The Testimony of Kenneth B Visscher when coming out of New Age Deception

And he shewed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.
And there shall be no more curse: but the throne of God and of the Lamb shall be in it; and his servants shall serve him: And they shall see his face; and his name shall be in their foreheads.
And there shall be no night there; and they need no candle, neither light of the sun; for the Lord God giveth them light: and they shall reign for ever and ever.
Revelation 22:1-5

The following Vision and Prophesy was given over Kenneth B Visscher after the Lord delivered him from a horrible deception. The reason why this vision and prophesy was written down in this text is to teach those who read it as to the working of God in the life of a son, and how it is that God teaches lessons that are both beneficial, and that cause the believer to 'fear' God in a greater way than ever before. Mr. Visscher was delivered of this horrible deception on October 4th 1989. Such is the legacy of many sons that they need go through such trials as this to rid themselves of the excess baggage of pride and ego.

See a pit in your soul. You've been in this pit for a time. You have done as David did when Saul was after him; I see that your new man has been in this pit for a time in the darkness of your soul that has been manifested. In this pit I see that there were these poison mushrooms that were growing all around the base of a tree; which I see to be the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. And these mushrooms were growing and you were picking them, you were seeing them as beautiful flowers of God's flowers. You were picking them and rejoicing that these were truths and I see that the Lord allowed these poisons to come up to grow from the earth, from the land of your soul. And then you picked them and then you examined them and then you the Lord showed you opened your eyes all of a sudden suddenly, the Lord opened your eyes and showed you that these were not flowers of the truths of God, but they were actually poison mushrooms that had grown out of the darkness of the land of your soul. But how God had ordered all this to come to the surface because the poisons had to come to the surface in order to be made manifest and to be repented of and cleansed. So that you would not ever be deceived again by this same enemy that came to Jesus on the mountain. The same enemy that said "If you will fall down and worship me, I will give you all the riches and all the glory of the earth". And this is the same enemy that God has allowed to speak to the poison that was yet within your soul.

And I see that you have taken these mushrooms when you realized as soon as you realized that they were poisons and not good for you to eat, I see that you have thrown them away as far as you could throw them, I see that they have gone into the sea of God's love and been consumed by God who is a consuming fire. And the sins are not to be brought up again and again because you have repented of them. I see true repentance in this area of what you've been through with Bill. I see that God has placed your feet firmly on the Mount of Olives. The Mount of Olives is that mountain, that large mountain that is going to cover the whole earth, that is going to be God's overcomers. You're called to be a part of that mountain. The Kingdom of His anointing. Your feet have been set there on that mountain and you are climbing. Slowly. You're taking very small steps as a child, as even your child, your little boy, this one is beginning to walk I see this is how you're going to be walking in the spirit because of this shaking that you have gone through now and this purging you are going to be very careful.

There is going to be a caution in your spirit to be careful of any thing that comes to you, whether it be in the gifts of the spirit to yourself or through other vessels. That you are going to learn to discern and you're going to have a greater discernment of what is from the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and what is from the Tree of Life. I see that the Tree of Life is going to become clearer in your vision. Your eyes are going to be opened so that you learn to see the outline of that Tree and the outline of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. And you're going to each day choose to follow the Tree of Life within you. As you're faithful to choose that Tree of Life, then God will bring forth more of the fruit of the spirit and you'll begin to grow closer towards the Lord in love and you'll begin to have a bond and richness of God's love between you and your wife and children. Others will see this fruit that will begin to blossom on the Tree of Life in your life. I see that as your new man starts to partake of the flowers of God that are growing around this tree and the fruit that's growing on the Tree of Life within you, as you partake of the Word of God and you feed yourself daily as David said, "I do not sin against you Lord, because I hide your Word in my heart". Every day. I see that there is going to be a childlike trust in your heart of faith as David in the Psalms had. As you come into a realm of worship and praise, you're going to come into a greater anointing. The anointing is going to break that yolk of carnality that has plagued you. I see that as you are faithful just to surrender to Christ within you, then He will give you the power of His shed blood to overcome every obstacle. Each day you're going to come closer
and closer to God's image. God's image is His love. God is Love. He is the spirit of Love. As you are faithful to the Lord to allow His spirit to change you from glory to glory, then **** and others will see this change and in time they will come to you and they will say, "Brother, forgive me, for I didn't know what I was doing".

