Fulfilled

Chapter 6 continued......




Great are thy tender mercies, O LORD: quicken me according to thy judgments. Many are my persec
utors and mine enemies; yet do I not decline from thy testimonies. I beheld the transgressors, and was grieved; because they kept not thy word. Consider how I love thy precepts: quicken me, O LORD, according to thy lovingkindness. Psalms 119:156-159


Remember the former things of old: for I am God, and there is none else; I am God, and there is none like me, Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure: Calling a ravenous bird from the east, the man that executeth my counsel from a far country: yea, I have spoken it, I will also bring it to pass; I have purposed it, I will also do it. Hearken unto me, ye stouthearted, that are far from righteousness: I bring near my righteousness; it shall not be far off, and my salvation shall not tarry: and I will place salvation in Zion for Israel my glory. Isaiah 46:9-13


And after they had held their peace, James answered, saying, Men and brethren, hearken unto me: Simeon hath declared how God at the first did visit the Gentiles, to take out of them a people for his name. And to this agree the words of the prophets; as it is written, After this I will return, and will build again the tabernacle of David, which is fallen down; and I will build again the ruins thereof, and I will set it up: That the residue of men might seek after the Lord, and all the Gentiles, upon whom my name is called, saith the Lord, who doeth all these things. Known unto God are all his works from the beginning of the world. Acts 15:13-18


And the angel which I saw stand upon the sea and upon the earth lifted up his hand to heaven, And sware by him that liveth for ever and ever, who created heaven, and the things that therein are, and the earth, and the things that therein are, and the sea, and the things which are therein, that there should be time no longer: But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets. Revelation 10:5-7


Then I Daniel looked, and behold, there stood another two, the one on this side, and the one on that side of the bank of the river. And one said to the man clothed in linen on the waters of the river: Until when shall be the end of these wonders? And I heard the man clothed in linen, who was on the waters of the river, when he held up his right and his left hand to Heaven, and swore by Him who lives forever that it shall be for a time, times, and a half. And when they have made an end of scattering the power of the holy people, all these things shall be finished. And I heard, but I did not understand. Then I said, O my lord, what shall be the end of these things? And He said, Go, Daniel! For the words are closed up and sealed until the end-time. Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried. But the wicked shall do wickedly. And none of the wicked shall understand, but the wise shall understand. Daniel 12:5-10



Repeat of the Vision and Prophecy from the first part of chapter 6, the first part of this discourse.

(1st Vision)

“While standing upon the earth the Holy Ghost took me from a time of great despondency and had me look up unto the heavens. So I turned my head and looked and I beheld The Ancient of Days walking upon the outer atmosphere of the earth. He was wearing a white garment with a braided rope around His waist like one would see in the olden days if a monk or a bishop wore a simple garment. The garment was woven as one piece with the braided rope and the beard and hairs were long and white like wool as the Lord did walk forward upon the outer atmosphere of the earth. I saw that He walked upon the pathways set for His predetermined counsel and foreknowledge, that at each step of the path He walked while upon this circuit, that His purpose for the world of men for this age and for that step would be accomplished. Then being lifted out of my despondency I beheld The Ancient of Days walk forward upon this circuit and was glad knowing His purposes were being worked out in this world.  But then suddenly the Lord stopped walking forward. HE HAD COME TO THE VERY END OF THE CIRCUIT. There was no more path for Him to trod upon, He had traversed the entire scope of His purpose for this age, He was now at the very end of the pathway, there was no more path in front of Him. I saw Him stand still, His purposes done.  He then turned towards me and spoke (prophecy next). This was not a vision for the future, it was a happening in real time, present time, it is a current state in the economy of the Lord, that His purposes for this age are now fully accomplished.”

(End Vision)

(Prophecy from the end of the circuit)

“Listen to my words as I speak concerning my purpose and time for this day you are in. I do fold up and finish this my greater work and do bring it now to a completion shortening your days. It is now time to know that my spirit has motioned according to all that was set out by my predetermined counsel and foreknowledge. There is now a greater work that is to be brought about by they that have learned to wait for me; this purpose is such that will bring about your hope and the promise of my Kingdom being established in the earth. I have said that my coming would not be based upon what you think, but upon that which you think not. The time of my coming and the hour of my coming are not according to what you would reason, but according to the purpose I have in cutting short this my work. I come in an hour that you think not. Therefore prepare yourselves my Sons and Daughters for my coming by being diligent and faithful to remain steadfast with me alone as your source of life. In that you will be prepared as needed for my coming to be made plain before your eyes and before all the nations that do dwell upon the earth; suddenly shall I come and manifest myself in eternal life and glory. I am coming in the very same body that was raised up from the tomb. My coming is for men everywhere to rejoice, and to be glad, and to have removed from them any estrangements from their creator. Even though men will fear to see me, yet they will rejoice greatly when they know of my righteous standard set in the midst of them to give them their place in this age of peace which at this hidden time I will bring.”

(**NOTE** - By “men will fear to see me”, I knew that the word “men” is also a type of “nations.”)

