Prophetic Update

Concerning current events.

A personal testimony of the spirit of prophecy

by Kenneth B Visscher

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And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you. For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many. And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all [these things] must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. All these [are] the beginning of sorrows. (Matt 24:4-8)


During the night of March 14th 2011 the spirit of the Lord moved ever so slightly which prompted me to give this prophetic update. The world is in a very deep crisis situation from one end of the globe to the other, never has there been such tremendous pressure on mankind. During the motion of spirit I soon realized that we have been in the times of sorrow for some time now, but it is only a part of this sorrow, there is much more to come until the Prince of Peace comes and establishes His Kingdom in the earth.

However, it also came to my understanding that the Lord is moving very quickly and is cutting short the tribulation in the world of men. The primary purpose of the Lord is to give unto His creation the peaceable fruits of His Kingdom, peace world wide as Christ rules over it, all such tribulations we endure now become relics of history, the former things completely forgotten. The Lord will teach mankind to obey His word and laws by the pressures on them now, but only for the purpose of bringing the nations peacefully and wonderfully into Christ’s everlasting Kingdom. It is the main promise of His Word to man, that the Kingdom of God will eventually overtake all other things. The sorrows we are currently enduring with massive determinative judgements will only last for a short time until the Lord brings it all into a successful conclusion.


In the prophetic mantle and ministry the Lord has given to my life, I have had to prophecy of His Kingdom in the midst of many naysayers and cultists who make every effort possible to protect their delusional doctrines. In the midst of this the Lord gives a word of ultimate restitution for all His creation, (Acts 3:19-26) but many come against it in a fury and in a rage. It is not the prophet they are warring against, it is the Lord, and the Lord’s purpose. So accompanying these prophecies about the restitution of all things the Lord also gives many warnings of the “end” of man’s ways, means, governing bodies, economies, national pride and interests and all them who oppose His Kingdom and peace. When these words come, they do so with warnings and with urgent requests through conviction for men to repent. Few have heeded the call to repentance and many mock it. But for those who repent there is given the promise of complete liberty in their spiritual life “in time” while first partaking of the fellowship of His sufferings through the personal cross in this world which still remains opposed to the things of His Kingdom.


Many of the prophecies and visions the Lord has given me over the years of my life have shown the peaceable promise of His restitution, but they also show the ultimate destruction of the world of men as it stands now. The argument is made that Christ is out to destroy the world, but it is not the world He will destroy, but the perdition (unbelief) which is in it. If that means that the world wide mass of idols men have set up to make a name for themselves has to fall during this scourge, then so be it. Either way the systems of man have mainly been set up to protect the lives of men. In itself that is not a bad thing for life preservation is the ultimate goal of any living creature. But the means by which self is protected in such a way as to house their own rebellion and unbelief is what the Lord must and does judge, hence the current state of great shaking taking place. Make no mistake about it, the Lord is the one who is doing the shakings in the nations, He is causing the idols of men to fall so that the true revelation of His promise by His Kingdom may remain. The Lord desires to give unto men His Kingdom, but He must first scourge the earth of its filthiness. This is what we are presently experiencing.


For the rest of this discourse I will be placing in this paper key prophecies and visions which the Lord has given which have been sent out to the body of Christ in the past. These are reminders of His working and of His purpose in the present shakings that are taking place worldwide. We are only in the midst of the time of sorrows, but remember, the purpose of the Lord is PEACE, first to His obedient ones, then in time to the rest of the world of men.  The prophecies and visions will be separated with a ~~ symbol followed with a numeric sign at the end of each: (example ” {1}”) which will be related to a bibliography of sorts at the end of the paper quoting which writing the prophecy or vision was from. For those using the internet the article will be connected with a hyperlink should you choose to read it. For those who receive paper mailings of this study only the titles will remain which writings I will mail back upon request.





“I beheld then a great and a very high solid pyramid. This pyramid was in the world of men and was an invention of the carnal mind. It had within it the solid base and structure by which man would govern himself and care for his own needs and exemplify their natural thinking ability rather than to learn to depend upon the Lord for their very lives. I beheld this huge pyramid and saw to the very top of it, that upon the top of it slightly separated from it was the top cap, It was not a stone, but a very large eye. This eye looked to and fro throughout the earth in its own wisdom and it was not subject to anything of the law of man in the lower parts of the pyramid. The eye was able to move freely upon the top of this structure without restriction from all below it. However, as the eye moved, this solid unmovable structure of a pyramid would respond to that move, even though the pyramid could not move. The eye above it could move the unmovable structure, giving it influence. This eye was exceedingly evil and was filled with the iniquity of the whole earth. Then saw I the Lord walk past this pyramid and with His left hand He reached forth and grasped the eye firmly in His grip and with a tightened grip He completely destroyed the eye. The entire pyramid below the eye then began to shake and to shudder and then suddenly without much time passing from the destruction of the eye in the hand of the Lord the pyramid collapsed completely into dust.” {2} ....RETURN TO TOP


“I beheld then the Overcomers shadowed under the cupped hand of God, sheltered while His wrath escalated in the world of men. I saw that the Overcomers were protected within and without by that anointing that God has anointed the Overcomers with, which anointing held them in a place of a total loss of personal will, but also gave them complete freedom in the things of God and His Kingdom. A dual working of this anointing while they abode under the shadow of the Almighty. Seeing then presently first, I saw that God has arisen in this present time to shake the world in its religion, its hidden agendas, and its worldly ambitions. The shaking that God is doing is based on His heart of love to deliver this creation from bondage unto death and the curse He pronounced upon it when Adam fell in the Garden of Eden.  The world in our present time has now entered a new phase of shakings from the hand of God. Nothing will survive this shaking in the world of mans religion, his politics or in the world wide economic system. These have now fallen under the judgment of the living God. The second thing I saw was that JUST before us, while this shaking is happening, the nations will muster strength to resist this shaking and to deny God in their individual ambitions to build their own kingdoms. I saw that God will permit this resistance to His shaking for but a small season. As He allowed the world to resist His shaking I saw that a great and a terrible war, much greater and more horrible than any other war began in an unexpected place and grew and filled the earth. While this war raged man was found having conflicts, first within themselves, then throughout the entire earth as there was no answer for the ambition of man which built for self, not for others. As such the conflict of iniquity was like striking a flint stone, the sparks were inevitable and the ignition sure. This all is happening in present time and is the very next thing we will see in the world of men. It is in the midst of this that God will introduce one more element to the world of men and to their armies. He will bring upon them His own Army, even that Holy Army of the Lord, and no one will be able to stop them. Anything left in the world of men will be completely consumed and destroyed by the Army of the Lord. The time for this to happen has arrived, the first resurrection will take place during this conflict and man will find peace when the Army of the Lord finishes its march. The world and its systems must end, but only to the betterment of mankind, not to the demise of mankind.” {3} ....RETURN TO TOP


“The entire circumference of the earth was before me as I saw this vision of God. I saw upon the earth, scattered in through the nations, those who would overcome all things and be found in the Lord as ones who obeyed the voice of the Lord and conquered all their own personal iniquity. I saw each one separate from one another by time and distance, each one set aside and confined in their individual processings and being judged by God. In them was the light of the ages, but also in them was the Mystery Of Iniquity at work in contradiction to the new nature within them by which they were created anew. For the new nature as a realm of light in them was emerging, but so also was their own carnality, fuelled by this mystery. So rather than being pure and holy before the Lord, they found defilement, the works of flesh and iniquity, works that were base and foreign to the true spirit of the Lord that they were seeking to be one with. The Overcomers in this vision were greatly defiled. The mass of putrid iniquity was at the full in each one and there was an epic struggle of good verses evil in a Roman’s chapter 7 experience. I saw however that there is just before each Overcome a time coming from Father God. For I saw God. He was above this creation and was concentrating His mind upon the Overcomers in their plight. Bringing forth from within His very person came forth a NEW ANOINTING, A NEW REVELATION. This anointing and this revelation IS NOW JUST BEFORE THE OVERCOMER. I saw God pour forth this new anointing upon the heads of all they that were tagged and readied for His greater purposes in the earth. As they were in this delusion of light verses dark, good verses evil in their very souls, the Spirit of God poured forth this new anointing, this new revelation. The anointing poured forth upon their heads and each one became golden in this anointing of God, even while this war continued. I saw that this anointing is to happen just before Jesus comes bringing the first resurrection by raising from the dead those who are counted as part of the Overcoming company. This was a very peculiar work indeed, one that has not been seen in the earth before.” {4} ....RETURN TO TOP


