Forward To The Epistle Mysteries
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Not much can be said of such an undertaking as this except to give all the glory unto The Lord Jesus Christ through whom hope and grace for future events is given. In the writing of this study a certain understanding is needed that would quicken the steps and create such a desire for holiness that nothing else matters. Such is the study of the mysteries listed by the Apostle Paul in the New Testament. As one contemplates these mysteries there is birthed within them the deepest conviction to lay truth to the tongue and understanding to the lips. That the unsearchable riches of Christ, unfathomable, are only just at the forefront of such things. His truth is inexhaustible as is His righteousness. In such studies one is humbled at the magnitude of His power and greatness, the glory and splendor of His name and His great love for every single person that has been created since the beginning of the cosmos itself.


As I realized that the Lord was bringing this study to the forefront in my mind it became clear that this was but a personal sharing from my heart to yours, the reader. That these pages will exemplify (I trust) the beauty of the Lord who is the King resident within your very heart. There is nothing mysterious about the Lord except to the carnal mind and to the darkened heart. In those fleshly areas where resides every vile work the under-standing of holy things and of the person of the Lord is foreign. So it is in this study that a twofold purpose will be given. First, to show forth the glory of His name and nature and secondly, to teach one to set aside the carnal mind and walk in the mind of Christ by the Holy Spirit. Such is the outcome of this study, that the Word of His power instilled in the heart of the faithful ones will be found with such a magnitude of grace so as to conquer all that would oppose His purity and His mind from free flow. This work is basically a testament to how He has for the years of my life,  motioned His Spirit within me through waves of tribulation, chastisements, deceptions and dangerous ground. That in the past the Lord drew me up out of many waters and many raging fires to understand at the same time but the smallest portion of the depths of His riches.

It is to this purpose that I now am led to share out of the treasure house of His Spirit within and through the pages of His precious Word.

 Kenneth B Visscher