(End Prophecy)


On A Personal Note


Once the writing was completed for “The Circuit of the Lord” and the pen was laid down, there was left to me a small space of time where my soul pondered that vision of the end of the Lord’s pattern (circuit) for the age just passed. That age began with the pouring out of the Holy Spirit upon the believers on the day of Pentecost and has now ended with the time of Jacob’s trouble, the great tribulation that is now upon the earth.  As always my mind became preoccupied with the duties of the day and of the tasks that lay before me in other areas of my life, but the persistent pull of the Holy Ghost by way of the power of His “silent” word in me continued to grow through the rest of that day. Then during the same night of pressing out in measure this word on the Lord’s circuit being completed there came yet again another word. This word came as an addition, as a part of the whole wherein I knew that much needed to be explained to the Overcomers concerning the end of this circuit. From here I will attempt with the grace given unto me and by the mantle of prophecy to reveal how the Lord has now begun to move in an entirely new way which no one expected and which move reveals the tremendous hope we have carried all this time as being one step closer to completion. The Lord moved that night in revealing this understanding and bringing it forth in greater detail.


Fellowship With Jesus


The words following are words of prophecy.


Isa 53:4 Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows: yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted. If you are indeed an Overcomer, and if you are indeed following the pattern of the Son of God in likeness and in shadow, then know that you are now going to be openly displayed in the world of men according to this verse. Any true Overcomer is STRICKEN, they are SMITTEN OF GOD, and they are AFFLICTED. You will not find any member of the Overcoming company who will rise in the first resurrection living at ease in Zion. They do not assume they have a completed course under their feet nor do they attempt to declare it because the stricken, smitten and afflicted parts of their lives are prominent in them. They are struck down BY THEIR HEAVENLY FATHER. They do not hold out for any form of prosperity other than to know that they have identified themselves with the same sufferings of Christ Himself. The true Overcomer has NOT YET gone past this place of suffering. They continue to hold forth the pall of death within themselves waiting for the complete separation of flesh from spirit in their lives. THAT SEPARATION IS NOW COMPLETE. The Lord views this separation and because of it He has now moved on to the next part of His great plan.


When the Overcomer thinks of themselves or of their own life, they do not see much spirituality at all, instead they know full well of the carnal side with its passions and lusts and great disparaging of perplexity in their minds over their personal purity before the Lord. They do not feel holy, nor do they feel worthy of the Lord’s higher calling. Instead they know only of the carnal side of their life. The Lord on the other hand sees the spiritual side of their life and Christ has already separated unto Himself all the members of this Army He is forming which will manifest itself at His appearing. The full tally of soldiers is complete, the Lord has His small handful of warriors and He needs no others. The warriors in themselves only have the shield of faith and the sword of the spirit in their hand, armored by faith against all the wiles of the wicked one. But IN THEIR MINDS they do not perceive this. The Overcomer does not know BY EXPERIENCE that the Lord has truly separated them out unto Himself as an Army complete and whole simply awaiting their glorified bodies which is the requirement needed for them to march and to move in the unlimited measure of the spirit of God in the earth. Instead the Overcomer knows only too well the pain of crucifixion and the fact that their minds war against their will to be obedient to the Lord in all things.


What the Lord has done in preparing His Army has been to have the individual members of that Army follow perfectly the same footsteps that Jesus walked. They were SMITTEN of God, BRUISED of God, STRIKEN by God and CONTINUALLY AFFLICTED. They bore not the hope of the promise of His coming outside of pure faith, nothing else displayed any sort of fact that a resurrection was coming for they lived lives that made them look like their outward man was close to perishing. When the Father looked out upon humanity to choose those who would bear the image of Christ as soldiers in His Army; He picked them out by hand and separated them unto Himself by the Holy Ghost. These learned to leave all the systems of man behind and to be alone, set apart, set aside completely with no out ward form of Godliness that others could clearly see. They were left as it were on the backside of the desert, forgotten, alone, people who fit in nowhere in this world. Even as they were left outside the systems they suffered the abasement of their own lives by the cruel power of the all consuming cross. To them, nothing was known outside of suffering. So the Father looked upon these whom He had chosen and HE SMOTE THEM. He threw them to the ground in suffering, casting upon them the weight of the cross, casting upon them the smiting striking power of His hand in a relentless vigor causing them to despair of life itself. The Father cast them down allowing them to be spurned, spat upon, whipped and torn apart by the world of men. Others would prosper and gain wealth and grow rich, but the lowly Overcomer was always set aside as a vagrant, a criminal who did not support the religious and spiritual efforts of the rest of Christendom. Those members of Christendom from the very systems the Overcomer came out from judged them as being forsaken by the Father. That the Father had hated them so much for abandoning their kingdom building efforts that He Himself also scorned them and cast them off and now the Father was their chief persecutor and judge. So the Overcomer found themselves laying on the ground under the weight of the heavy beams of the cross that was laid upon them, finding themselves there they were crushed by that weight, they had no more strength of their own. The Father then allowed the systems of man to form a cord of whips to whip the Overcomer and to tear from them their very flesh. Their blood, gushing out in a measure that would drain a body in seconds seemed to flow and flow relentlessly with no healing of the gaping wounds, the blood supply seemed infinite. The Overcomer then desired that death would seize hold on them and take them and that they would die apart from this world and not live in this world which rejected them, whipped them and crucified them.