“I beheld then the anointed ones covered in the golden divine holiness of The Father upon the earth. As I saw them I beheld also the Lord upon the Throne in Heaven above them. He leaned forward upon His Throne so that my eyesight saw the Lord from the top of His brow, looking down unto these few whom He had glorified. He spoke and said” “BRING FORTH UNTO ME THE EARTH”, His voice preceding them. Immediately the glorified anointed ones began to walk forward in that anointing in their new bodies. The earth reeled under this because the walking forward of these anointed ones discomfited and destroyed all that was around them, anything that was not in the glorified state. All that was in the earth, in the world of men, that was not yet shaken came apart and was destroyed by these who did walk forward in this new anointing in new bodies. All that was defiled and abiding in the realms of death and darkness saw this great light, even the light of these who walked forward to deliver unto the Lord a fully restored and redeemed earth.” {5} ....RETURN TO TOP


“………. I could behold the earth in its entirety. I saw the atmosphere surrounding the earth mixed with the presence of God who had both His hands upon the earth, reaching through the atmosphere in keeping power. I saw God then lift ever so slightly His hands off of the earth and out of the atmosphere. As He did, evil upon the earth in the hearts of men began to increase exceedingly being powered by the forces of principality and power in the air that was above the earth. As man’s wickedness increased more and more the horrible condition of the pureness of the earth was polluted and mankind and the animal kingdom suffered immeasurable grief as God ever so slightly removed His presence from off of the earth. The evil became exceedingly wicked and men’s hearts were filled with anger and murder and every foul thought and nothing in the vain imagination of men prevented them from destroying each other. The tumult upon the earth became so intense that many perished and were no more as man’s evil heart and lawlessness increased. I saw that this is only but now just at the beginning. This is a present reality, that the presence of God will wane from many areas of the world and men will become exceedingly sinful in the mystery of Iniquity. This then is a prophecy of that which we are now entering into prior to the return of Christ and the glorification of those who overcome. We are coming into a time of an increase of great evil.“ (Extension of the 2nd Vision) .... except that once the evil in the earth had escalated to a certain point, God immediately lowered His hands to where they were before to bring an immediate end to the increase in evil. Thus far and no farther was the thought I saw concerning this. This also is before us, yet to come.I am declaring these things to you the reader as a prophecy and not as something that has passed by us.” {6} ....RETURN TO TOP


“From the place wherein I was held and supported I could see “I AM THAT I AM” upon the Throne with Jesus at His right hand by looking to the left. Jesus wore the garments of the High Priest with the Ephod. As I turned my head to the right and looked down I could see the earth, both were in front of me. Before the Throne were lamps of fire and an altar filled with coals. I heard the Lord say “I will give but a measure of My judgment in the earth….” (This next part I am told to leave out.) (Now continuing.) I saw then an Angel (Holy Seraphim – guardian of the Glory of the Lord) take a coal off of the altar with tongs and cast it into the earth. The coal of fire rolled as a ball of fire across the surface of the earth and across the dust in the seas. As it rolled my heart trembled in fear and I cried unto the Lord concerning the fire of this coal, “Lord, would you save any flesh alive?”. My heart wondered at the extent of this fire for it seemed as though it would destroy all flesh in the earth. I cried unto the Lord that this was more than I could bear to see. But then while beholding this on the earth the Angel which was with me bid me to see and I looked and I saw the Army of the Lord – this which shall be – marching forward upon the earth as though they were but the size of a man’s hand. Before them was a massive billowing of fire, behind them a flame that kindled and burned. But what I noticed encouraged me greatly for I saw that under the feet of this Army flowed forth rivers of livings waters. These waters flowed unabated over the parched earth, flowing with a continued velocity to soften and heal the earth and the places that the fire had burnt were covered after by this living water that flowed as though it were a spring of water, unlimited, out from under the feet of the Army of the Lord. My tears were turned to tears of joy as I saw the answer of the Lord in healing and restoring all creation outside the curse of the fall.” {7} ....RETURN TO TOP


“I saw the Lord as a great and high mountain and the mountain was the Lord. As a strong stalwart of the Kingdom of God the Lord was seen as a mountain strong and high and mighty. Then by the Spirit of the Lord, not by any force of nature or of men, a stone was cut out of the side of this mountain and it was hurled into the earth. As the stone struck the earth I saw that the kingdoms of men failed in an instant, crushed and destroyed by the stone cut out of this mountain without hands. Every element of man’s life in the earth as relates to science, nature and civilization was destroyed by this stone that was hurled by the Spirit of the Lord into the earth. The stone did roll upon the earth and it destroyed everything that man had built. The stone then stopped its motion when the destruction that came of it was completed and the stone grew and swelled and filled the entire earth until the stone covered the earth. I then heard the Lord say: “You shall see this begin.” {8} ....RETURN TO TOP


“As I was in my house the Spirit of the Lord was upon me and His hand rested heavy upon me. As I was carried I saw a huge red dragon in the atmosphere, swallowing up the nations of the earth, but also I saw that this dragon had changes of color. There were waves of grey moving through the color of red and I saw that this dragon was causing the Sons and the Daughters of God to have contentions between them over true and false doctrine over the Word of God. Power was given unto this dragon to cause a warring and a strife to arise in the company of those who would overcome. I feared for the loud noise which thundered from its voice and from the size of this dragon which resisted the Word of God in the lives of the Overcomers. The Angel then moved me past the dragon to an even higher place in the atmosphere. There I beheld a great storm coming from God who did send this storm in waves and in periods of time to the earth. Storms of fire mixed with hail, winds, rains and a great tempest of cloud and darkness which no element on the earth could endure. The cloud of this storm was one cloud that God had made, but spinning off of this cloud were storms and elements of wind and rain and hail which would from time to time cover areas of the earth. It was this storm that covered the earth in gross darkness. Then even higher the Angel did carry me and I beheld God upon the Throne of Heaven. He was drawing to Himself the Overcomers out of the earth, catching them up into the eternal glorified state. I saw that the Overcomers were as points of light, bright with the glory of God being the light that was within them. They were being drawn up together unto the Throne, however what I saw was HOW FEW IN NUMBER THEY TRULY WERE. There were only a very small core group out of the storms of the earth that now assailed it who overcame and did rise to be caught up to the Throne of God.” {9} ....RETURN TO TOP


“The Lord was above the earth in Heaven, looking down upon the nations and upon many peoples and tongues, groups and gatherings. He rebuked many strong nations and many peoples and many who held to the strength of their gatherings, but it was as if men did not hear this rebuke, nor that they regarded it. It was as though men could not hear the Lord rebuking them. As He rebuked them I saw the hand of the Lord had gathered a very small number, a group off to the side which He had perfected in holiness and righteousness and in which was found the full measure of His word. Those He sent into the nations and peoples and tongues, groups and gatherings and they then became this rebuke and they became this standard of right that all these others could see. It was then that the rebuke of the Lord was heard and that His words were esteemed and measured and listened to. “

“But in the last days it shall come to pass, that the mountain of the house of the LORD shall be established in the top of the mountains, and it shall be exalted above the hills; and people shall flow unto it. And many nations shall come, and say, Come, and let us go up to the mountain of the LORD, and to the house of the God of Jacob; and he will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in his paths: for the law shall go forth of Zion, and the word of the LORD from Jerusalem. And he shall judge among many people, and rebuke strong nations afar off; and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks: nation shall not lift up a sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more. But they shall sit every man under his vine and under his fig tree; and none shall make them afraid: for the mouth of the LORD of hosts hath spoken it.” Micah 4:1-4 {10} ....RETURN TO TOP


“I beheld then the city that men had built, a high building made of bricks. The high part of this structure was built bright and shining, as was the rest of the structure below it, built in many parts. But each part was a little less glorious to see as it was viewed from the top to the bottom. The top was indeed glorious, but the bottom was not. For the bottom had bricks made of part iron and part clay. I saw then that the mortar of these bricks and the bricks themselves began to crumble and the entire structure above it began to sway as the bricks on the bottom began to give way under the weight and age of this structure. The entire structure was on the verge of a great collapse.”His legs of iron, his feet part of iron and part of clay. Thou sawest till that a stone was cut out without hands, which smote the image upon his feet that were of iron and clay, and brake them to pieces. Then was the iron, the clay, the brass, the silver, and the gold, broken to pieces together, and became like the chaff of the summer threshingfloors; and the wind carried them away, that no place was found for them: and the stone that smote the image became a great mountain, and filled the whole earth.”Daniel 2:33-35 {11} ....RETURN TO TOP


