Just to reiterate what I have written earlier in prophecy. The Lord is going to ďprotectĒ us in this upcoming time of increased pressure in the world. His work is twofold.

In the workings of the Lordís purposes, I have prophesied two things concerning the works of the Lord.

1) That the sum total of my prophesies is the demise entirely of this present world and cosmos. Everything you see around you will totally collapse during this time of judgment which the world has entered into.

2) That the Lord will manifest His Sons and Daughters as His Army during the final stages of these shakings so that whatever remains left in the world of men that has not been effected by Godís judgments, the Army will finish off and destroy.

There is no turning back now, the judgments in the world are now going to escalate and increase dramatically. The Lord is now moving in the promise of His word and that is to cleanse the earth of unrighteousness through the process of His judgments. These judgments are designed to leave mankind with the knowledge of Godís eternal righteousness and Godhead in the person of The Lord Jesus Christ. Do not forget that I have prophesied that His true Overcomers, those who are holding the truth righteously; they will be protected from the various threats held against the inhabitants of the world at this time.


I saw the hand of the Father cupped over the Overcomers to protect them from the various poisons in the atmosphere at this time. (End Vision)

This sparing of mankind will encompass all that the Overcomers claim as their own including family members, lands, waters and foods. Except these days be shortened there will be no flesh saved, but the Lord is going to save those of His Army.

I came across a blog by British Lord Stirling online which is one of the few accurate political statements as to what I have seen in vision and heard in prophecy from the Lordís voice. This is an example of what may soon happen in this world. The blog page is a rather long read, but it is worth the effort for any who wish to be informed of such things.


Details and such are not important to us. What is important is the fact of the Lordís promise that He not only will keep us, but will also manifest us during this time of great shaking and judgment. Please read Vision #1 in this page. http://overcomers.ca/Epistle_Mysteries/TMOTF_006_Drink_Ye_All_Of_It.htm#God Strikes The Earth

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The ultimate purpose of the Lord is not in the shakings, but in the end of the shakings. The end of the judgments. The ultimate purpose of the Lord is to RESTORE all things. To do this He will have to re-create this world making it anew. That is the Lordís aim. However, one must temper this with the knowledge that the Mystery of Iniquity must also end. For this to happen the Lord will cause this world to come to a conclusion just as He did in Noahís day, except this time not with water, but with fire.

In Christ.

Kenneth B Visscher

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