So there is the present situation of a true Overcomer in this very hour. We have come to the end of the age, and now to the time of great judgment. The Overcomer instead of standing up in golden robes of a judge and with the purple mantle of Heaven’s royalty is lain upon the ground in a heap of bleeding flesh, putrid and rank, they lay there with no life of their own, AND IT WAS THE FATHER THAT PUT THEM THERE. Ah, but now comes the mystery! Now it shall be seen in the history! For the Overcomer that has lost everything WILL RISE DURING THIS TIME OF GREAT TRIBULATION IN THE WORLD OF MEN. It is DURING THIS TIME OF TRIBULATION that the manifestation of the Sons and Daughters of God will happen, that the resurrection of past Overcomers will actually and literally take place, that Jesus Himself will appear IN HIS VERY SAME RISEN BODY THAT CAME FORTH FROM THE TOMB 2000 YEARS AGO. The Overcomer was put in this position of despairing even of life itself SO THEY CAN BE IN THE RIGHT PLACE FOR RESURRECTION.


At this time you only think with the mind of the world, the carnal mind, wondering what happened to your spiritual life. Where is this man of the spirit that the word of God says is in us? When can this man of the spirit be something I am aware of in my life? At this time I am only aware of my terrible shortcomings to being holy, of the pain I bear daily as one rejected and hated, as one smitten of God and afflicted. Stricken with every malady and every detestable thing imaginable how is it that the Lord can even stand to live in me? I am so carnal, so fleshly that nothing in me seems to be of the Lord at all! This is the thought of the Overcomer. They lay there in this state of wounded death, but I say to you dear reader of these pages, that the Lord has now come to the end of the circuit! His walk for His purpose for the age past IS NOW DONE. He is judging this world, taking it apart piece by piece. He is not going to revive it, He is not going to heal it, HE IS GOING TO DESTROY IT. And YOU dear readers are poised for RESURRECTION. There is NOTHING LEFT TO DIE IN YOU! YOU HAVE HAD ALL YOUR AREAS COVERED BY THE ALL CONSUMING POWER AND WEIGHT OF THIS CROSS. The Father will judge and move and dismantle the world of men only so far, THEN HE WILL RAISE HIS ARMY UP WHO WILL FINISH THAT DESTRUCTION. Everything UNHOLY in this world the Army of the Lord will destroy, kill off, raze to the ground SO THAT IT MAY BE MADE NEW AND HOLY BY THAT VERY SAME ARMY. You think the coming of Christ is far off? Think again! The coming of the Lord IS THE VERY NEXT THING ON THE LORD’S AGENDA TO BRING ABOUT THE START OF THE NEW AGE BEFORE US; THAT COMING WILL INVOLVE THE OVERCOMERS IN EVERY WAY PROMISED.


On to the world scene will arrive the company of Overcomers now formed into the Army of the Lord by whom all things shall be destroyed. Not just destroyed to leave a pall of past destruction in this world, but destroyed in such a manner as to refute and discomfit anything of the curse of Adam’s fall in Eden. The Lord is the one who decides this working, not us, it is His doing, not ours. We come to align our lives with His when we permit the full power of the cross to work in our lives, then He raises us up together with Christ and sits us together with Him in Heavenly places, which places include the ability as an Army to destroy all that is held in death in this present world. The entire purpose of the Father is to RESTORE ALL THINGS. Not to leave things undone, but to complete all things in Christ minus the ability to be lost in vanity and pride over having a standing in this world. This world that rejected Christ now rejects the ones who suffer with Christ, the Overcomers, and this world that did that rejecting will be undone itself.


When the Overcomers time of tribulation ends, when great peace becomes the mainstay of their hearts, know that the manifestation in bodies glorified which was promised in Romans chapter 8 is about to happen. This is the place we are coming to. The place is the place of peace in the midst of the storms that are coming to the world and to those who have yet to see the Lord in truth. The world will see the Overcomers come forth onto the world scene in a deathless state. The carnal weapons of man’s war will not affect their forward march for these are earth walking heaven dwellers, people who once were under the crushing weight of the cross but now live in the power of Jesus resurrection. Once they arrive on the world scene it will take but one hour to dismantle whatever is left of man’s systems that endured the shaking judgments of God up until that time. All unholy affiliations and mannerisms must be destroyed by this Army because this same Army will also bring forth the holy city New Jerusalem, the city of the King of Kings which is totally holy. That city is the actual living body of the Lord which will settle upon this barren plain and from which will come the fruitfulness of His dominion. That is the purpose of the hard trials now, to create in you that holy standard which the Lord will raise.



“At that point the spirit of the Lord elevated the vision and increased the understanding to see the circumference of the earth and all the nations that dwelt upon it in present time. I saw that in each nation and in each geographical location upon the earth that evil was upon it continually, that the full fruit of evil from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil covered the earth and the faces of men just as it had done in Noah’s day. In present time, in real time, even at this time did this evil cover the faces of all who dwelt in the nations.  It was also during this present time that I saw the spirit of the Lord breaking down by shaking all these nations that dwelt upon the earth, the Lord in jealousy moved with wrath to shake and to destroy all that man has built. The present destructions you see about you where you live are sign posts of the Lord’s shaking and wrath in discomfiting all that man has built to make a name for himself. Also at this time I saw the Overcomers. They were each one separated one from another, but spread geographically out over the face of the earth, each nation having a certain number of Overcomers in it. These Overcomers are the ones the Lord has chosen who will be raised in the first resurrection when the time for that comes, these will be changed, their bodies will shine forth in the glory of their Father with eternal bodies filled with light and glory when the time finally arrives for the Lord to come and to establish His Kingdom in the earth. So too will these rise in the same eternal body that Jesus was raised in, glorified in their flesh and filled with the light of His countenance. Each one, geographically located through the earth will shine forth as ONE MAN in the glory of the Kingdom of God thus giving light to the nations as the Lord does continue to shake apart all man has built by the glory of His wonder working power.”