( ***NOTE*** - Genesis 11:1-9 describes men building the tower of Babel and the Lord discomfiting their work and confusing their tongues. The following vision now brings this up to our present day, to this very hour in which we live. ***END NOTE*** ) “I found myself in a vision beside the Lord moving very fast through the atmosphere of the earth. I heard the Lord speak the first part of the very same verse in Genesis 11:7 except that there was a much different tone to His voice which once was, but now is in the purpose of the Lord for this hour.“Come, let us go down,,,,,” However, I did not hear the Lord say that He would confound speech, but rather I watched and saw that He would bring to an end the ways of the kingdoms of men and of the confusion in the earth. I beheld then upon the earth that the nations had built once again that tower to unify their language and to make a name for themselves. The Lord by the power of His Spirit flattened the tower, but rather than scattering the nations as He did the first time, the Lord turned them to look up towards His person and towards His face, that the nations would see Him and behold Him and know that He is Lord. To them all the Lord poured forth His Spirit which turned them to purity and to holiness and to call upon the Lord with one voice and one tongue. The tower was no more, just rubble of ruin, but the nations therein were saved and came to worship the Lord in a pure voice with pure tongues and with one consent. All the while they all beheld the face of the Lord.” {12} ....RETURN TO TOP


“It fell upon a certain day that the hand of the Lord was upon me. Then the Angel which supported me under my right arm and carried me brought me to the paved work, even into the presence of the Lord. There I beheld a fire enfolding in upon itself, its flames reaching downward to the paved work and upward into the expanse above. In the midst of the fire that enfolded in upon itself a Throne was set, and one who sat upon the Throne, even the Ancient of Days, He who in this time was set in perfect array in the splendour of eternal glory. I beheld His left hand. Several large Angels came up before Him and from His left hand He gave them each a vial filled up with the wrath of God. Each Angel which received a vial then took it to the edge of the paved expanse and poured it forth. The contents of the vials then fell upon this creation, each vail upon each continent until all the vials were emptied upon this world. As the vials were emptied the fire which enfolded in upon itself burned downwards through the north, even in the cosmos, to the earth and in time enveloped the earth in this fire, starting at the top and reaching even unto the southern pole. The peoples upon the continents who had the vials poured upon them were now enveloped in the fires of God for it is written that our God is a consuming fire. What touched me in this scene was that I saw a unison come to mankind and each and every person therein turned their faces upwards to seek after and to know and to see the Lord in His Glory, even while in the flames of His judgments.” {13} ....RETURN TO TOP


“Being then carried and held in such a place as to behold the entire scope and circumference of the earth I saw that the nations upon the earth had come to the full measure of iniquity and false assumptions about their persons. The entire earth was blanketed in a very dark shroud, like a black thick fog which was the first death, the death that is unaware of the Lord because of the activated carnal mind. This vail of death covered every portion of land and sea, the entire earth was choked in this thick vail and yet men loved to have it so. Men rejoiced in their carnality and in the vail which covered them and they did not see in themselves anything that they thought was not life. So deluded had the earth become in this mystery of iniquity. The vail then was the first death which covered men, but in this time it had grown to such a dense fog of blackness that nothing could be seen through the fog because of its intensity. I saw then God descend and begin to release His creation and mankind from this fog. As God descended to the earth He pressed forward His Spirit and began to lift this fog to deliver mankind from it. This was then in my understanding of Isaiah 25:7 that this was the vail spread over all nations. However as God began to lift this vail from off of mankind, I saw that there were in the earth some very large and high mountains and some very low and deep valleys. As God was lifting this vail the mountains resisted God and refused to give up the height of this fog unto God. The valleys also gathered in the blackness even greater and would not yield to the lifting of this veil of death that God was doing at this time. Both the mountains and the valleys held on to this fog, resisted God who did this and tried not to yield and to surrender unto God the realm of the first death which men loved. ” {14} ....RETURN TO TOP


“I saw the company of those who are still overcoming AS ONE MAN upon a cross. Very clearly I saw the nails driven in the hands and in the feet as this one was crucified in weakness and was being surrendered up unto death. This company in this vision was the company of those who will form the victorious Army of the Lord, those who will be granted the title of “They that have overcome, even as I overcame” and who will be granted the right to sit with the Lord upon the Throne of Glory for eternity. These to whom the promise of the first resurrection was given. It was those who I saw impaled upon this cross. What I saw around the cross was the earth and the nations and the dealings of the Lord in the nations and in the affairs of men. I saw the Lord working in a great shaking in the earth and in pouring out His fury upon the nations who were ungodly and who rejoiced in the crucifixion of this ONE MAN who was dying upon the cross. And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified. And they of the people and kindreds and tongues and nations shall see their dead bodies three days and an half, and shall not suffer their dead bodies to be put in graves. And they that dwell upon the earth shall rejoice over them, and make merry, and shall send gifts one to another; because these two prophets tormented them that dwelt on the earth.” Rev 11:8-10. As the nations rejoiced, the Lord increased the shakings, and as the shakings increased, the level of tribulation and problems among men increased in the earth. As these things increased THE BODY OF THE ONE MAN UPON THE CROSS GOT HEAVIER UPON THE NAILS. This body sagged more and more under the weight of its own flesh upon the cross even while the tribulation in the earth increased. I saw that the nails held fast to the hands and feet, but the holes made increased in size and the weight and the pain of the cross also increased. So it is at this present time for those who are overcoming. The cross is becoming more greater, not lesser and the world is increasing in great tribulation, not less. Both these things are happening together at this time.” {15} ....RETURN TO TOP


“In my sight was a great and a high mountain, vast in its size, larger than any mountain upon the face of the earth. The mountain was built of very strong granite and was very high and snow capped, great in scope and size. I saw at the base of the mountain the masses of men who had assembled this mountain over 2 eons of time by which men had built up again a name for themselves and recorded for themselves their names upon the hard granite stone of this mountain. Men had carnally built this large mountain and they did not have any fear of God or of His Kingdom or of His Judgments. I saw God above the mountain in the air, looking down upon the mountain that man had built as a great monument to his carnal wisdom. The mountain displeased God who reached forth His Spirit and began to shake the mountain from the top to the bottom, even to the very foundations of the granite rock which structured it. As God began to shake the mountain certain men who were leaders of the others and oppressed the others to build the mountain brought the others into slavery to their carnal ambition to preserve the mountain. As the mountain was shaken it began to break apart first from the top. The enslaved men would then try to prevent the cracking and breaking of the mountain by holding it together with their hands to stop the shaking. Then I saw God’s wrath and fury come up into His face and He shook the mountain even more. Large cracks began to break off rocks in large pieces which rolled down the sides of the mountain crushing the slaves under them causing many men to be killed and many men to perish under the rolling rocks from the top of the mountain. It was given to me by the Spirit of God that this is a present vision and it is a present time revelation. This is happening even at this time in world history. The evidence of this will now become apparent in the world of men in their politics, economies and religious efforts.” {16} ....RETURN TO TOP


“Then seeing the expanse of the earth and all its territories I could see those that were overcoming, scattered amongst the nations. Each one was geographically separated by time and distance from those of like precious faith. As I beheld this I saw the Lord move by His Spirit igniting on fire the hands and the feet of those who were overcoming while the fire burned upon their heads. Each one in their own place upon the earth had been ignited with the fires of God this way. The fires were such as I had seen in previous times when I beheld the Throne set in the midst of the fire which enfolded in upon itself. Upon the hands and the feet of they that were overcoming were small mirror images of this same fire that folded in upon itself, each hand, each foot with an individual fire, just as I saw the fire folding in upon itself where the Throne is set and where the Lord does sit upon the Throne in Heaven. Similar was this fire for those upon the earth. Once each one was ignited with this fire there was the sound of a great trumpet and the Lord gave glorified bodies to each member of these who had fire upon their hands and feet. As the Lord glorified them they immediately came into order as the Army of the Lord upon the earth. The fire then upon their hands and feet became molten and flowed with a force that nothing in nature could stop. The fire flowed forth from them out unto the uttermost parts of the earth and to all nations that dwelt upon the earth. This fire grew in intensity and became huge billowing flames before the Army, unstoppable, full of the heat and the fire of the Holy Ghost. I saw that as the nations had been in turmoil and tribulation before, now with the fire from the hands and the feet of the Army of the Lord, that everything men tried to do to build up their nations utterly collapsed. Nothing was able to withstand the burning, all was consumed by the flames of fire which was coming forth unstoppable from those who now formed the Army of the Lord in glorified bodies in the midst of the world filled with great and horrible tribulation. All that was in tribulation was added to by the fire thus bringing to and end the ways of the nations.” {17} ....RETURN TO TOP