{Note* At this point prayer was offered up to God to block unrighteous prayers that were being made against Ken and causing him to be tormented by the forces of demonic spirits that were trying to drag him back to their camp. Ken had been resisting these spirits after this vision and prophesy.}

Vision: "I see flames upon your head and the baptism of fire has been burning and it hurts and it's hard to go through. But as God is with you and in you, you're going to come through. Hallelujah! Just keep hanging on I see you hanging on to His Robe, just clinging, saying, "Lord don?t let me go, Oh Lord, don't let me fall!" End of Vision.

"My Son, the spirit of truth would say unto thee this night Yea, I have looked upon thy heart and yea I am loving thee. And I am healing thee and I have brought thee forth out of this deception, and I shall cause thy feet to be placed upon a sure foundation in Me. And yea, as you keep your eyes steadfast upon My Word it shall be sure, yea, it shall bring you into a greater awareness of those things that are of the enemy in this earth, and those things that I am placing within thee that are of My nature. For have I not said unto thee my son that I have placed my anointing within thee, and that I shall bring thee through as an overcomer? For yea, I have called thee to be a part, yea, of Mount Zion. And as you begin to climb, yea, even into greater heights in Me, I shall cause thy lips to give glory to My Name. Yea, and I shall cause the poisons that have come forth from within thy soul to be washed and cleansed by My Blood for I have seen thy tears and I have cleansed thee from they evil words which thou hast spoken. For I have looked upon the motive of thine heart and as I have seen your love and sincerity for me, your love for my truth and your love to know me in a greater way I say unto thee that I shall not fail you, I shall raise thee up out of the pit. I shall cause thee to overcome the enemy of your soul. For I am a great and a mighty God, and I dwell in the midst of thee. The Tree of Life that is in thee shall blossom, thou shalt not fear the voice of the enemy when he taunts you and makes you want to fall back from me. For I say unto thee that victory shall be yours my son as you cling unto Me, as you call for Me, as you seek Me in the times of weakness, I say unto thee that you shall be made strong. My grace shall abound unto thee. Thou shalt look about thee and thou shalt rejoice and say it has been good to know my God and to do his will.



For my son, I shall give unto thee a taste of the joy of Heaven. And I shall give unto thee a taste of what it is to be an overcomer. Yea, even in that age that is to come upon this land, I say unto thee that I have called thee and thy wife and thy children to be a part of this army of God, even this two witness company. Fear thou not for as thou shalt take up thy cross and deny thyself daily, I say unto thee that thou shalt yea see that Newness of life blossom forth from within the land of thy soul. And this seed that has been bringing forth My love within thee, yea, I say unto thee that it shall be made manifest, and others shall see the beauty of Jesus that shall shine forth from thee.

Thou shalt not fear, but thou shalt come forth in confidence knowing that I do love thee. And that My love is greater than all other things. I shall in time reconcile ALL things unto Myself. I have called thee to be a part of My body in this earth. My son, fear not nor be ashamed. For I the Lord have placed My seal upon thy head, even thy mind. Yea and I shall cause thee to have a new name written upon thy forehead, even the nature of thy God within thee. For Christ is within thee. He shall cause thee to arise and be a mighty soldier in an army that shall go forth upon white horses. And they shall take their sword, and you are faithful to lift your sword unto the heavens and say

"Lord, I wait for thee to prepare my heart to do your will".

I say unto thee that I will give you the patience, I will give you the gentleness, I will give you the faith, and I will give you the longsuffering that you need in order to partake of even the sufferings of Christ that I shall call thee yet to go through. As you walk through this land in this body, I say unto thee, that I shall give you wisdom, and I shall give you knowledge. But thou shalt not be puffed up because you shall overcome, as you look unto me and as you are obedient to humble yourself before me. Listen to the Psalms, look at my son David, and how he did repent before me daily. And ask me for cleansing. Fear not my son to come before My Throne, for the Father doth love thee with an everlasting love. And I shall bring thee forth into a land flowing with milk and honey. And I shall feed thee and thy loved ones, yea, thou shalt partake of the meat, thou shalt partake of the rest, For now my son, partake of the bread, for this I shall strengthen your soul with. I shall bring thee forth and thou shalt look up. Fear thou not but receive My forgiveness this night, and receive a new anointing to go forth and overcome with in the days to come. Fear not for thy brother but continue to pray for his soul and bind the enemy. For I will yet move in his life. Fear not but wait upon Me for I say to thee the time may seem long for thee to wait, but I shall do it in My time, in My way. Be thou faithful my son to me and I shall bring thee through. Fear not but look unto me saith God to bless thee."

VISION: "I see a glorious light all around you, and I see like wings, one large in the front, a large wing in the back and I can't see the Lord, all I can see is light. But I see arms and wings as the Lord is overshadowing you with His great love. He's comforting you right now."