(End Vision)


“The New Jerusalem was seen in this vision descending from heaven to settle upon the earth. While it descended, it was still above the soil of the earth brilliant in whiteness and was full of the glory of God. I saw that this was happening while the earth lay in gross darkness, a dark pale was cast over all the nations and men lay bound in death while the New Jerusalem began its descent. As it descended I saw God above it. He began to move in the nations by His Spirit alone and He drew men out of the nations regardless of their ability to choose with a free will. Men were unable to make proper choices because they were bound in darkness and they did not have the ability to choose right from wrong. God made white the souls of men, no soul was left defiled; He made white all the souls and drew them to Christ who was in the midst of the New Jerusalem. As God drew them out of the earth and unto Christ I saw that all that man had built in the world and all that man had governed, everything man had created with the power of their own carnal minds was destroyed. I saw all the buildings and monuments and idols of man being destroyed as if a whirlwind was bringing great destruction to them. As God drew the souls of men out of the world system, this destruction happened at the very same time. There was nothing in the world that endured this working of God to destroy the things that man built during the time of their carnality. Each soul was made white, men did not have a choice in this, God brought this to them and with the power of His Spirit He brought them out of the world to cleanse them and prepare them to enter into the Kingdom of God. I saw also that this was a vision in real time, present time. That it has even begun in present time in the earth and in the midst of the nations.”

(End Vision)


“I beheld then a company as ONE MAN coming forth, clothed in dust and earthen vessels. But bursting forth through the soil that they were created in came forth a glory and a power of the risen Lord from within them as a massive and mighty Carbuncle Stone. This stone did emerge, breaking up the earth of their clay vessels and they came forth in bodies made new, bodies that would not die, bodies glorified with the light and glory and honor and power of He whom God did raise from the dead. This one man came forth with this glory, even the glory of God manifested in such a manner as to eternally change the natural course of this earth.”

(End Vision)

(QUOTE: From The New Jerusalem series – “Before The Unfolding” Glorification Of The Overcomer )

“There is about to be a great change take place for those who have learned to obey the Lord and who are not afraid to continue bearing their crosses. This change is going to manifest itself very quickly, and it will come in but a moment of time, and this is just before us. For those who have learned that overcoming is a simple matter of obedience and yeildedness unto the Lord and His dealings, this great change is about to come. The change is most definite in what it will be, and the time of it is most assuredly going to happen at that perfect moment that only the Lord alone knows. This change will be the exchanging of our natural bodies of flesh and blood, for bodies of eternal light and glory, bodies deathless, unending, everlasting, bodies filled up in the veins with the blood of The Lord Jesus Christ, a flow of His blood that is ceaseless and will flow until all things have been reconciled back to the Father. This great change is the revelation of the Lord in a company, a group, a smattering of the sheaf of barley and but a few ripe kernels fell to the threshing floor. These are about to be visited now by the Spirit of the Lord and the Lord is going to raze through them in greater intensity to prepare them for His coming. His preparations are vital and important and very crucial to our understanding. For the coming of the Lord is a matter of GREAT HOLINESS. This is the Lord coming to us, waving over our heads the banner of His unending love, BUT IN HOLINESS THAT IS EVEN MORE THAN MORTAL MAN CAN UNDERSTAND. And that thing that is going to bring this change, that thing that is going to glorify the bodies of those who overcame IS HOLINESS, EVEN THE HOLINESS OF THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY. 

Not only so, but this coming is the first resurrection. It is the time when the graves will be opened upon the corpses of those who had died as previous overcomers in ages gone by, even up to recent times. In this coming holiness, they will rise from their dust and ashes to receive also their new bodies FIRST, and then we who are alive and remain upon the earth will also be glorified with them. This coming of the Lord in the first resurrection WILL BE ONE OF THE MOST NOTABLE HOLY ACTS OF THE LORD SINCE THE TIME OF THE ORDINATION OF MOSES TABERNACLE. And the people who will be glorified, those raised from the dead in this mighty resurrection, and those who are alive and remain, ARE BUT A FEW WHO OBEYED THE LORD AND OVERCAME. And they shall be IN THE PERCISE IMAGE OF HOLINESS AS IS THE LORD GOD HIMSELF. As perfect mirror images, they shall be brought forth in absolute holiness in bodies which cannot pass away and with minds perfect in thought and in structure and in total perfect harmony with the very heart beat of their heavenly Father.


All this will happen WHILE THE EARTH IS IN GREAT TRIBULATION. Even as it is now.

THIS GLORIFICATION OF THE OVERCOMERS: Will happen while the world is still in its time of struggle and woe, its time of not finding answers to the problems between them.

THIS GLORIFICATION OF THE OVERCOMERS: Is going to take place right during the time of the present day newscasts of disasters and troubles and wars and rumors of wars with nations rising against nations and kingdoms against kingdoms.