“Then being held in the atmosphere which was beyond the realm wherein dwelt principalities, and powers, the rulers of the darkness of this world, and spiritual wickedness in high places, I beheld a great and a mighty prophet upon the earth. Above the prophet in a cloud sat the Lord in great splendor and in mighty power. The prophet held before him two huge horns as if they were horns cut off of cattle or a huge ram. The horns were wrapped in skins at the base and were held up by the powerful arms of the prophet. He did push these horns over the face of the earth, trampling down nations and kingdoms and dominions over the entire length and breadth of the world. No nation was delivered from the destructive power of these horns in the arms of this mighty prophet. As the prophet pushed these horns many peoples perished and were no more alive in bodies upon the earth, those who were proud and resisted the will of the Lord who was above this prophet. As this prophet pushed the horns many nations lost individual peoples who were trampled by the horns and by the power of prophecy which came forth from this one who the Lord had empowered. As the nations were in great perplexity because of the horns I saw the Lord mock the nations for their many delusions. Nothing was able to stop the power of these horns being pushed by this prophet, even unto the uttermost parts of the earth and enveloping all time.” {18} ....RETURN TO TOP


“I beheld then also in unison with the first vision that the shakings in the world are preparing mankind for the very same thing. Although they may not hold the testimony of Job, they nevertheless will endure shakings which will end the ways of men. The time frame for this to happen is only known by the Lord, for no man knows the day or the hour when Jesus will come, but the shakings can be clearly seen. These shakings I saw were preparing men to also enter the New Jerusalem, which is the City of the Lord, which is in reality the church that Christ built. Their purpose for entering is not just for salvation, but to also behold the face of the Lord. For every person will in time behold the Lord’s face.” {19} ....RETURN TO TOP


“I saw the sword of Gideon cleave the skull of the Midianites through the forehead. The sword of Gideon stuck fast along its edge embedded in the frontal skull of the Midianite Nation, so hard was the sword struck that it remained embedded in the skull thus ending the life of Midian. ( ***NOTE*** - Midian means “Judgment, covering of iniquity, habits.” {20} ....RETURN TO TOP


“I saw an incredible loud and monstrous storm of black cloud and of fire, a huge tempest billowing and blowing and churning from the North, and in the midst of this through it came The Lord Jesus Christ at the time of His appearing.”  Psalm 18: 11, 12. {21} ....RETURN TO TOP


“Then the Angel who supported me under my arm lifted me up and carried me up over the wall of the City, even up to the pinnacle of the Mount Zion, even into the fire that enfolded in upon itself atop the mount. I was taken up very near to the right arm of the Throne upon which the Ancient of Days did sit. I could see the side of God as He looked out in front of Him from the Throne. It was as though the Mount Zion did not exist before Him at this point for directly in front of the Throne before Him was the earth below an elevation in the atmosphere. Far below where the Throne of God was I could see the earth, a firmament being between the setting of the Throne and the earth. In the right hand of God I saw the rod of Moses, long, grey in color, like a pole of wood, very strong and large. God then drove the rod down while holding it in His hand and the end of the rod slammed into the earth below in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, in the Washington State area near the ocean. As the rod struck the earth an outward rift happened in both the realms of spirit and in the natural creation. I saw large fissures of an earthquake like the spokes of a wheel, outward through all the lands and under the sea. In the spirit there was a great shaking and all the natural strength of man and the governments and economies of man were abated. In the natural huge earthquakes literally took place much larger and stronger than what we have known in recorded history. As these spokes of an earthquake went out from the rod of Moses in the hand of God I could see areas where the deeps were opened and waters and lava came forth upon the earth’s surface. There was much destruction and the entire shelf on the side of the main North American continent was completely submerged into the ocean and all the cities therein were lost under the sea. So complete and entire was the devastation as God struck “once” the earth with the rod of Moses.” {22} ....RETURN TO TOP


“When I view the Gate of Benjamin, I see a people in that Gate who have taken fully Father’s name unto themselves. A royal people, Holy in perfection who have no death working in them. That is yet to be seen in this world for each Overcomer I know is presently enduring SECOND DEATH. The Gate of Benjamin brings Sons to God. They who enter The New Jerusalem through this Gate will be sons of full stature, fully matured with no taint of the former life in them. For the will of God is sure, which will cannot be refuted. And that is that all who died in Adam ( the 1st death ) would each in turn take part in the second death. It is the will of God for you dear reader of these writings, you who are overcoming day by day your daily trials, to go through THE SECOND DEATH. God is most earnest that you endure the processings of your life and that you partake of this SECOND DEATH so that you may be found with NO taint of the fall, NO taint of personal iniquity, NO taint of your former life. For the SECOND DEATH is a death no one is exempt from. No one can bypass it just as they cannot bypass being born in Adam, so they cannot bypass death to Adam to come alive again in Christ. For the SECOND DEATH dear Overcomer IS THE DEATH OF YOUR PERSONAL DEATH.

*That which is slated to die in you, DIES.

*Every single thing in you that is not of God or of the born again nature, DIES.

*Every single bad doctrine based in new age philosophy and deception, DIES.

*Every aspect of self works or religious effort, DIES.

*Every place where your life is in this world as a life lived in present time, DIES.

*All in you that is contrary to the true nature of Jesus in you, DIES.

There is nothing in you that is born in this present world that will survive THE SECOND DEATH. And they that overcome WILL NOT BE HURT OF IT. Those who are hurt of the second death are those who loved this present world. The degree of hurt will be the degree of your love of this dead creation. But if you lay all your life down at your Savior’s feet and if you abandon your life completely as useless in this world, YOU WILL SUFFER NO HARM.


Hear me Overcomer. God’s will for you today IS TO DIE. Die the SECOND DEATH. Die to THIS WORLD and this world becomes dead to you. The will of God for you to be granted the title as one who overcame is that you endure DEATH IN ALL ASPECTS OF LIFE. For the life of this present world IS DEAD. It is a life found in the fall of Adam, in the life of Adam, in the life of carnality – THAT DEAR OVERCOMER IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE TO OVERCOME. The Gate of Benjamin is the Gate one enters when the second death is finished. When there is nothing left in you to die! When all that is death in you is DEAD. Your entire gamut of trials and testings in this world IS TO MAKE YOU DIE.  For it is the will of God to remove from you ALL ASPECTS OF THE LIFE OF THIS WORLD WHICH IS DEATH ITSELF AND IS THE SPIRIT OF DEATH. To love and live in this world is to love and live in that which is under a curse and is DEAD. Why love that which is dead, when that which is dead must be removed from you by the spirit of burning? God will not spare this death from you, but will bring it on to you in greater and greater measures prior to the appearing of Christ in you. When Christ appears, DEATH WILL BE NO MORE.” {23} ....RETURN TO TOP


“Then the Angel which was supporting me took me up and beside the Gate of Gad wherein I saw a most fearsome sight. The Gate was opened wide and standing in the arches of the Gate and out toward the earth was the fully assembled Army of the Lord. An Army of great people, a strong people, I have not ever seen such an Army to be so feared as this Army of the Lord.They stood in perfect order, rank upon rank, order upon order, each one in place in perfect rows with each one being identical in the armoring of a soldier representing the Lord in His power and purpose. They stood from the entrance of the Gate of Gad facing outwards towards the earth and they were at this first point standing still.


Above them I saw the Lord bending over the Army in the atmosphere above their heads. I could see the side of the Lord, His flowing garments and the strength of his thigh I could see through the garments he wore. The garments were very hard for me to see as the Lord was covered in a thick dark cloud above the Army. I could see the side of His face and of His hairs and I could see His forehead furrowed with deep wrath and intensity. The Lord stretched Himself out over the heads of His Army, perfectly aligning His body with the line of the Army that stood in the Gate of Gad. As the Lord stretched forth His body over the heads of the Army I saw Him open His mouth and utter speech which I could not comprehend or hear correctly. It was not verbiage, but FIRE which came forth of the speech of the Lord over His Army. Not words, but an utterance, the fruit of which were huge billows of fire enfolding in upon itself laced with dark smoke and much tumult in the billowing of the flames.