THIS GLORIFICATION OF THE OVERCOMERS: Will begin and end while the world still does not know the Lord or understand His purposes or knows of the true faith of the elect of those who hold to the name of Jesus.

THIS GLORIFICATION OF THE OVERCOMERS: Shall have with it the revelation of those who overcame, the very same people that all the others rejected and cast out. The very same people that were set aside as useless and profane. That blasphemed their religious orders by not submitting to their pastorates or their counsels, schemes and plans.

THIS GLORIFICATION OF THE OVERCOMERS: Comes during the time coming of great financial woe and collapse, of those who hold money as their god and wealth as their safety. When the world finds that it doesn’t have enough money to fund their lusts and their needs and their all consuming fleshly desires or fund their wars.

THIS GLORIFICATION OF THE OVERCOMERS: Shall also discomfit totally all the political systems and governments of men. During this time when the governments of the nations are not finding solutions to their problems, the glorified Army of the Lord will make it even worse, for they will cause the systems of men to fail immediately and nothing will be able to be rebuilt in man’s governance when the Army of the Lord is revealed. Every plan made will completely collapse in the government of men.

THIS GLORIFICATION OF THE OVERCOMERS: Will destroy the pride of nations. All the nations that are upon the earth will dissolve at this revelation of this little small troop of people, Sons and Daughters WHO FORM THE GOVERNMENT OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD. These after all, are numbered with the 144,000. There will be no room for man’s governments when this government is revealed in the earth.

THIS GLORIFICATION OF THE OVERCOMERS: Shall shame every single religious effort of men, whether it be Christendom or any other religion, it will all suddenly become irreparable doctrine which will fall like the ashes of a burning carcase. Every religious effort or exercise of ANY religion, no matter what they call themselves, WILL COMPLETELY COLLAPSE AND END IN SHAME AND IN SORROW OVER WASTED TIME.

THIS GLORIFICATION OF THE OVERCOMERS: Will bring down the pomp and ceremony and glittering gold of kings and queens and dominions of rulership and monarchs and government houses and palaces and embassies all to a sudden and a complete end because a “revelation” will be given to them. When they see this little glorified company of Overcomers, THEY WILL SEE ALL THEY HAVE DONE AS BEING COMPLETELY FUTILE.


Then this shall happen.

THIS GLORIFICATION OF THE OVERCOMERS: Will openly display the great love of the Father, unbounded and real for each and every soul that is alive on the earth at this time beholding this glorified troop.  

THIS GLORIFICATION OF THE OVERCOMERS: Will openly destroy all the works in the world of men and will burn all that man has built up and will completely destroy all the elements and ambitions and plans of any man, nation or kingdom. This is so that men will know that the Kingdom of God is everlasting and that the nations God created are to be brought AS THEY WERE CREATED ( minus man’s governments ) as a “glory” into The New Jerusalem.

THIS GLORIFICATION OF THE OVERCOMERS: Will bring all nations upon the earth to a total standstill. They will stand, and cover their mouths with their hands when they see the power of the Lord and the Glory of His name in this small company of those by whom this revelation will come. Even those who were set aside for such a time as this.

THIS GLORIFICATION OF THE OVERCOMERS: Will begin the millennial reign of Jesus upon the Earth as the King of Kings ( overcoming Kings ) and Lord of Lords ( overcoming Lords ). Upon the earth will be one giant little red schoolhouse whose pupils will be the nations and each person therein and all shall be taught the first principles of the doctrine of Christ. UNTIL, all shall know Him, from the least to the greatest.

THIS GLORIFICATION OF THE OVERCOMERS: At the point of glorification, DEATH WILL END IN THIS NATURAL CREATION. That is not to be confused with the workings of the 2nd death which all must go through, but the death that came because of the curse of the fall will end and the earth will enter an Edenic state. Not a state made by global warming, but a state made by an earth once consumed by the fires of God, but now by the new creation life of which Jesus is the head and creator.

THIS GLORIFICATION OF THE OVERCOMERS: Will reveal to mankind the difference between ‘flesh’ and ‘spirit’, ‘fallen’ and ‘risen’, ‘dead’ and ‘alive’. For the line will be clearly seen as to that which the Lord will bring as a completed new creation verses that which is to be burned by the fires of His judgment. No one will misunderstand this.

(END QUOTE: From The New Jerusalem – Before The Unfolding)

But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, [even] to them that believe on his name: Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God. John 1:12,13.


The Cut Out Stone


Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of the image of a man has been a mainstay for many doctrines over the years. As mentioned in the personal note above, the Lord moved during the day and night after I had placed up the writing on the circuit of the Lord being fulfilled. The most tremendous part of the motion of the Lord during that time was this image brought up to my understanding. The image itself was not the incredible part, it was what happened after it was destroyed that was the incredible part.


The following words are words of prophecy which point to the exact time we are in.


Rather than to attempt to give an historical count of the number of Kings involved in reigning during the time of this image allow me to suffice it all by stating that it covers in part five kingdoms and a debatable sixth kingdom with the most notable of the kings numbering 8 in total. There were many more after the death of Alexander of the Medo– Persian Empire as his top four Generals divided the nation up four ways to rule over it. So for a quick rundown of the kingdoms I will suffice them with short sentences, then go on to what the Lord revealed that day after this writing was done thus prompting this addendum.