As soon as the Lord uttered His voice the fire came forth from Him. It must be noted that to look upon His face was to look upon the Jasper and the Sardine stone, these stones of Grace and Wrath, of Love and of Fury.The anger of the Lord was kindled in this fire which was now over the heads of His Troops and came forth in front of their ranks before them. The fire now went forth before the Army and as it did, the Army began to march forward in the billowing flames of fire and began to traverse the earth. There was a great noise as the Army went forward, with huge billowing flames of fire round about them and over them and in front of them. I saw the earth give way before their weight and the earth crumbled to dust under the footfalls of these whom the Lord had called His “Overcomers”. There was no place on the earth that the total destruction of this Army did not touch. And I saw that just as the Jasper and the Sardine Stones were visible in the face of God, even so the Army marched forward in the very same Jasper and Sardine Stone, both the Love and the Wrath of God. “{24} ....RETURN TO TOP


“Then the Angel which held me elevated in the atmosphere took me up even higher above the tower which had now collapsed. I saw that as the tower had collapsed, the principality and powers and the spirits of wickedness that once enveloped the tower were still present in the atmosphere where the tower once stood. But these powers of wickedness and deceit still continued to hold the masses of mankind in their power and to deceive even the very elect of the Lord who were still anchored to the earth. I saw that as mankind was held to this power that mankind formed as it were a beast having ten horns and seven heads which I saw to be world dominion outside the Kingdom and grace of our Lord. This worldly beast arose with ferocity up into the atmosphere where the tower once stood. I cringed when I saw the beast arise and the Angel which held me said: “What would ye?” I replied, “I am afraid of the beast and that my feet would become entangled in his rising.” The Angel held me fast and bid me turn my head upwards towards the Heavens. Then saw I the answer. For riding upon a beautiful white horse came The Lord Jesus Christ with the Army of the Lord upon white horses riding behind Him. He descended to where the beast had filled the atmosphere over the entire earth and the beast was destroyed, even by the light of His Glory as the living Christ descended as the captain of the Lord’s hosts. The beast that held itself over all mankind was destroyed by the brightness of the coming of Jesus, and the beast was no more. Mankind then was free to see the glory of Jesus and of His appearing and they had no more fear over being held captive by that which was once the carnal enmity against the Lord and His Kingdom. I saw this as though it were happening in “real time”, and my heart was very glad.” {25} ....RETURN TO TOP


“Then was I carried to the outer circumference of the atmosphere above the earth wherein I was able to see in a moment of time all the nations that dwelt upon the earth and all the people which lived in this present time in the nations. I saw in the midst of the nations a huge tower, its height was terrible and high, even to the top of the atmosphere as high as man could go. The tower was built and reinforced with large rocks and mortared with untempered mortar as if man was in a great hurry to build this edifice. As fast as man had increased in knowledge in the earth, so fast had this tower also increased in height. As fast as man had increased his wealth and ability to become his own god so fast and high and numerous were the stones that were shaped and chiseled to fit with each other and joined with this untempered mortar. I saw then above the tower the pride of man ascending and his ability to be his own god increasing. At the same time I saw large black birds circling around the tower flying in the air and not ever landing upon the ground beneath the tower. These birds were huge in size, very black with long stringy feathers. Immediately understanding came to me and I knew that these were principalities and powers, the spirits of wickedness in high places. At the same time as they circled this tower I could see that now and then elements of light and love and peace from the Spirit of the Lord would approach men who built this tower. But every time the Spirit of the Lord would approach this tower the birds would fight off the light, the hope, the joy, the peace and love of the Lord from reaching men. The birds jealously guarded the tower so that darkness would remain to be its light and fear and dread would remain to envelop the tower and enslave those who built it higher and higher. At the base of the tower in the midst of the nations were crop lands. The crops grew every kind of food element and there were also vines and vessels of wine. Then I saw God above the tower in wrath begin to shake this tower. From the top the stones began to crumble and the untempered mortar began to crack and break as God shook the tower that man had built in our time. As this shaking took place I saw that below the tower in the foundations thereof cracks appeared, IN OUR TIME, and that the cracks and one rather large crack raced up the spine of the tower towards the top where the stones were coming apart. I saw also that the crops all turned to dust, that there was no fruit to the plants there and I saw that the vessels of wine had turned to vinegar in themselves. I asked the Angel which held me here to see this judgment of the tower – “What about the promise of the Lord that there would be seedtime and harvest?” The Angel did not answer me but bid me look further. Continuing to look I saw that the tower began an immediate collapse, that the collapse took but a brief moment of time and that many men were killed as the stones rolled down upon them, crushing them under their weight. Even though the stones fell down and the tower was collapsing, men still worshipped the tower made with their own hands and they did not repent of their evil works. Neither did the black birds remove themselves from where the tower was located, even when the tower had collapsed completely into dust. The fowls of the air remained and still  rejected any motion of the Spirit of the Lord towards the men who had built the tower. I saw that this was to be a quick judgment, a fast work, a holding back of the fruit of the earth until men’s rule and ways have been thus judged.” {26} ....RETURN TO TOP


(GULF OF MEXICO OIL SPILL WHICH IS ONGOING DUE TO FRAKING OF THE EARTH’S CRUST) “I beheld a huge structure made by man which refined oil found in the earth. As the Lord gazed upon this structure it ignited into a great fire becoming totally consumed by this fire and no man could battle the fire or put it out. The fire greatly polluted the earth but nothing could be done to stop its destruction as the Lord did gaze upon it and did consume it with the brightness of His fiery eyes.” {27} ....RETURN TO TOP


“Being then held in the midst of the atmosphere above the earth I beheld below the place of my feet the air, then the surface of the earth. The earth was covered with deadened life, plants and creatures all subject to futility and death and the element of dying was not removed from any part of creation. Throughout the earth were very high mountains and very low valleys. I saw that the spirit of the Lord moved by the power of the proclamation of  the Kingdom of God and the fulfillment of the mystery of Christ in the earth to accomplish a work, even a work that is to be in this very hour in which we now find ourselves in. A work that is being cut short for righteousness sake. As the spirit of the Lord went forth in the power of His word the mountains sunk down and the valleys filled up and the earth became level and plain and there was no high place neither was there any low place to be found. However at the very same time the earth which was covered in the curse entered a state of complete death, all that was within it died and nothing in it survived the word that came forth proclaiming the Kingdom of God. For nothing of death or that is defiled by a curse can enter the Kingdom of God, only that which is of His new nature found only in the spirit of life in Christ can enter the Kingdom of God. So I saw that the entire earth became a barren wasteland. The valleys were filled, yes. The mountains were brought down, yes. But nothing was left alive. All entered complete death. This is indeed a working of the spirit of the Lord, even in this hour that is now upon us.” {28} ....RETURN TO TOP


“As I beheld this realm of death and the barren wasteland that was now the surface of the earth, the Angel which held me close and carried me bid me look up, unto the north and I beheld an immense fire folding in upon itself, and in the midst of the rolling fire I saw a Throne set, and ONE who sat upon the Throne, even the Ancient of Days. I saw then that beneath the Throne and above the paved work which supported the weight of the Throne and of the Ancient of Days a fire issue forth. The fire issued forth as a mighty river, but that was not all. At the very same time the fire issued forth from under the Throne so too did a mighty river of equal size and strength issue forth, a river of living vibrant waters. So the river of fire and the river of living waters issued forth together and came together unto the earth and they flowed together, fire and water and covered the earth. The fire burned and melted the elements therein and the water washed away the filth of those elements. Then I saw and was amazed, for hidden under the barren wasteland of the earth, and from every place where the fire and water issued forth over it were fully grown green plants and trees of that which was a new creation. These were already fully developed and grown and they did spring up as the mud was washed away and these were already complete and the earth was made new and covered by the foliage that emerged once death had been swept away by the fire and the water. I was amazed at the brilliancy of the green color of life that came even by this peculiar working of the creator as He made all in the earth new, creating it without death and without anything of the curse upon it.” {29} ....RETURN TO TOP


“The earth and all the nations in it, even in this very time we are in at this very moment. The nations were all assembled upon the earth and through them and as them was the appearance of a wild beast. The beast spoke out blasphemies against God and against His people. The beast was ravenous. It trampled and devoured the flesh of men, consuming them relentlessly without any rising to contest it. Men fell down to worship this beast to try to get it to stop consuming them but the beast regarded not men and devoured them, consuming them in its jaws and breaking them to pieces. All the men on the earth, all the inhabitants of this world were consumed and torn by the ravings of this beast. And I saw that this beast seemed out of control. Yet at the same time I saw that the beast while consuming men had grown to full stature and that God began to judge the beast. “And I saw an angel standing in the sun; and he cried with a loud voice, saying to all the fowls that fly in the midst of heaven, Come and gather yourselves together unto the supper of the great God; That ye may eat the flesh of kings, and the flesh of captains, and the flesh of mighty men, and the flesh of horses, and of them that sit on them, and the flesh of all men, both free and bond, both small and great. And I saw the beast, and the kings of the earth, and their armies, gathered together to make war against him that sat on the horse, and against his army. And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped his image. These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone. And the remnant were slain with the sword of him that sat upon the horse, which swordproceeded out of his mouth: and all the fowls were filled with their flesh.” (Revelation 19:17-21)  
I saw then that this was indeed what was being brought about, even in our day, to the mass of mankind that is alive upon the earth, even in this very hour.” {30}