Briefly then:

Head of Gold - Babylon fall:

In 539 BC Cyrus the Great of Persia conquered Babylon. The Bible records in the Book of Daniel about the "Handwriting on the Wall" where Belshazzar who had been ruling in Babylon on behalf of his father Nabonidus, saw handwriting on his palace wall during a feast, which Daniel the Hebrew interpreted as the end of the Babylonian Empire. Babylon not only was destroyed by Cyrus, but also by the Hittite nation. Babylon now is known as Iraq.


Chest and arms of Silver - Medo-Persia fall:

A kingdom of two countries ruled by Cyrus the Great whose kingdom stretched from Ethiopia to India. Three empires were destroyed by Cyrus. Babylon, Lydia and Egypt. When Cyrus died his son Cambyses ruled wickedly and later he was usurped by an impostor. The imposter died under by the hand of Darius the Great who was the leader of Persia. Another notable leader who helped to destroy the Medo-Persian empire was Xerxes who was the husband of the Hebrew Queen Esther. This nation is now known as Iran.


Loins of Brass – Greek fall;

Alexander the Great, before he turned 30 years of age overtook Medio-Persia. Alexander was the ruler of the Grecian empire with vast armies. Alexander feared the God of Israel and met with the High Priest “Simon the Righteous”. Alexander claimed he would have a vision of Simon the Righteous every time he went forth to do battle. Upon his death the kingdom was divided up by his four Generals, later giving way to the battles of the Maccabaeus prior to the birth of Christ.


Legs of Iron – Roman fall:

The Roman empire came forth as mighty world conquering host, well organized and ruthless. After long delay Rome fell by its own corruption.


Feet of Iron and Clay - The United Nations fall;

Although there is much controversy over this, the iron clay mix would be prominent world powers of many nations since the fall of Rome and up till this present day. Daniel 8:3,4 describe a ram with two sizes of horns. This is the 8th King, the United Nations. However the ram gives way to another ram which is now this abomination that makes desolate which now covers the entire world of man, even the spirit of antichrist which envelops the entire world and the entire religious world in our day.


Now to the point of the end of the circuit of the Lord and the word that has been sent forth about the stone, cut out of the mountain without hands, a work done solely by the Lord Himself.

 And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, [but] it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever. Forasmuch as thou sawest that the stone was cut out of the mountain without hands, and that it brake in pieces the iron, the brass, the clay, the silver, and the gold; the great God hath made known to the king what shall come to pass hereafter: and the dream [is] certain, and the interpretation thereof sure. Daniel 2:44, 45.


So here is where we are at. The stone represents the Kingdom of God in a company of people known as His body, His Overcomers, the true church of the living Christ. In this instance, it is cut out of the mountain, the rest of humanity, the rest of the world of men, the rest of “churchdom”. The precise place we are at in the Lord is that we are cut out of the mountain, the tally of they who comprise this stone IS COMPLETE, and it is now ready to be hurled at this image to break it apart. This stone does not compromise the massive majority in the world of Christendom; they are to break apart with the rest of those under the battle of the two rams found in Daniel chapter 8. The stone cut out of the mountain without hands does not compromise the Muslim world, or the East Indian multi-god world, or the new age spiritualism world. It does not compromise itself of those who follow politics or monarchies. It does not base itself on conspiracies or news stories of the day. This is a stone cut out of the mountain WITHOUT HANDS. It is a work done secretly by the Lord Himself while this image of blasphemy stands! That stone IS COMPRISED OF THEY THAT HAVE OVERCOME ALL THINGS. It is a conglomerate stone made up of the members of the Lord’s overcoming company of Sons and Daughters who have endured the crushing weight of the judgment of God upon their own lives FIRST. They endured the cross, they endured the sorrow, they were stricken of God, smitten and afflicted! That is the populace of this stone!


I hear a sound in the wind of the spirit! It is the sound of the voice of The Ancient of Days! It is the sound that to the ears of an Overcomer sounds like the bright rays of a brand new day, but to the world dwellers it sounds as though it is fearsome thunder! This sound is the sound made by the voice of He who created all things and who stands as victor over all the ages, it is the sound The Ancient of Days makes WHEN HE CUTS OUT THE STONE FROM THE REST OF THE MOUNTAIN. For I say to you in prophecy that the entire purpose of the Lord from the beginning foundation of this world has now come up before us in time. The Ancient of Days worked all these ages to get to THIS time which WE LIVE IN NOW. His work, His law, His grace, the dispensation of the ages, all of it CULMINATES IN THIS LITTLE STONE CUT OUT OF THE MOUNTAIN. Just as Jesus made that sound when He said that He and the Father were one, that whoever saw Him, saw the Father, so now whoever sees the stone will see also the Father! These were a people crushed by the weight of the cross. A people who lost their identity, whose lives were taken from them; a people who knew nothing in themselves! And it is this people who are this stone which will be hurled at the feet of this image! Think not that the nations of the world will continue; think not that the politics, the monarchies, the currencies, the religions of man will continue! The little stone WILL DESTROY THEM ALL. The stone is not TO BE cut out of the mountain, IT HAS BEEN CUT OUT OF THE MOUNTAIN. And now this same voice I hear of the Ancient of Days, by the power of that creative word, will hurl this stone TO END ALL THE SYSTEMS OF MEN.