“I beheld God then at the very start of this day of His dominion over the earth. By start, I mean the beginning of the extension of His Spirit over the earth to subdue it and to bring the nations and the kingdoms therein unto Him in full restorative power. For His Kingdom and His Dominion has always been. Yet in the purposes that God has purposed His Kingdom and His Dominion has a point wherein He subdues all that is outside of it so that all that is outside of it may become one with it.  In this vision I beheld God over the earth pushing with His shoulder the large dark vail that was spread over creation, even the curse of the Adamic fall, the state of death that encapsulated this creation and the cosmos itself into a state of death and dying. God was with His shoulder pushing back the vail of death thus destroying it by removing it off of the earth, out from the atmosphere of the air, from off of all the nations, from over the time frame of this very day we are in.” {31} ....RETURN TO TOP


“Being then carried to the edge of the bow the Angel which carried me set my feet set down upon a paved work, even the work that is at the outer edge of the bow that goes round about the Throne. I saw the bow, and in the midst of the bow a fire enfolding in upon itself, a great tempest of fire billowing forth folding in upon itself without being consumed, and in the midst of the fire a Throne set and ONE who sat upon the Throne, even the Ancient of Days. His face to look upon was as the Jasper Stone and the Sardius (Sardine) Stone. As God looked out His face did emanate these stones and He did look out upon the surface of the earth, even through the nations to the valley of Megiddo and to the very battle called “Armageddon”, the place of the rendezvous. The gathering together, the compacting of all whose flesh would be fed to the fowls that fly in the midst of heaven, even to there in this present time did the face of God look forth and the battle of Armageddon even began in intensity as God did look upon it.” {32} ....RETURN TO TOP


“The Lord in preparing the nations for the promise of His age of peace and the Kingdom of God went about upon the earth to remove idols from it, those things which would steal away the hearts of the nations to not come to know the Lord or his knowledge or to find out the things from the Lord that are related to His everlasting Kingdom. So the Lord did walk forth upon the earth in our time, in real time, this vision was being shown to me in present real time by the Holy Spirit and it was given so that you may know that you may have hope and that you may be certain of a successful end to your faith in the culmination of His promises to all they that would call upon the Lord. So the Lord went forth and He found in the midst of the nations an altar built upon which men would place their sacrifices. The Lord in wrath did dig down this altar of stones and did destroy it and compress it and cast it back into the depths of the earth so that the altar stood no more and so that man could no longer offer sacrifices upon it. Beside this altar were two pillars in front of an earthly temple, these also did the Lord in wrath begin to push apart and destroy and to break down and to bring to naught all the stones which had been piled on top of one another to form this earthly temple. So the Lord then in going forth did not accept as righteous or as godly the altar or the temple that man had built in the name of their gods. The Lord destroyed them completely so that nothing of them could be rebuilt or remain.” {33} ....RETURN TO TOP


“Continuing on in the study of the Mystery of Godliness. In prior study of this I mentioned that one cannot define Godliness. However I would like to share an attribute of Godliness that pleases the Lord and is acceptable unto Him. This would then become the closest thing to a definition of Godliness that one can put into understanding and that is that Godliness, in our time, is being displayed without many words to express it by definition. Here is the closest thing to a definition of Godliness that one can define in this hour.

1)      That if the presence and the knowledge of God in the midst of the soul has waned -

2)      That as His presence has become obscure to one’s understanding and to ones faith -

3)      That as this presence has been in actuality the Lord hiding Himself from us -

Then we would know this definition. That the more the Lord is not made aware in you by His presence, and the more that you simply hold on to simple faith, that that exercise alone is the most Godly thing an Overcomer can do. There is nothing more Godly in this world and more of a definition of Godliness then to have faith in God, believing that He is, even with no conscious awareness that the Lord is present in the soul. This is exactly where the Lord wants us at this time in our earthly sojourn prior to the coming of Christ.” {34} ....RETURN TO TOP


“Then the Lord with great care, but also with a vehemence which shook the world of men, motioned towards the earth and the nations within it with a great motion of His arms and of His hands. The earth lay before the Lord IN PRESENT TIME under a very thick and heavy veil of darkness which was so deep and so thick that nothing on the earth or that man was doing in the earth was at all visible. It was as if the spiritual world was unable to behold the natural world, the darkness between the world in present time and the spiritual world was such that only the Creator was able to discern and see through the darkness, penetrating every corner with His eyesight. The Lord firmly grasped the darkened veil of death that was spread upon this world. I saw that THIS IS IN PRESENT TIME, NOT “TO” COME BUT “IS”. This veil was grasped firmly by the Lord’s hands and He with great wrath and vehemence and with a loud shout tore this veil off of mankind, worldwide, and all that was in the earth and in the lives of men was exposed fully to His gaze and nothing was left hidden in this darkened veil of death.  As the Lord tore from the earth this veil His countenance changed from one of wrath and vehemence to eyes filled with Love for His creation and for all the lives within it. Previously I saw that the world of men was in great danger of self destruction under this veil of death, but when the veil was removed all men everywhere knew this was the face of the Lord who in love cared for them and made Himself known to them. What I had seen here was the great transition. The Lord moved the world of men from one age to another, even the millennial age of Christ wherein the Lord is seen and known by all men.” {35} ....RETURN TO TOP


“In full view of the Lord and by His eyesight lain throughout the face of the earth was a very large rope. This rope was cluttered with many pieces of dirt and filth and of many bits of mould and infections. The rope laid over the course of the earth in and out of the seas and over the continents and it was very dirty. As this rope was laid out upon the earth it had no straight piece, but all of it was curving and twisting, coursing through time and ages past right up to this present hour, and I saw finally that this rope being very long had an end to it, I could see clearly the end of the rope. The end was very frayed and broken and the individual strands of it on the end were very tangled and dirty. Seeing the rope curving through the world the spirit of the Lord rose in me and my spirit came to an understanding and the knowledge of the Holy One came unto me and I saw that this rope represented in a parable the systems of man in their nations through all the elements of time. The rope curved through the elements of history and of each nation that ever existed, right up until this present time. Seeing then the end of the rope, I knew we had come to this time we are in now, even in this very hour where the rope has ended into frayed and broken and tangled individual strands. Then the Lord was seen above the earth and He reached down His hand and grasped the end of the rope. With slowness of movement and with perfect wisdom and determination He began TO LIFT THE ROPE OFF OF THE FACE OF THE EARTH. The understanding that came to me was that the Lord has begun now to end all the ways of man, which ways have been through history and have culminated right up until our time. The Lord has now begun to lift up this rope and to disannul all that man has done.” {36} ....RETURN TO TOP


“Then saw I again the Lord over the earth, His person being much larger than the sphere of our planet, He stood fixed above the northern pole of the earth with great determination in His face and in His purpose for this time. I saw that this will soon come to pass. As the Lord stood above the earth I saw upon the surface of the earth and in many areas several very large exploding mushroom clouds. These were very devastating as man began to try to destroy man. But as the mushroom clouds appeared on the earth in an attempt to cause massive destruction, I saw the Lord thrust down His hand upon each area where mushroom clouds appeared. He pushed down and held down each nation that had one of these clouds come to it, holding down the people of the nation under His hand, then with the other hand He would push down the mushroom cloud suppressing it. This caused men to be protected from the violence caused by these clouds and by the anger of man against man, the Lord intervening and pushing down these clouds so that only limited damage could result from them. The Lord was not doing this in happenstance, but He was doing this knowing full well what was to be before it took place so that men would learn to trust the Lord alone completely to protect them.” {37} ....RETURN TO TOP


“Beholding the Lord, He stood in His glory with the host of the heavenly Army beside Him. In this heavenly place and with them were several large fiery hailstones behind them which the Lord desired to cast into the world of men to discomfit and to destroy and to bring to naught all the ways of men. The hail stones were very large and burning with a hot fire, ready to be hurled into this world in present time. For I saw that even though this was in the realm of spirit, the “time” for this happing was even now in the heavenly realm and in the world, that the Lord was standing ready to bring forth His judgments this way. In the air, between the heavens and the earth was standing in array principalities and powers (authorities), the spirits of wickedness in heavenly places, even in the atmosphere of the world of men. These stood against the Lord and His Army and they stood to STOP AND PREVENT the Lord from casting forth the fiery hailstones so that they would hit the earth and would burn up the earth and the world of men, thus fulfilling the will of the Lord in ending the ways of men. These powers were working in array against the Lord to not allow this judgment to happen. This was the scope and the extent of this war that the Lord would be prevented from bringing forth His judgments and so that men could continue on in their wickedness and that man would not be brought to conviction for their own ways and as to the time of the Lord’s judgments in the earth.” {38} ....RETURN TO TOP