Set Apart Your Minds


In the early part of this writing I mentioned briefly that the Overcomers were ones struck down by their Heavenly Father for the purpose of being crushed under the weight of the cross. The entire place the Overcomer finds their lives in now in this day is in a place where their will is removed from them, their freedom curtailed, their hope only found in their faith and in the hope of His appearing. Their ambitions and their goals are gone. All else is removed from them. In that part of this same paper I mentioned that the Overcomers are identified with Jesus in the Isaiah 53 experience of being grieved with Jesus with a grief that overwhelms us. Of being in continual sorrow over the hard places we have walked. That the Overcomers by their Heavenly Father are smitten, stricken and that they are continually afflicted. All this was for a single purpose the Lord had in separating in us the flesh man from the spirit man; to divide
asunder in our lives flesh from spirit; so that we now can walk apart from that which bound us in times past, even the carnality of our thinking in this world. I co
me now to the import of the end of the Lord’s circuit; it is the first of a series of lessons, taught by the Lord to us of walking in the mind of Christ and not walking in our carnal mind. This is not a “how to” lesson! It is a life lived in the new creation man! It is learning to IGNORE your natural mind and to NOT USE IT; TO NOT THINK WITH YOUR OWN THINKING, walking as those who know the mind of Christ in them in a collective obedience.


Now that the Lord has divided asunder in us flesh from spirit, we can walk in spirit all the time. There is no need to walk any longer with your own flesh ruling you, but instead, you can walk in the spirit with the spirit of the Lord ruling you – ALL THE TIME. It is here in this hour that the Lord will now move in ONE PLACE in the earth and that will be in that little company of people who are the “stone” cut out of the mountain without hands. It will take a motion of the Lord to do this in you; it is not done by your volition, nor is it accomplished by claiming some sort of faith formula. This walk in the spirit using the mind of Christ comes AS THE LORD RISES WITHIN YOU; as He takes that which is of His life and makes it YOUR LIFE. I say to you in prophecy, that the stone which soon will be hurled by the Lord at the feet of this image will be a HOLY STONE, A ROCK OF POWER AND STRENGTH FILLED ONLY WITH THE LIFE OF THE ANCIENT OF DAYS. There will be no spark of carnality in it, no life of the flesh of men in it, that stone when hurled will destroy all that is unholy!


When the mantle of prophecy moves through my life, my natural thinking mind does not understand it. My natural thinking mind rises up to oppose the motion of the spirit of the Lord in me and thereby a war develops. The minions of hell, Satan, the power of my own carnal mind and the lies surrounding all the delusions of my past experiences rise up in an assault against the motion of the spirit of the Lord in me when the Lord is speaking. As the mantle of prophecy motions in my life, abiding upon my shoulders and energized and anointed by the Lord, and as His word comes forth, there is in my mind all the resistance possible to it. Everything in me wars and fights against the Lord who is speaking forth a sovereign word. The experience of this is not new to me, it has been my plight since I was but a small child, a youth of 7 years back in 1962 until now. Every time the Lord moved or spoke, my mind fought it. Every time the Lord would move through the mantle of prophecy, my mind would call it a lie. When the Lord would trust me with a word to deliver to His church, my mind would say I was unworthy to do so. There has not been a time when I wrote a single writing in all of these years that every sentence was not resisted by my own mind.


My mind is in league with the powers of darkness, the minions of hell, Satan, the carnal lusts of the world of men, the ambitions of the latent power of my soul in its unregenerate passions and untamed desires. It is in my mind that the footholds exist for the world to stand against the Lord in me. It is in my mind that the powers of demonic influence and of Satan and of all the works of iniquity have their strength and it is from there that the wars are launched every time against any singular motion of the Lord or any singular time the Lord would speak or prophecy through my life. My mind is the abomination that the Lord has to get past to speak to my heart; my mind works to refute His words, to call the Lord down to my earthly level and to lift me up to His holy heavenly level. It is the power of the carnal mind that does this.


This mind can be depicted in Revelation 17 as the great whore. Later on in upcoming writings in the Epistle Mysteries section, I will be writing on The Mystery of the Great Whore, which is your carnal mind. But this writing is to BEGIN you on a course and a walk that is like mine, where I learned TO IGNORE COMPLETELY MY MIND AND NOT USE IT AT ALL. Now, I use my mind to think in this world, to work, to labor, to raise my family, pay my bills, and look after my property. But that is the only thing my mind is capable of doing; it wishes to remain king in a little kingdom made for my flesh life here in this world. When the Lord comes along with the power of the Holy Spirit and by that same power begins to speak, the mind in me does not like to be usurped! Therefore it wars against the Lord who would speak in me. Now the Lord is much more powerful than my mind, so my mind gives place to the greatest offending weapon it has against the Lord and His word and that is that the mind gives place to PASSIVITY and it COMPROMISES with the powers of darkness, of all this that is fallen away from Christ. Passivity begins to rule the mind giving place to the powers of darkness to now war against the Lord in me. All of these vaunts up like the whore in Revelation 17 – in whose mouth is found the blood of the martyrs of Jesus; that whorish mind in me, that blood in the mouth of the whore, KILLS ANY COMING FORTH OF JESUS FROM WITHIN MY LIFE! The whore is there to martyr anything of Jesus in me! It works to destroy any appearance of the Lord in me so that in my life passivity rules and not the King of Kings!


When I walk forward in the mantle of prophecy, bearing this mantle faithfully, I can only do so when I have put aside my mind. I cannot bring my mind with me but I lay it off of me as one would take off a dirty shirt or as one would ignore a corpse in a coffin! Your natural thinking mind IS YOUR ENEMY. Do not hear me wrong, I did not say that Satan and the minions of hell are your natural mind, they are not for they are used by Jesus to captivate your mind and to steer your mind away from knowing the Lord. The enemy in your soul is your mind which doesn’t submit itself to anything of the Lord in you; in fact it works to make sure the Lord is UNKNOWN in you! I say to you now in prophecy THAT THE LORD IN THE NEXT SHORT TIME IS GOING TO RISE UP IN YOU TO GIVE YOU THIS UNDERSTANDING. That you will learn to put off your natural mind to walk solely in the spirit on a continual basis; always hearing the voice of the Lord instructing you and leading you in this tremendous hour. Stand as people who abhor their own minds! Hate the mind in you that tells you that God has forsaken you! Hate in your life that mind which tells you that you cannot measure up to the standard of the Lord! Remember this one key important fact about your mind. IT WORKS CONTINUALLY TO MAKE YOU PASSIVE. What is passivity? It is laying back in your easy chair or in your soulish place so that you can do NOTHING. It is the greatest area of compromise known to man and that is to allow anything into your life to move without your resistance! It is to never allow the voice of the Lord in you to speak in any way lest you have to actually move according to the power of that speech! When I overcome my own mind and when I put it off and ignore my mind I do so by KILLING PASSIVITY; and the only way to kill passivity IS TO CONFESS THAT THE LORD IS LORD IN YOU; that your body, soul and spirit IS GOD PROPERTY. Redeemed by the precious blood of Christ you LOATH that mind which says you need not think or do anything!


As you do this, you will find that in a verbal action, you can literally ignore your thoughts where this war and this disparaging originate. In the power of the carnal mind there is NOTHING that the Lord accepts from it, SO WHY USE IT?????? If your carnal mind is always at enmity against God, THEN WHY GIVE IT PLACE?????? If your carnal mind is the place where the minions of hell and of Satan, and where your soulish carnal desires come from, THEY WHY YEILD TO IT?????


Hear this well. The very first thing that will come into your mind as you read these words is that you are UNABLE TO FIGHT IT; THAT IT IS TOO STRONG FOR YOU. THAT YOU CANNOT NOT JUST PUT IT OFF OR NOT JUST YIELD TO IT, IT WILL LIE TO YOU AND TELL YOU THAT YOU CANNOT EXIST WITHOUT YOUR MIND. Remember, these are words of prophecy. The time is going to be extremely short for you to learn to not use your mind. Because the Lord is about to hurl this stone at the feet of the image of blasphemy, AND IF YOU ARE READING THESE PAGES, THEN YOU ARE PART OF THAT LITTLE STONE! That stone when launched and when soaring through the air to destroy the feet of part iron and part clay WILL BE A HOLY STONE WITH NO NATURAL CARNAL MIND IN IT ANYWHERE. Not even in you!


When your mind comes up telling you to be passive. Ignore it.

When your mind comes up telling you that you can’t win, ignore it.

When your mind comes up telling you that the Lord can’t use you, ignore it.

When your mind comes up telling you that you cannot be an Overcomer, IGNORE IT.


Your natural thinking carnal mind IS A LIAR. It has NO fathom of depth to it at all! It can only work where it can only be passive! It can only work when it gets its power from the negative forces of darkness. It can only work in you when you believe its lies. What is the one element that will defeat your mind? IT IS YOUR FAITH. That faith is the ONLY SHIELD YOU WILL EVER NEED TO IGNORE YOUR THINKING MIND. Hold up the shield of faith to your mind that accuses you and tell it that the Lord has accepted you into His beloved, that you are a part of the stone cut out of the mountain without hands and that it is about to  be hurled in righteous judgment to end all the ways of man.


Much more is coming on ignoring your mind; such things will help us gain in our overcoming.




The Lord has completed the circuit, the ordained footfalls of His purpose and the desires that He has had for this age are now completed! You see the world continue as it has, you think that nothing has changed, that the Lord has not yet come. Well, we do still wait for the coming of Christ, I did not say that the Lord is now come; I said that His circuit, the purpose He purposed for this age IS DONE. The next age will begin WITH THE HURLING OF THE LITTLE STONE. There is so much that we can add to these words but time is short, suffice it to say that the Lord has laid out in motion all that He purposed for this time so that His word will come back fully measured in perfection, performing that which He sent it to do. The age of the past is done, the transition is upon us hence the shakings and the judgments and the coming of the Lord to establish His Kingdom is the very thing on the agenda of His timetable. Between the age past and the age future is not at time of fearing some sort of mark, or of some sort of great war, or of some sort of massive assault against the Kingdom of God by someone names antichrist. The only thing the Lord sees is the little stone by which He will destroy the image! That is the conclusion of the Circuit of the Lord and the beginning of the Kingdom of God!


To be continued………..

Kenneth B Visscher


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