“The Lord then proceeded to rain down upon the earth the hailstones of fire and brimstone. Upon each continent of the earth the stones did fall, seven larger ones, one per continent. The covering upon the ground of land masses and of the buildings which man had made disappeared under the flowing fire of these stones which buried the element of the earth in this consuming fire. All the elements of the earth were buried from view as the fire extended like a wave of unstoppable heat consuming all things that man had built and all things that man had made in an effort to make a name for himself. Nothing that man had created for himself since Noah emerged from the Ark of safety was left remaining after the fire. All was covered in a hot heat, such as has not been seen before as the world of man was discomfited from his own way and from his own rule. Nothing in the world of man survived the melting of these elements. When I looked upon the surface of the earth, the entire surface was covered in this molten mass of this judgment so that nothing was left outside of the fire, everything was consumed. The fire looked as though it were red-hot boiling coals with masses of black stringy branches through it so that anything that was left not burnt was slated for and set into the burning. This indeed was a tremendous display of the judgment of this second world which must end by the fire of the jealousy of the Lord and by His promise to melt the elements with a fervent heat.” {39} ....RETURN TO TOP


“The Lord carried over the earth a very large box shaped object with the word inscribed upon it, Retribution, which word spoke of His character at this time in judging the nations. The Lord has now moved into the place and into the power of His might in judging the nations and this boxed package that He carried was to give unto the nations the fruits of their works. As He judged them, so they received for the works they had done whether it be good or whether it be evil. Now I know that the judgments of the Lord as to the term “retribution” are not found in the textual writings of the scriptures. But in this vision I knew that the Lord was going to show mankind that He truly exists as He raises up one nation and puts down another. The strongest of nations will now be humbled by His hand and the weakest of nations He will raise up in His power to elevate them and to make it so that there is no strong nation neither any weak nation. This is as the Lord sees it, not as man sees it. How the Lord moves by His power, not what man thinks he can do by either military might or force of arms. The Lord is going to now bring to light the things of the nations that have been misguided by evil leaderships and politics and will undo all that was created out of balance and wrong in the world. It is to these nations that the Overcomers in glorified bodies will come as those bearing forth the good news of the Kingdom of God, and to the nations will be the shattering of all they constructed by themselves outside of the purpose of the Lord for the next age.” {40} ....RETURN TO TOP


“The entire world of men was gathered by the judgment of the Lord before Him, I saw that this is in real time, present time, not a future time but this is happening right now in the world of men. The Lord had brought all men and nations together and put them before Him so that the Lord could pour forth the waters and the fires of His judgments upon them. As the nations stood before the Lord they were for the most part completely ignorant that the Lord was even among them or above them. These who were of the nations were completely taken up with the waters and fires of judgment that were in the earth and they did not realize or know that the Lord above them was bringing this forth unto them. As the Lord drew the nations together to judge them and to pour out His fury upon them I saw that their minds became blacker and blacker, their minds became dark with the blackness of night which enveloped their ability to think and to know and to perceive truth. As their minds came together it mattered not which nation they came from or which nation was present before the Lord, their minds had become so black with darkness that they could not know or perceive the Lord in any way. It was the Lord that brought them together this way and allowed their minds to become black and dark and filled with the void of knowing who the Lord is. The Lord did this so that the nations would not know Him nor understand Him nor perceive that He was there above them, it was all a working of the Lord to gather all men into this realm of darkened minds so that they could not discover the Lord or know His power.” {41} ....RETURN TO TOP


“The nations then in this state of blackened minds came to the place wherein no solution was found for the problems that were now found in the world of men. As they had come to this place so they also came to the realization that the world as they knew it was not able to sustain them any longer, and as a result all man had invented in this carnal wisdom collapsed. I saw that this is in real time, not a future date albeit the collapse will take time to happen, but in the time we are in presently, a very real exposure of the lives of men to complete instability and an unsure future. As the systems collapsed so too did hunger increase and men began to seek out for bread and for water. The world of men had failed to complete itself in realms of self preservation and as a result all man had done to make a name and a place for himself was now destroyed. So then the individuals in the nations began to walk about the earth seeking this bread and this water. The only ones who had bread and who had water were the true Sons and Daughters of God who lacked no good thing, the Lord alone being their supply. These had the bread and these had the water. What I saw was that the Sons and Daughters of God who had this bread and this water were in new bodies eternally glorified, that in this state they were well able to provide for the needs of the nations when it came to daily bread and to waters that were pure and clean. At the manifestation of the Sons and Daughters of God this will become a present reality and the nations will have nowhere else to go but unto the Lord’s children to be fed and to have their thirst assuaged so that they can continue in the world and on into the next age of the Kingdom of God.” {42} ....RETURN TO TOP


“Then the Angel with held me and carried me thus set me down very near to a great billowing fire, a fire which enfolded in upon itself. But as I looked I saw that the fire billowing forth and in great waves folding in upon itself was HOLY. And in the midst of the fire I saw a paved work, and on the top of the paved work I saw a Throne set and ONE who sat upon the Throne, even the Ancient of Days. And at His right hand I saw The Lord Jesus Christ. He was dressed in white even down to His ankles and upon His chest a golden breastplate and upon the breastplate the Ephod and upon the Ephod the stones of His countenance. As He stood at the right hand of God in the midst of the fire which enfolded in upon itself I saw that before God was brought all that He had thus judged in the earth. All the fragments and pieces of Babylon the great, all the realms of iniquity which came of the very mystery of iniquity and all of the phrases of blasphemy which came of the mouth of the harlot were brought before God. As they came they appeared as destroyed, black pieces of broken material, unusable, unsalvageable with no semblance of order. These came through the atmosphere of the earth and the heavens, and before God the heaven’s themselves broke apart and were drawn up even with the portions that had just been judged. All of that which was in the heaven and in the earth was drawn in such a way unto the Ancient of Days who sat upon the Throne in the midst of the fire. And the fire consumed them all. There was neither one blackened piece nor one part of the heavens themselves which was not utterly consumed by the fire. Being then consumed in the fire they existed no more, they disappeared in the great billowing flames. But then I saw the Lord. He opened His arms up wide to receive all souls back unto Himself in perfect love. For you see, the bondage of iniquity and of Babylon which held man captive were the elements which were thus judged, but mankind and those who inhabited eternity were ne’er left out of His purpose and His plan. The infinite great love of The Ancient of Days consumed each one into the everlasting arms, He embraced all of mankind, no one was left out of that embrace just as no one any more had any semblance of the former things, for all of the former things had passed away and were no more. As the Ancient of Days consumed all of mankind into Himself they all vanished into the very person of the Lord God Almighty, no one remained but the Almighty Himself. I wept when I saw this for it was the unspeakable love of God which encompassed all men in all time.” {43} ....RETURN TO TOP


“Then the Angel which carried me bore me away even unto the place in heaven where the ancient and the wise ones did sit, even before the Throne of the Almighty. From there I saw the Lord upon the Throne and my feet were set there, even upon the paved work before His Throne and before His face. There in the midst of the elders I saw the Lord. His face was furrowed and He was wroth with a great fury and His countenance was fearful. He did look upon the earth, the earth before Him was as though a man looked upon a small sphere, a globe big enough for a hand. The earth had become very black, filled with iniquity and with the vile ungodliness which filled the nations and the hearts of men. As such it was covered from every part in a huge black storm, a raging blackness of thick darkness and clouds with no water. The same violence that gripped the world in the days of Noah had filled once again the earth; the imaginations of men’s hearts had become evil continually. Man had cast off the true light and had taken on the darkness and enjoyed it as though it were a mantle of covering for them and a place of refuge and contentment. In the midst of this man continued on in wickedness not caring that their way had become infused with complete corruption and that nothing in the world of men was any more able to shine forth any light. It was this world that the Lord was beholding, even in our very time. I saw then as I stood amongst the Ancients that the Lord in wrath brought forth His left hand and with it He totally covered the earth so that it could not be seen. The earth now was held in the grip of His left hand, which hand engulfed all the earth, the blackness and the evil iniquity of man which had come to the full. Then with His right hand He brought forth light. He inserted the light from His right hand under the left hand which covered the earth so that the earth could once again have light.” {44} ....RETURN TO TOP


“I beheld then the nations in this present hour upon the earth. Each nation had now grown as fodder for the fuel of unquenchable fire. The works of man had become so corrupt that nothing man did any more had any value to it but was only fodder which would feed the flames of retribution and judgment. And then I saw the flaming course of the spirit of the Lord go forth and consume the nations, just as explosive fuel is ignited and spreads quickly over the ground, so did the consuming fire of the Lord spread in the very same way. Nothing upon the earth or under the earth escaped this fire, all of it became fodder for the fuel to feed upon, it was a fearsome sight because everything was ignited and consumed by the fires of His jealousy. When I saw this my heart questioned as to what would remain. But I knew that all the works of man were to be completely destroyed, all that man had made, all that man held as value was but fuel for the fire of His burning. Nothing will survive this fire that is about to come. All things in this earth will be consumed by it and nothing shall escape it.” {45} ....RETURN TO TOP


“The earth was before the Lord as though it were but a small sphere, neither too large nor grand in size that the Lord did not have the world in its entirety in His hands and in His purpose to finish this work that He had begun. With both arms over the earth the Lord with one arm would bring forth great evil and with the other arm great peace and doctrines that were according to His righteous nature. The Lord controlled this interplay of good and evil, no one else was present with Him as the world before Him was thus dealt with by His two hands working both things in all the nations now present as well as those extinct and in all the affairs of men. The Lord with perfect precision controlled this interplay with nothing going out of His control. Neither was there ever an evil so great that He did not work in it and nothing so righteous without the pressure of trial and tribulation accompanying it. So great was His working in all the nations in the world of men during this present time and continuing also in those extinct.” {46} ....RETURN TO TOP


“I beheld men upon the earth, labouring for and working in the world, one with the world, setting themselves up for their life in the world and in personal well being. As man set himself up in the world there were many nations which were very rich, but also many nations which were very poor. Both of these still lived in the world and were one with the world. Then saw I the Lord above the earth and with very quick motion of spirit he removed very suddenly the entire world from men. Not the physical earth that man stands upon, but the world man has created to exist in by the power of the carnal mind. This world was removed in a single stroke by the spirit of the Lord alone and by a working of His spirit that had done this at a set time which was foreordained since the foundation of the world. Man lost all he had built through his carnal means and all that he had held dear was now gone from him as the Lord removed it all.” {47} ....RETURN TO TOP


“Then the Angel which was with me and who carried me brought me up through the bands of the bow which was situated round about the Throne. Passing through the bands I was brought to stand to the right of the Living Christ who also stood at the right hand of The Ancient of Days, even the Father before whom all the heavens and the earth fled away. I beheld Jesus at the right hand of the Father and saw Him hold up in His right hand 7 stars which are the Angels of the 7 churches mentioned in the book of Revelation. As I beheld the stars in the right hand of Jesus I was beckoned to look down and to the right before the Throne, looking beyond the bands of the bow, past the end of the paved work and there I saw the earth and all they that dwelt upon it in their nations and in their depravity of being separate from the Lord. The earth was covered with a very large blanket of darkness, so thick was the darkness that the surface of the earth was not visible nor could any soul be seen in that darkness as the entire world of man had become covered in gross thick black darkness. I looked back then and saw the Father bend forward upon the Throne towards the earth. With an utterance of longing in His voice He cried out to men who were upon the earth, with a great cry the Father did extend His left hand over the dark blanket that covered the earth. As the Father did extend His hand over the dark blanket a strong east wind began to blow within the thick darkness, a horrendous wind. All of the works of man inside the darkened blanket cloud collapsed, the wind destroyed all the works of man utterly collapsing tall buildings and constructed places and places of carnal knowledge and understanding. The entire system of mankind over many ages had this strong east wind blow upon it. Nothing remained intact as the wind did blow upon the structures of man and the carnal wisdom of man. Then the Father with His left hand tore off the blanket of darkness leaving bare the earth beneath it. As He tore it back, the entire world of man was stuck in debris and in pieces underneath the blanket; everything that had been covered by this dark blanket was completely destroyed. Then Jesus, who stood at the right hand of the Father and who held in His right hand the 7 stars did hand the stars over to the Father who now held them in His right hand. I saw that as Christ handed the stars to the Father, that the stars remained all the while in His hand even though He gave them to God. The stars remained intact in the hand of the saviour even though the Father had them now also. The Father, even the Ancient of Days did take those stars and did cast them into the bare earth wherein the earth was cleansed by them and the earth and all the inhabitants of the earth came into the Kingdom of God within the 7 stars.” {48} ....RETURN TO TOP


“I saw the Lord shaking all of the upper echelons of man’s society, the secret governments, the corporations and the men of trade and commerce and those who commit crimes and theft. The Lord shook them and revealed their evil intent by gazing upon them and opening up upon them with His eyesight all that they have done in the secret places, in the hidden places of their conspiracies and of their pride. All that man proposed to do and become as men of wealth was exposed as fraudulent and it was before the Lord a great refuge of lies. The Lord swept upon this with great destruction removing in a single stroke the utter collapse of Babylon. At the very same time the lower echelons of man’s society was also shaken, those who were kept in oppression and servitude to the lies found in the upper echelons. So the Lord magnified Himself in this shaking and took all of it and collapsed it all so that men could be free and so that men could return to a true inheritance, an incorruptible inheritance found only in the Kingdom of God. Thus it was that as the shakings increased, so did men hope for this Kingdom and so it did come. This judgment has now begun.” {49} ....RETURN TO TOP


“Being then brought close in eyesight to the mortared walls of Babylon, I saw blocks, row upon row with a height that reached up further than any castle wall, further than any effort outside of man’s own effort to make a name for himself. This is the same Babylon which was destroyed by the Hittite nation from the north, but in our time it was fully rebuilt, its granite walls were enforced and made strong by this mortar and by the solid structure of the blocks. The blocks began to quiver small at first, then shake and then roll, there was a huge build up of pressure from the central core of these blocks which exploded outward causing the entire collapse of the walls of Babylon to happen in an instant of time, an hour, a piece of history which after THIS collapse would never again be repeated. The walled structure now lay upon the ground and the buildings within the structure also were blown to rubble. The entire great city of Babylon lay upon the ground in utter ruin and it only took but the breathing of a single breath in time for it to happen. I saw that the quivering, the shaking and the rolling of the blocks are happening in real time but the collapse is about to take place in the world of men and it will happen and it will be seen by all these who read this vision. After the collapse had taken place I heard loud wailing and crying as the peoples of the world were in grief over the loss of their walled city and over their lives now exposed to all the elements which were outside of those same walls. So great was this collapse that no man anywhere found any solace or comfort or safety as there was nothing in the earth that was now able to look upon the great city which once was.” {50} ....RETURN TO TOP


“I saw many wise, noble and highly exalted men in the earth, men of the scientific community who had gathered together and who had invented a machine which was able to manipulate the created earth and to cause the earth and the elements in the earth to obey their machine. There were also around these men many who made music and who made delightful sounds of praise and worship to the wisdom and the knowledge of these men and how they were so wise in inventing something which gave man more liberty than they had before. So as these “scientists” worked their machine the makers of music and of delightful sounds of praise and worship to man’s wisdom would cause men to rejoice in their own ability and in the marvel of their own invention and wisdom. Then saw I the Lord, high and exalted in the heavens who beheld this blasphemy and idolatry. This caused the anger of the Lord to be greatly kindled. The Lord then reached down and with His left hand He destroyed their invention with a great explosion and a great fire. The heat of the explosion and of the fire caused the earth under it to be scorched to glass and the explosion caused many of the scientists and makers of music who had gathered around the device to be killed in the blast. It was then that the anger of the Lord was assuaged and the Lord withdrew His hand and was once again reigning from the heavens of His creation.” {51} ....RETURN TO TOP


“As the sky darkened the entire canopy of the atmosphere was covered with a terrible tempest, a darkened cloud, thick and pressured by intensity of the thick darkness which surrounded it. Within the cloud was the shining of a great light and from the light issued forth many loud peals of thunder and many bolts of lightning which emanated from the cloud striking the earth with every single bolt. As the cloud increased with darkness the light within the cloud grew even more intense and blinding until finally the light broke through the cloud and I beheld in the cloud a great billowing fire. The fire enfolded in upon itself with great noise and roaring, great in magnitude the fire reached out, but fell back gravitating back to its center with every outburst of its flame. And in the midst of the fire was a Throne set and ONE who did sit upon it, even the Ancient of Days, Father God of whom were all things created. I saw on the earth at the same time the lives of men perplexed by the darkened cloud and the storm and of the extreme pressure that the world came into because of the weight of this cloud. Men rose up before the cloud displaying a great magnitude of iniquity and blasphemy against the Ancient of Days who did sit in the midst of this storm. As they resisted the Lord He would press forward in the billowing might of the cloud and of the flame in the midst of the cloud and the men of the world would fall back onto the ground. The more men pressed again and again against the Lord the more the Lord pressed again and again back at man until man lay flat upon the earth and was unable to move. At that time the Ancient of Days did remove in a single stroke the life of iniquity in each man and shed forth His righteousness upon them, showering them with righteousness as though it were a great rain. For the cloud of darkness that was the pavilion of the Ancient of Days did now shower righteousness upon all these who once opposed the Ancient of Days. Thus it was that all men fell back unto the earth in iniquity, but rose in righteousness in this new day that is dawning now upon the earth. The storm will arrive first, but afterwards the gentle rain and sun of the love of the Father which knows no bounds.” {52} ....RETURN TO TOP



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